I am currently under the weather and have been all weekend. There will be no chapters today and this weeks chapters will probably come during the weekdays of the coming week when I feel less bleh!


Release times will also depend on editors!





LikyLiky: Well….. I’m on mobile atm and I have the chapters but I can’t release them. My computer broke down so I gotta get it fixed tomorrow and post them. So the chapters will come tomorrow.

Sorry about that :<

Edit: I got it back 😀

Small update

Tuesday updates will come on Wednesday.


Something came up yesterday and I didn’t get any chapters passed over to the editors to post.

Sorry for the delay x I am still alive xD


Devouring the Heavens

As you have noticed DtH (Devouring the Heavens) chapters will now be posted on the PMG site from chapter 71 onwards. For chapters 1-70 you can go to novelsnao to read them.