Chapter 81: Pure Insanity

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“Roaring Thunder.” Shouted Lin Feng.


He then thrust his sword towards Lei Bo.


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Chapter 80: The Sword Force

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Mo Xie looked at Lin Feng with an ice cold look which was filled with killing intent. This brat really didn’t know anything about power and status. Did he think that just because he was a genius that he could get Mo Xie into trouble?

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Chapter 79: No Compromise

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Protector Bei cared so much about Lin Feng that he had nearly killed Mo Xie?


Nan Gong Ling wasn’t trying to avoid talking about taboo subjects as there was too much at stake right now. When he said that, many Elders made a strange face. They all knew what kind of person Protector Bei was and surprisingly, he cared so much about Lin Feng?


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Chapter 78: The Patriarch’s Mistakes

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The four other disciples had survived the Eight Strikes of Desolation attack. Standing side by side, they were looking at the dead body lying on the fighting stage yet they all were still calm.

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Chapter 75: The Yun Hai Sect has abandoned me

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“Audacious. Lu Yuan, you’re really being unfair. Lin Feng is now an elite disciple of our   Yun Hai Sect, you must give him his robes and his certificate. This is a rule within the sect. Would you be daring enough to break the sect rules so blatantly?” said Xue Yue in an ice cold tone.

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Chapter 74: Confrontation

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It seemed like Lin Feng hadn’t heard Wen Ren Yan. He actually didn’t care about what he was saying. Lin Feng was used to people who talked big but in the end did not have the strength to match their arrogance.

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Chapter 73: The Punishment

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Suddenly, everybody gazed into the distance and tried to make out the figures of the people who were approaching.

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Chapter 72: Provocation

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Lin Feng simply shrugged and smiled. He couldn’t be blamed for thinking that way because Liu Fei was acting so strangely.

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