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Name: Not Sane

Age: Somewhere between birth and death

Sex: I have a headache, do it yourself

Location: Behind you

Real Location: Take a look at the Angel on your left shoulder, that one isn’t me.

Languages Spoken: Human, Dog, Cat, Elephant & Fox (The fox says nothing of interest, ever)

About Me: Welcome to my page. I am a n00b translator to the community. My translation speed is not the fastest and this is 100% translated by the devil and no machine translation is used. First I translate the chapters to Engrish and then I read the Engrish copy and then I rewrite it into a smoother english copy, small parts are added and removed for flow. I translate business documents for a living, which is not as fun as this.

Name: Pan Pan (cute lil pan pan)

Age: Cute little loli

Sex: Female

Location:  China

Real Location: I will go with Loli-land since she is adorable

Languages Spoken: Chinese, English, Japanese, French

About Me:  I am a half Chinese, half English girl born in China.  I want to bring Chinese culture to people who only speak English. I hope to become a teacher for English speakers who have a passion for Chinese. Please trust me and I will never let you down!

NS: Isn’t she just adorable


  1. dezzter96   •  

    Asian-English loli??? Don’t let the lolicons find out about this or they will start to swarm.

    That would be bad.

    • Namamiri   •  

      To late i have found you!

      Lolicon-Power activate!

  2. tramsloof   •  

    I heard you got some hate messages. Clearly those people are big headed idiots, I truly appreciate the work you are doing and share a similar interest in the novel. I thank you for your sincere efforts and hope you don’t get discouraged from those monkey brains and keep working on this wonderful project. The translation quality is extremely good too so I just can’t think what those dumb shits found to criticize you.
    Anyways, I tried to find your email, since you mentioned someone even sent a hate message to your email, I thought a thank you message to your email should cover for that, but since I can’t find it, you have to make do with this one.
    Once again thanks for your efforts.

    • notsaneinthebrain   •  

      haha thank you. My email is available on the website. Its a secret 🙂

      Thank you so much. It really means alot xoxo

      • HELLO   •  

        ARE YOU A GUY?

        • iamnotcthulhu   •  

          if that comment was serious I shall drag you down to my abyss of eternal damnation! I am running outta tears lately… Nevermind even if it wasnt serious you shall pay for your comment!

  3. Love xianxia   •  

    Completely agree with tramsloop. And heard that u live in london me too. Near brent cross. First translator I meet that live in London

  4. ME   •  


  5. DMR   •  

    Thanks for your translation XD

    Btw, Just an idea, but I noticed the way you put your links for each chapter…

    Maybe you should change it a bit, like instead of


    you should change the “/chapter-24-a-strong-heart/” to “/pmg-24” instead.

    That way, if something goes wrong with the links, it’d be easier to go through and the link address would be simpler… like how Wuxiaworld does their stuff….

      • Rex   •  

        omg thank you, there some site that is so bad with links to next chapter and how the page file is named XD

      • Lord of Madness   •  

        OMG This is the Greatest!!!!
        ps. BUNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • milkom   •  

      Wow, u really r everywhere. is there any novel u r not reading?

      PS: I’ve read everything on wuxiaworld and combat continent series. Now I’m looking for something like ISSTH, DE, SOTR, Xian Ni or something a little darker. any recommendation?
      TNX in advance.

  6. Ravime   •  

    Love the translations you are awesome 🙂 i’m curious are you really a loli?

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      I am not, that would be Pan Pan my cute lil assistant.

      • LinFengsFather   •  

        I think he may have been asking if you are a lolicon….ehehe

  7. notinsaneinthebrain   •  

    thanks sirs for the chapters

  8. Zed   •  

    Is there no follow button in this website?

  9. ~   •  

    No way to subscribe (such as WordPress’s Jetpack plugin), and feed is considered invalid by some RSS readers due to the title field being empty 🙁

