Chapter 41: Assassins

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In the room, Lin Feng was sitting on his bed while meditating peacefully. Lin Feng had released his dark spirit and was focused on absorbing the Qi which he gathered around himself. His sense of hearing when in this state was far above ordinary cultivators. If he wanted to then he could even hear what was being said back in the restaurant. This was because of his concentration and his dark spirit which was amplifying all of his senses. 
The Qi of heaven and earth was uninterruptedly penetrating into Lin Feng’s body. A faintly discernible white light had appeared. The Qi felt like a strong wind which could turn into a typhoon at any point. It was his Qi which was growing strong to the peak of the Ninth Qi Layer.

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Chapter 40: Rumor

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Lin Feng stood up and moved towards a dining table surrounded by the group talking. Their expression immediately changed when they saw him approach. 
After all, Lin Feng hadn’t behaved in a friendly manner towards the girls who tried to join him. He had offended Na Lan Feng who was idolized by everyone.


“Is there a problem?” asked  one of the guests in an unfriendly tone way while staring daggers at Lin Feng.

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Chapter 39: Na Lan Feng

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The rain was heavily flowing down. The sky was filled with rain clouds and the scent of rain filled the air.


Pedestrians on the streets were running from place to place to try and find shelter from the storm.

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Chapter 38: The Honorable Elder

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“Would you dare to kill me?” Lin Qian asked whose face looked completely frozen.


“Why wouldn’t I?” replied Lin Hai grinning with the same killing intent filling his eyes.

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Chapter 37: Lin Hai’s Fury

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“I am going to kill you!” Lin Hong shouted. “Frozen Shadows!”


The atmosphere became deathly silent and as the temperature started to drop drastically, the ground was starting to freeze solid. An unusual snow started to fall from the sky, shadow snowflakes, they completely surrounded the arena and some even started to whirl around Lin Hong creating what looked like a shield of snow. The temperature continued to drop lower and lower until everything within sight had started to freeze over.

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Chapter 36: Easy Battle?

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Lin Hai looked embarrassed. Lin Feng had already shown more strength than expected. He felt gratified but Lin Ba Dao’s proposal was insane. Even if Lin Feng managed to defeat Lin Hong, what would happen during the final? Lin Ba Dao wanted to see Lin Feng die by the hands of one of his children.

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Chapter 35: To The Death! : Lin Feng Vs Lin Qian


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Everyone watching felt confused by Lin Feng’s actions, Lin Hen had already broken through to the Ling Qi layer so it was normal for him to threaten Lin Wu.


But Lin Feng was doing the same now and was telling Lin Wu to get out of his sight. The previous shame and humiliation had already made Lin Wu enraged. He had been humiliated by Lin Hen and hadn’t felt anger but the fact that that piece of trash dared to humiliate him was unbearable. He felt like a knife was stabbing his heart and his anger could be seen on his bright red face.

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Chapter 34: The Final Eight Part 2

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“It seems like today is my lucky day.” Said Lin Li while getting onto the battle stage and facing Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was completely expressionless. When he saw Lin Li’s resplendent smile, he thought: “Lucky Day, eh?” Lin Li was maybe going to think differently a short instant later.

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Chapter 33: The Final Eight Part 1

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“What do you want?” asked the Second Elder whose voice was trembling as he watched Lin Hai approach.


The crowd had been astonished by Lin Feng’s performance. At that moment the crowd had just noticed that Lin Hai was already on the battle stage and was approaching the second elder.


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Chapter 32: The First Blow

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Half an hour later, the first round which consisted of eliminating the weakest clan members had finally come to a conclusion. Only thirty two clan members were still on the stage. The ones who had been eliminated were mostly at the fifth or sixth Qi layer and were not very strong compared to the talented disciples within the clan. There were also some clan members who had reached the seventh Qi layer but who had run out of luck during the fights and been eliminated. Others had been attacked by multiple opponents and were knocked off stage using their numbers.

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