Site coming down

Hi all,

Just thought I would make everyone who is still using this site aware, in a few days time this site will go down and this URL will lead directly to the new site where we have launched PMG 2 and HC.


Thats all 😀

New site update

Just to give everyone a little update.


We will still be using this site for a while it seems, the new server is being DDOSed. I have someone working on fixing the issue and making it so this doesn’t happen again in the future. This is probably why 99% of you cannot access the site, we are receiving 13 million requests per minute.


Really not much else to say other than  U_U



PMG Posting times

Hello all,

We will post 5 to 6 PMG chapter daily, which will add up to 40 per week. We don’t have a fixed upload time so please be patient if they come later in the day.

It’s always possible that something might happen like my internet connection dies for a day, in that case the chapter will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Some things to be aware of:

  • We won’t be changing the number of chapters posted/day.
  • Bonus chapters will not be given for PMG due to our already insane translating speed, so please don’t argue with our staff for them.
  • If you’re looking for a fixed upload time we might recommend checking in a day later and reading the 5-6 chapters from the day prior.

Kind regards,


Slight blunder on site

Hey all 😀


As some of you might have noticed, the person in charge of porting content onto our new test server to check for bugs made a slight mistake and deleted the website. I restored the website to the 16th… and deleted the backups our web admin had saved on the server. I am really enjoying my day off xDDD


So everything should be back to normal shortly and posting will continue as normal.


P.s If you are trying to catch up on chapters.*chapter number here*

Complains and Confusion

Hey there,
I recieved some positive feedback at first, and now i mainly read complains about being late (while still being in time). Therfore I made a little poll about release times. I hope i got most fitting answers for everyone.

To the poll


Thanks for all the nice words. It really gives motivation after so much complains. They are really appreciated 😀

New Poster and Release Times

Hello there i am Aladanor,

I will be posting the chapters on the site from now on and I get a lot of complains about where the chapters are and why they are not uploaded yet.

I will release the chapters to a Random time between 8am-2pm UTC! If they are not online at 2pm feel free to complain but before that time please refrain from unnecessary spam. Also I am sure you noticed already that I made some mistakes yesterday and I am still getting used to posting so please be patient I am trying my best!
-the new Poster Aladanor