  10. Fox   •  

    Firstly, why do you know human… Its such a terrible animal language with sounds that sound just plain horrendous…
    Second, why don’t you know Zebra, its the royal horse language… Very important for conversing with any horse bread, along with letting you speak a little with the giraffe tongue…
    Third, if learning a feline language, learn the Tiger dialect, it’s like the royal Zebra.
    Fourth, The Imperial Fox lingo is the only language you need for communicating with dogs and other canines. And us foxes only say useful things that only the wise will understand, useful things that will help them survive… (Cough usually cough)… Those that don’t understand will live on in blissful ignorance… Like pups… Cute little babies… Cough cough… I… That’s not related… The babies are cute, not the ingorant… Anyway, our adove is very important, like don’t P on my tree… And give me that cookie… Very important things… Hence we the foxes are far more interesting than other groups… Like this… Ummmm… Give me a sec, K? I’m not good under pressure… Oh theres a butterfly… Anyway, now that i’ve successfully doged the question, it should be clear that we foxes are awesome… (Fox version of bow whatever that may be…) (puff of smoke appears), fox coughs, “great now i can’t see! Where’s the exit? Ow! Who hit me? Wait… Are you that family of rabbits? I didn’t eat your cousin, k? It was a dog, a dog~… Ow! No! Don’t hit! Violence is not the answer! Can’t we all just get along?! Ow! You little F@€%$! Die! Gah!” (Trampling and mawling as a group in progre-…) (Censured for younger audiences….) beeeeeeeeeeeeee…
    Some news fox, “well thats the way the cookie crumbles folk. And apparently a country fox… Terrible way to go… Mawled by your prey… But that bunnies for you… Wait, who let the bunnies in? Noooooooooooooo! Gah!” (Censured) (static)

    • Fox   •  

      If its funny let me know! Lol it got kinda dark at the end… Just a little… Mwahahaha

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      lol It made me giggle

    • MoshGoss   •  

      You should rename yourself as ” Ultimage Vexation ” 😀

  11. Roflmeowz   •  

    I have a headache do it yourself is the best answer I have seen to this.

  12. Jinx   •  

    You can get a cookie.

  13. Sire Fox (Alien) of "stuff"   •  

    OK! Here is a story for you people that are not Anee, whoever you may be, you know who you are…? Ok… Maybe not. Anywho! Here is a story about a pruple individual on a planet… Named… It is named after a god… I have it… Its on the tip of my tongue… It’s like Poseidon… The same really, but not greek, it’s roman… It sounds like a trident… Its in the little mermaid (bum bum BUM)… Neptune! Thats the one… Now where was i? On neptune? Hmmmm… Oh theres a bunny! I wonder if neptune has bunnies… Do they swim? Both neptunes COULD have bunnies, but neither probably do… A water bunny? Like a seahorse? Is that even a thing? No way! Your lying! Alien bunnies? NO!!! THERE ARE NO ALIEN BUNNIES!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! *shiver* *trauma* I WILL ANSWER NO MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT CARROTS!!!

    People may be wondering how this story happened, to answer this question, i will quote famous people anonymous renowned throughout history for being amazingly awesome and awesomely amazing, “I have absolutely no idea, but i will probably find out someday.” Probably followed by something like, “… To the laboratory”.
    Honestly though, I just went with what sounded funny on the spot, kinda like improv, and didn’t delete stuff, while typing, kinda like rambling… Ok, gonna finish cause i got some stuff to do, happy bunnyocalypse! It comes every easter and is encouragged by an laying bunny… It is Nigh (soon/now/in progress).

  14. Alawvahr   •  

    Hahaha the “answers” XD

    Real Location: Take a look at the Angel on your left shoulder, that one isn’t me.
    That’s sad i like my fallen angel more than the slavedriving devil on my right shoulder (well i’m glad if they are on my shoulder, because most of the times the stroll around and annoy me..) XD

  15. lasiefo   •  

    you picked and translated the best under 100 chapter xianxia story
    the best
    with your translation and the story itself
    it became one of the most liked xianxia stories
    it has the most epic action and drama
    atg is probably for me the best in the long run but peerles gets me hyped in every chapter

    • Muffs   •  

      no comment…..

  16. ling feng   •  

    Thanks for your hard work miss. I am chinese and i appriciated your work here. I like pmg, just start read it this weak. Btw are your name jenny?

  17. devouring of Chinese "Short stories"   •  

    Thank you for the great novel. ‘
    Fast beomming my favorit novel cause of the quality and story elements of your translate.

    • devouring of Chinese "Short stories"   •  

      And now i have to reply myself to edit it.
      Thank you for translating this novel with such quality.
      I blame the world cause i was born here, its your fault gonna stomp you when ever i get free from all this chapters.
      Male died reading novels, he forgot to eat.

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Haha happy to hear that 🙂

  18. Dion   •  

    Thanks so much for translating this novel, and all of your hard work!

  19. Eccentric Lezmier   •  

    Hi, just wanted to ask, would it be possible to have some time or like one chapter a week of this great novel called Xian Ni? The guys who had been working on it have left it for real life goals. If it interested I know a lot of people who would be up or donating for its chapters including me.

