BB. is back

Hello everyone.


I have returned! DTH will begin releases again from next week & PMG will continue as normal.




  1. J   •  

    Can’t wait! I love DTH!

  2. croooked   •  

    looks like your next week hasn’t arrived yet

  3. P   •  

    how long is ur week ? 😀
    still no news abt any dth chapter time release that after the announcement 2 month ago :/
    can t we get an info if u dropped it or not pls ?
    ty for ur answer

    • OddManOut   •  

      I don’t know what’s going on either! Though, I never edited DTH so it’s normal I don’t know 😛 My advice is to keep bringing it up. BB is very busy and doesn’t get the chance to see the site often!

  4. Fan   •  

    I’m not complaining since I’m only leeching (I’mgrateful for every chapter), but I was just wondering if there was any news/updates about DTH?

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