Chapter 61: Imaginary Demon

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“I tell you to hurry up and kill me but you still don’t dare, what sort of Sect Elders are you?” said Lin Feng sneering at the, then he turned around and beheaded a sly python with his sword. His sword was extremely sharp and precise.

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Chapter 60: Mo Xie is Evil

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Lin Feng had left the mountains where he had just finally removed a thorn from his side. He saw some silhouettes on the horizon running at full speed which created a dust storm behind them.
“Hey, what’s going on?” asked a disciple who didn’t understand what was going.

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Chapter 59: Lin Feng, That Bastard!

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Chapter 58: Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue 

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When Liu Fei heard Nan Gong Ling’s speech, she heaved a sigh. Actually, she could understand the difficult position in which Nan Gong Ling found himself. Yet, she was concerned about her father who also had to bear huge responsibilities, she was really trying her best to help him by any means possible.

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Chapter 57: Liu Cang Lan

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Chen Chen actually hadn’t left the Pavilion. He wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he was waiting at the entrance door.


“You slightly exceeded the time limit. Next time, please pay attention.” said Protector Bei while looking at Chen Chen and shaking his head.

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Chapter 56: The Top Ordinary Disciple

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“Let me have a look at that skill book.” suddenly said a voice coming from the left.


Lin Feng turned around and saw two young disciples. There was a young man who looked extremely evil while staring at the other disciple. Besides, his manner of speaking sounded like he was giving the other disciple an order.

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Chapter 55: Sword of Nirvana

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“Forget it.” Lin Feng didn’t want to think too much about it. It looked like her status was much higher amongst those soldiers than he had thought. Their power was above his right now.


“I am not extremely strong and I do not have any troops to support me.” thought Lin Feng while looking at the group from behind. Lin Feng was determined to do his best once he got back to the Yun Hai Sect and join the elite disciples.

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Chapter 54: Chi Xue Cavalry

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Absolute control. Lin Feng was in absolute control.


Lin Feng was using his Celestial Spirit and that moment he was able to see everything extremely clearly as if  he was looking down on the world frozen in time..


The moment when he had released his Celestial Spirit, his brain had started operating at an incredible speed and could solve even the most challenging problems. Everything that was happening around him was instantly processed by his brain and nothing was escaping his attention.

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Chapter 53: A Fierce Tiger

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“It’s him. No wonder… no wonder that he would dare attack me. I sent troops, but he killed them all, now I am next.” Na Lan Feng was extremely surprised. She was shaking from fear as she had sent a large number of people to kill him but he had killed them all, leaving no survivors.


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Chapter 52: Who Dares?!

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At that moment, Lin Feng was shrouded in a mysterious aura of darkness. 

 His steps seemed to be corresponding to some kind of special cosmic rhythm. That cosmic rhythm seemed to follow the same laws as that of elemental forces.


The sword could diffuse a strong sword force with each strike… heaven and earth would also naturally produce a force which filled the world.

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