1. marzial09   •  

    thnk you so much ;-;

  2. Blackbird   •  

    Thank for release and lag once again when you always releasing chapters, there is no plan for upgrade?

  3. icecream   •  

    Thanks for update!

  4. Michael-Brazil   •  

    Thanks for the chapters.

  5. William Diaz   •  

    thank you for the chapters, this is a best strategy, 35 ch. a week, 5 chapters each of the 7 days, everybody is happy 🙂

    • Hello World!   •  

      He previously explained that, Saturday is reserved for sponsored chapters because NotSane is the one who posts the chapter on Saturday not oddmanout. So, we will have 5 chapters today and 6 chapters each day for next five days.

      • LinandtheFeng   •  

        just out of curiosity do you have a roster of the team? Ik there’s Notsane, and Oddmanout are there any other ppl on the team? Lol who’s andrew? and what’s everyone role like translator vs editor etc..

        • OddManOut   •     Author

          What do you mean, who’s Andrew? There’s just 4 of us right now: Notsane, myself, workaholic, and our site fixer upper.

          • DickyPoppins   •  

            Right above the first comment is your icon and under it is the name Andrew. If you click on the name Andrew under the dragon icon it goes to another page that has the icon again with both OddManOut and Andrew underneath the dragon.

  6. token   •  

    Can you guys make for $9,000 : 40 chapters per week ?
    Just a suggestion.
    What do you think ?

    • Linandthefeng   •  

      I’d be disappointed if 9000 was anything less than 45 a week tbh. Based on the current trends $800=4more chaps. 9000 2600 more than the last so that’s 13 more. Round down to 12 cuz they do things in 4’s. Honestly once we reach 50 a week I think that probably their cap to what they can physically do. My suggestion would
      Be once we reach 50 a week which would
      Be around 9600 the next goals shud just be bonus chapters. Like 12k a bonus etc. I just can’t see them being able to realistically get faster than 50 a week tho. Who knows they’re insane for a reason ?

  7. epoisz   •  

    Thanks for the update….it fill my day already

  8. Victor   •  

    Yesterday there was a talk about am announcement?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I told her to finish posting that :p

      • Clan404   •  

        OddMan do you have a group chat for update ? Like discord ? ><

  9. Paulpaja   •  

    Thanks for the chapters it makes my day non stressful…

  10. LinandtheFeng   •  

    There’s days when im sad that you guys translate so fast cuz i feel like were catch up. But then i realize were not even at the halfway point lol. still have 1400 more to go. even at 40 a week we’d still have 35+ weeks to go ^_^ i get to enjoy Lin feng for atleast all of 2018.

  11. Psalm   •  

    Guys lets just be happy on the fast release of chapters. If we force the PMG team to translate more than they could. It might affect their health. And if they got sick, we will be stuck. And i think nobody wants that. Lets all be happy. They are trying their best to give the story of Lin Feng to us. Be grateful 🙂

  12. Ar33   •  


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