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Author: Jing Wu Hen

Chapters: 2,500

Status: Complete

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Do not judge others in ignorance within my presence.

Those who think to harm someone should be ready to be harmed.

Those who are open and respectful shall receive my kindness and respect.

Those who plot against me are seeking their own death.

This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng.

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  1. Love xianxia   •  

    U sound to sexy by how u comment. I wander whats ur age we get together I am 19. U can be couple of years older. Dont mind.

    • Moron   •  

      Wonder********* Moron (c)

  2. love xianxia   •  

    lies!!!!!!! i am actually 18. 19 in couple of months. i think ur the first female translator i have seen.

    • notsaneinthebrain   •  

      I think there are others out there. I think this genre specifically only attracts the evil ones like me and my cute lil sidekick Pan Pan

      • J.R.   •  

        ….. waht you are a female?

      • thouit   •  

        Putty don’t seem that evil

      • Jinxed   •  

        Good wife translation
        and im guessing Flowerbridgetoo, taffy and alyschu, but i wouldnt know – im just a leecher
        and this is more leeching material
        so thanks

        • nathandragneel   •  

          I think flowerbed gr too is male though

        • kad   •  

          alyshu is a male too

        • Infernal Rend   •  

          shiroyukineko is female too…

        • Bob   •  

          Good wife vanished a while ago,
          like smoke

  3. love xianxia   •  


  4. GrisiaD   •  

    this year i’m about 22 years old

  5. Axia   •  

    I am 30, hahah and still reading to no way end. Like your translation of PMG, i am glad you pick up this one to translate. Thank you so much

  6. Natsu Dragneel   •  

    I have to ask, isn’t there something wrong with this synopsis? It is something entirely different in the first chapter!

    • notsaneinthebrain   •  

      Yeah, take the first 4 chapters with a pinch of salt. I will translate them soon as they were not done by me and it misses some of the actual back story.

      • Immortal   •  

        Hi have you translated the first 4 chapters I am actually planning to start reading this series but having read your comment I plan to wait till you updat

      • lonely   •  

        hey so would really love it if you could do the first 4 chapters like you said you would 2 months ago.
        I know you are probably busy with the sponsored chapters you have to do each week but I would really love to start this series but don’t like to read some two bit translation that leaves out details.

  7. Anthony   •  

    Do you have a link to the raws, i am interested enough in this series to read ahead.

  8. maric   •  

    All the links to the chapters front page etc seem to be down.

  9. agila0212   •  

    Looks very interesting….gonna wait for more chapters….

  10. Woodsman   •  

    Um… Forgive me for being a dick but you spelled translation wrong (totallyinsanetranlation.com = totallyinsanetranslations.com)

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      sssshhhhh No one has noticed…..don’t tell them 🙂

      I have http://www.totallyinsanetranslations.com but there was a problem with wordpress so I went ahead and got this in a rush while angry about losing my domain. Then realised there was no S in my translation lol I haven’t mentioned it because I was hoping no one would notice

      • DarkSanity   •  

        Well, going by your name… I see no problem here! xD

  11. KIJIN   •  

    Any link to the raw chapters?

  12. Yugure   •  

    ummm. can you put info about power tier of this novel?

  13. Mad doctor   •  

    Does Peerless Martial God has harem setting? or not

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Yes it does

  14. Mad doctor   •  

    like Against The God

  15. face   •  


  16. SVPP KILLER v2   •  

    so want to say a few thing as a newcomer. First thank you very much for your dedication to your consistent work and for translating this novel cause it’s awesome. Second is this is probably one of the best and certainly the most adorable translation web page i’ve ever seen before. 🙂

    • Reright   •  

      Ya it is really adorable I’ve got to agree with you 🙂

  17. Reright   •  

    I like the new synopsis I saw the comment when it was first posted and thought it really fit ,also thano you for your effort and slavery ! 😛

  18. Undeadking   •  

    He he he
    Lol slave (the translator) and there areally lots of things to do ** and the good thing is it cost 40 dollars for like 2-3 hours she might sleep in the middle pushing it to 5-6 hours but hey it only took 40 *(thinks dirty things the rest of the day and waiting for the slave day to come so I can rent a slave (the translator) she works hard to “please” her “sponsers”)

    So hot~

  19. Glitner   •  

    Question…. who is the girl on the background? Is that a character or just some random women

  20. Skoll   •  

    Could you add a level guide? I’ve started to get confused about the cultivation levels =_=
    If not, s all good. Thanks for translating

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      I have added them to the index, there have only been 2 currently mentioned. Sometimes they reference the Xuan Qi Layer but not much.

  21. Mad doctor   •  

    Can you add some character info

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  23. Animester   •  

    Love u for translating this series..

  24. Animester   •  

    Love u for translating this novel….(>.<)

  25. sam   •  

    Plz can u provide raw link fot this novel

  26. SharingIsLoving   •  

    is this the other name for “Xian Ni”? I wonder.. 🙂

  27. Mr. White   •  

    Definitely one of my fav translators! Love the consistency, amazing quality and all hail slave day =D

  28. MANDN   •  

    why no nxt button?

  29. sadtubbypanda   •  

    Thank you for all your hard work on the slave days and beyond. I am true glad that i was able to find this gem. X3

  30. Equal   •  

    Wow…Everyone sure has lots of requests…
    Thanks for translating this series.???

  31. smily   •  

    Thanks for translation

  32. Youratu   •  

    Does the button under the donate button the amount of chapters requested or is it just a random button

    • Youratu   •  

      Nvm didn’t see it below

  33. Akashi   •  

    Usagi-Sama are the whole 2500 chapters individual chapters or are they in volumes or book forms?

  34. Lemegeton424   •  

    Hello excuse me. I wanted to ask your permission to translate the novel into Spanish. Obviously I’ll give you the credits.

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  36. MashRum   •  

    Haha. Totally liked how you stated that “detailed” weekly schedule. (Thumbs up) Anyway thanks for the work hope you stick to this one for a reaaaaaaalllly long time. (Another thumbs up)

  37. Oleg   •  

    As the following chapters will be released, but then I get bored and want new chapters of the novels, so move a couple of chapters.

  38. Alucard396   •  

    Excuse e translater is there a way to contact the author and ask questions about the novel or no?

    Would really appreciate it.

  39. Lail   •  


    Your english is very smooth. Are you native english/american english?

  40. Henri   •  

    Problem with your paypal? I cannot donate.

    • OddManOut   •  

      I’ll tell NotSane

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