PMG & DTH & changes announcement

Hi All,


A few quick updates.


Sorry for the delays, I have stepped away from the site for the last few weeks to handle some real life issues. I will be back this weekend to handle everything and help setup our new post master. When the chapters are released over the weekend, there will be an update to the schedule as the release times will be changing slightly.


Special thanks to OMO, he has done a great job as postmaster. It’s a sad and happy event to see him leave us. Good luck!!!



Unfortunately, Pan dropped DTH around chapter 230~ish. We have had another translator take over for Pan to make sure the chapters are being released, but we seem to have lost editors at the same time. We will continue releasing the translated chapters for now and I will release an update when I speak with the translator, to see if they will continue with DTH or let someone else pick it up.


More updates will come at the weekend when I have a chance to sit down and go through everything.


(Sorry this is a quick post, hope it makes sense)


ttyl xo

PMG 1st Patreon Goal met!

I won’t give away the names of all the people making this possible, but we have finally met the first goal! Now I can give out 4 PMG chapters!
What do you all think? Friday for the extra chapter?

Party Time 😀

NEW PMG Patreon Goals

You all have voted to change the PMG Patreon goals by lowering them to 200$ instead of 250$/chapters. So, please take a look at our Patreon page to see the new goals! We are less 50$ away from meeting our first goal already! Again, thanks to all of you who are already Patreons and are supporting the translators and editors for our work! I hope we can get to the 35 regular chapters per week someday!

Updates and Patreon

The DTH Patreon is now up and running. It offers different Patreon goals than PMG so take a look!
All DTH chapters will have the sidebar to the left instead of the right. It’s a small change but I thought I’d mention it.
Chapters will now be posted at 12:00PST, 12:30PST, and 13:ooPST.

We want your input! With PMG patreon goals, we are going offer even better rewards but we want you to vote on the change. We have created a strawpoll HERE

Thanks for your input!

Edit: Notsane

This will affect both Patreon users and the free readers, so please give us your input.

Plan A = 10 bonus chapters to be released on $500 milestones along with the increase in regular chapters.

Plan B = Lowers the regular chapter targets from $250 to $200.

Which option do you prefer?

Night Reading

I, like most of you all, have wanted a ‘nightmode’ for the website. We now have one! It is brand new so please comment here with any issues you find when using it. Please, also comment here regarding color preferences. Right now there are white-text, blue-links, gray/darkgray for background.