Updates and Patreon

The DTH Patreon is now up and running. It offers different Patreon goals than PMG so take a look!
All DTH chapters will have the sidebar to the left instead of the right. It’s a small change but I thought I’d mention it.
Chapters will now be posted at 12:00PST, 12:30PST, and 13:ooPST.

We want your input! With PMG patreon goals, we are going offer even better rewards but we want you to vote on the change. We have created a strawpoll HERE

Thanks for your input!

Edit: Notsane

This will affect both Patreon users and the free readers, so please give us your input.

Plan A = 10 bonus chapters to be released on $500 milestones along with the increase in regular chapters.

Plan B = Lowers the regular chapter targets from $250 to $200.

Which option do you prefer?