Complains and Confusion

Hey there,
I recieved some positive feedback at first, and now i mainly read complains about being late (while still being in time). Therfore I made a little poll about release times. I hope i got most fitting answers for everyone.

To the poll


Thanks for all the nice words. It really gives motivation after so much complains. They are really appreciated šŸ˜€

New Poster and Release Times

Hello there i am Aladanor,

I will be posting the chapters on the site from now on and I get a lot of complains about where the chapters are and why they are not uploaded yet.

I will release the chapters to a Random time between 8am-2pm UTC! If they are not online at 2pm feel free to complain but before that time please refrain from unnecessary spam. Also I am sure you noticed already that I made some mistakes yesterday and I am still getting used to posting so please be patient I am trying my best!
-the new Poster Aladanor

Patreon Goal Met

Congratulations and Thank You to those of you who are responsible for meeting our 800$ Patreon goal! I hope you all are looking forward to 7 chapters/week, plus sponsored chapters!

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New year & Sponsored chapters.


I hope you are all enjoying the new year!

I have had a great start to the year, by already messing up the sponsored chapters. Same as always xDDD

Enjoy the sponsored chapters, we will keep sponsored chapters active throughout Jan and see whether we continue after that.

Make sure to give special thanks to all the patrons and sponsors, and ENJOY!

Temp Schedule

I am unable to manage the same release schedule as BB, so the schedule will be a little chaotic over the December period. This will all return to normal again in a week or two.


My schedule will be as follows until BB. is back… Spam releases all at once….


Chapters will be around an hour away


Edit: Chapters are delayed, currently have no access on my laptop.