Bonus Chapters for Patreon Goal

Good afternoon everyone,

I am posting the extra 10 chapters now and I’ll be updating patreon’s extra 10 and next week’s afterwards. To those of you who sponsored chapters, please do not worry, NotSane will be posting them next week (possibly with next week’s sponsored chapters). Thank you everyone for your patience! πŸ˜€
P.S. Please comment if any of these links aren’t working, I kinda rushed posting them. I have spoken with NotSane about the index and she hasn’t gotten back to me yet :O

Chapter 849
Chapter 850
Chapter 851
Chapter 852
Chapter 853
Chapter 854
Chapter 855
Chapter 856
Chapter 857
Chapter 858


  1. Victor   β€’  


  2. Victor   β€’  

    Thank you…oddmanout you are the man

    • OddManOut   β€’     Author

      Please remember to thank the now 100+ Patreons. Without them we would still be at 3 chapters/week w/no extra chapters!

  3. Jeemai   β€’  

    Omg thank you very much. You’re the man.

  4. Scott   β€’  


  5. Spicy   β€’  

    Shoutout to the patrons who are the real MVPs and thanks Oddman for your support to get us the chapters as quick as possible.

  6. Smith Robrenger   β€’  


    T H A N K_____Y O U_____G U Y S

  7. bonemart   β€’  

    well we got only 10 but its already 10 !
    let’s get back the waifus xin ye and meng qing !

  8. Anjal   β€’  

    Thanks for the chapters… Thanks to all the patreons

  9. Moldovaz   β€’  

    Thank You Very Much.

  10. xinajames   β€’  

    Thank you for the chapters…

  11. Li   β€’  

    Thanks to all the patreons!!!

  12. Felipe   β€’  

    thank you soooooo much, I already read them all haha, such a nice history, thank you guys

  13. paul paja   β€’  

    thanks patreon..

  14. Chukee   β€’  

    Awesome posts! thanks patreons and translators. Will we have to wait next week for the next 10 chapters? You didnt specify when the next would be released. Only that NotSane will be posting his next week.

    • OddManOut   β€’     Author

      Jeesums you are all kinds o mixed up here. The 15 regular chapters will post this week. Sponsored chapters are on Saturday. Other than that there are no 10 extra chapters anymore, those were yesterday!

      • Tal   β€’  

        will there be 3 new chapters today?

      • Spicy   β€’  

        The Patreon goal said bonus release of 20 chaps so I’m fairly sure he’s referring to that.

        • OddManOut   β€’     Author

          It said 10 bonus for the 2400$ mark. At 6400$ we said 20 extra chapters?

          • Spicy   β€’  

            Oh my bad thought it was 20

  15. Nestajulu   β€’  

    Thank you Patreon and OddManOut πŸ™‚
    God Bless Us All

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