DTH Announcement & A Thank You

Hi again all 😀


A very, very big thank you to everyone who sent a report for the site to be white listed once again!!!!


I initially removed the ads, believing them to be the problem, but google disagreed. The site still remained flagged and google showed the reported “phishing pages” were still active. Thanks to all the reports, there was a manual review of the reported pages which confirmed the reports were all false. Hopefully no one will be disturbed from getting their fix again 😀


Pan has been whisked away! She won’t be providing regular chapters again until she returns in March. I currently have the DTH chapters which I am behind on and will release them while Pan is away. Hopefully, I will have them all done for when Pan returns! 😀

Help the site

Hey all,


It seems that now things are starting to come together, someone wants to spoil it. Some of you may have noticed that my site has suddenly received numerous reports of being a phishing scam and is now listed as a dangerous site by google safe browsing. If you could please spare 30 seconds of your time to report this as an error, it would really help us out.


Here is the link


It’s a little disappointing that this keeps happening when things start going good again.



New editors & next week

Hi all,


Just stopping in to let everyone know what will be happening over the next week. We have a few new editors who have joined the team which will help speed up releases again, you might have seen their names popping up on the latest PMG chapters. They now have accounts to post chapters on the site, so please give them all a warm welcome when you see them 😀


All the sponsored & regular chapters for PMG are now on our google drive for the editors and should be coming out soon. Yay!


I did want to do a PMG & DTH marathon last week to catch up, but couldn’t get everything done in time, sorry. PMG is with the editors, DTH incoming 😀


I am currently under the weather and have been all weekend. There will be no chapters today and this weeks chapters will probably come during the weekdays of the coming week when I feel less bleh!


Release times will also depend on editors!





LikyLiky: Well….. I’m on mobile atm and I have the chapters but I can’t release them. My computer broke down so I gotta get it fixed tomorrow and post them. So the chapters will come tomorrow.

Sorry about that :<

Edit: I got it back 😀

Small update

Tuesday updates will come on Wednesday.


Something came up yesterday and I didn’t get any chapters passed over to the editors to post.

Sorry for the delay x I am still alive xD


Devouring the Heavens

As you have noticed DtH (Devouring the Heavens) chapters will now be posted on the PMG site from chapter 71 onwards. For chapters 1-70 you can go to novelsnao to read them.