    All I am asking for is just 1 chapter a week so as not to disturb your work here. With your efficiency it would be possible, and would be some good traffic to this site too.

  20. oldanimenerd   •  

    just wanna say ive been addicted to xianxia light novels recently and am loving this one. Keep feeding my PMG addiction!!! o.O

  21. iamnotcthulhu   •  

    Cthulhu approves!

    How about a nice tea in my abyss of eternal damnation? I got cookies and the tears of the devil! … Dont ask how I got them…

  22. Crazyh   •  

    Was just looking at your “about me” section. Apparently you aren’t the fastest TLer out there. Could you please point me in the direction of someone faster than you?

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      I work in an office with hundreds of them 🙂 There is always someone faster!!

      • SnowyFeffe   •  

        Have you checked that the faster ones are even human? 😉

        • milkom   •  

          love ur comment

  23. Joe Stone   •  

    I have just recently found this site, and as a dirty leecher, i want to express my thanks for the great translations. I have an idea of how much work goes into this, and am very happy to see these translations. Hopefully there aren’t too many people complaining about the FREE translations. Love the work, keep doing what you are doing 😀

  24. Rex   •  

    Should I feel weird that your loli has the same last name as me =X? Although its rare to see some one with the same last name as me =X

  25. bluexorcist   •  

    hey i was wondering if i could get some advice on how to start translating chinese 🙂

  26. Dabir   •  

    Not Sane are you from Sweden?

  27. ashreadsmanga   •  

    Wow…this is slow? I feel like, everytime I refresh this website, there is two new chapters to read. I am happy with the translation and the fact that you are picking up this awesome novel, keep up the good work.

  28. Uaena   •  

    Thanks a lot for both of your hard work! I binge read this last night and now I’m caught up already haha. If you ever need an additional proofreader, please let me know! I would love to lessen the workload for you and bring out chapters faster for the community.

  29. Christian   •  

    what could go wrong with a real translator? 🙂

  30. Eduzzo   •  

    Thx for hard work. Take some day rest if u fell I’m really happy with this speed

  31. Passerby   •  

    i just began the story yesterday and i love it… I’m just sad about the fact that every time i want to read a xianxia i have to read it in english since no one want to translate in french :/
    Well i’m used to it by now but i still feel somewhat lonely to see that there isn’t enough french fellows which happen to read xianxia so that there can be french translator… And i’m not that confident in my english to be able to translate it….

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      I am glad you are enjoying it. Sorry that I do not speak french well enough to translate.

    • MoshGoss Meng   •  

      I do want to translate them in french !

      I just think there is not enough reader to do it …

  32. Robbie   •  

    Thank you for the hard work! I appreciate the effort that you put in to make this speedy and with great quality just remember to not burn your self out and take a break every now and then and have fun. Thanks again =)

  33. Vincent   •  

    Thank you for the translation!

    I just found your site today. I am using text to speech software to read the novel. I am planning to share the audio so others can also listen to it. Can I have your permission to use the translation?

  34. shentongzi   •  

    Being able to speak English, Chinese, Japanese and French so great !!!
    Thank you so much for your amazing work, it’s a real pleasure to read, the reading is so accessible. =)
    En tout cas, j’espère aussi apprendre le chinois !

  35. Baron   •  

    If you want to teach, maybe start something online based upon chinese novels? Know I would be fairly interested in giving it a shot.

  36. Azura   •  

    I just wanted to say thank you… This is srsly one of the best LN ive ever been reading and I wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for u to be translating it. Also you translation speed is amazing I haven’t seen any other translators post chapters as often as you. (Your obviously not sane but that’s a good thing about you) lol anyway keep up the great work ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
    Also I know it was a while ago but I think it’s was like chapter 311 u said u needed editors, if u still need em u could try me (idk if I fit to ur standards) anyway ima go cultivate my qi, peace (• ε •)

    • Azura   •  

      Btw ik the grammar sucks in the previous comment, that’s not my real grammar, it’s just faster that way :3

  37. Messenger   •  

    I couldn’t find any email to give to you so here is the summary. A reader would likes to thank you but couldn’t write it so I was asked to pass this on. “Its my Lunar birthday today and I want to donate $5 to EVERY single translator who’s novel I read. Not much money so I have to donate very little to everyone, sorry donating to 20 ppl.”

    “I really wanted to donate more to all of you guys, especially since it’s Lunar New Year and my Lunar birthday, but I don’t have the money to spend even $20 for all of you guys. Thanks for translating, I love you all!”

    • Messenger   •  

      he’s also called travis,

  38. KlawfulKat   •  

    I would like to say that you’ve done a wonderful job translating, it was a very smooth read. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy this pleasure. However, I’m not sure if this is just my computer, but I can’t seem to access chapter 190 & 191. I don’t know where to post this problem so forgive me if there is a certain place to post this. I really want to know about Lin Feng’s Birth qwq

    • KlawfulKat   •  

      It has been fixed, it turns out it was just a problem with my computer. \(>w<)/

    • LikyLiky<3   •  

      For the links you can try the index if that doesn’t work the other option is to change the url to “totallyinsanetranlation.com/Chapter-###”

  39. Teivel   •  

    you should place this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzuXngUU-mw) once the queue fills up again.

    Queue, such a strange word, always reading it, never really remembered it. Doesn’t help that what is ‘que’ in spanish.

  40. milkom   •  

    +Cute lil pan pan : “I am a half Chinese, half English girl born in China. I want to bring Chinese culture to people who only speak English” Glare…. Scowl…. Humph, Humph, is anything wrong with me?, just because I can speak other languages, you are being so cold and stingy? Stare…. well, never mind. I leach anyway.
    Actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t even begun to read the novel yet. After I catch up, I will come to seek justice. Don’t blame me for being impolite at that time.
    I’m off to cultivate for now. Wink, wink, cough… cough… I meant a vengeful gaze.

  41. Tyler   •  

    Hey just wanted to let you know that my security software has mark ur website as phishing and such malicious site type.Use norton,dont have issue on wuxiaworld,gravity,wele,radiant,novelsaga and few other small one such as this or even smaller in term overall traffic and such.Use other as example of translation groups havnt been issue.So seriously beleive this is major problem that you should be looking into hopefully already.anyways dont doubt safety of website visiting for while.usually give few days between check for multiple releases,night cuz late and go hit bed

    • Tyler   •  

      damn feel dumb went go read few update chapter sense last visit notice help website post and actually read it…..i feel stupid. Yea few chapter worth stay up little bit to read,now for real off to bed.BTW did go to report you as green to go and type somewhat length probably compare most view of website,purpose and intent.Clearly stated at end ,that you the owner of website are not in support of or intent for ur site be used redirect,phishing and such and such software on website be work of someone planting it without your knowledge and intent 😛 assume comment reports look at better then one people just go click yep website safe doubt that give alot-doesnt seem human- being all auto programs out there.anyways hopefully get wrap up soon not cool seeing red screen

  42. Natalia D Abate   •  

    Hello team,

    We are currently buying video inventory from totallyinsanetranlation.com through a third party provider. We are seeing good performance with you and I’m writing to understand if you’d be open to a direct relationship.

    As I said we’re seeing a really high % of coverage and we don’t have our most premium demand connected, so I really think that we have potential.

    Please, let me know your thoughts, I’ll be looking forward to your message.


  43. DtH Fan   •  

    What’s going on with Devouring the heavens? will you continue translating it? or can you have some1 else translate it?

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Pan has them translated, we just need editors to go over them and make the changes before release. We are 1) recruiting more editors again in the hopes we can find a rare gem like odd man out 😛 2) I will be going over DTH chapters to release tonight and tomorrow.

      If you know any editors, send them our way!

      • Ash Blake   •  

        please reply about DTH further chapters.please

      • zamurai88   •  

        Chapter 1391 to 1395 not working.. Please fix! Thanks a lot!

  44. pascal   •  

    what an adorable project. thank you for your effort

  45. Ash Blake   •  

    notsaneinthebrain please tell us if new chapters of dth are going to be released or not.please reply

  46. Dynamic   •  

    Can u translate Star Martial God Technique? it’s translated by machine translations but its sooooooooooooo hard to understand it feels like they just translated chinese to english by some poor google tranlsator…. if u have time ofc Please

  47. Leland   •  

    Hey to the moderators, How and where would one apply to be an editor? I usually do journalistic writings for my local newspaper and would love to see DTH up and running again and would be happy to help with the editing.

  48. daprimo   •  

    can you guys translate the apotheosis?

  49. Aron   •  

    Hey guys,
    Love your work, best light novel I have read so far!! Hope you will keep up your “peerless” translations( Yes, this was some kind of a joke and No I am not funny 😀 ).
    I will make sure to donate a bit, to help you keep up the mood and to ease some of the cost for you 🙂 Again, thank you and I wish you the best 😉

  50. aria   •  

    How many books are the PMG novel seperated into. Is there anywhere to find this information or to buy the original chinese books.

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