Chapter 53: A Fierce Tiger

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“It’s him. No wonder… no wonder that he would dare attack me. I sent troops, but he killed them all, now I am next.” Na Lan Feng was extremely surprised. She was shaking from fear as she had sent a large number of people to kill him but he had killed them all, leaving no survivors.


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Chapter 52: Who Dares?!

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At that moment, Lin Feng was shrouded in a mysterious aura of darkness. 

 His steps seemed to be corresponding to some kind of special cosmic rhythm. That cosmic rhythm seemed to follow the same laws as that of elemental forces.


The sword could diffuse a strong sword force with each strike… heaven and earth would also naturally produce a force which filled the world.

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Chapter 51: Lin Feng’s Fury

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A golden palm carrying an extremely strong pressure was rushing towards Lin Feng. The crowd could already imagine Lin Feng getting blown away by that palm strike. Na Lan Feng had been defeated by a similar attack, what about Lin Feng?


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Chapter 50: Infinitely Powerful

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“What do you intend to do? Who exactly do you think you are by ordering me to come down like that?” said Lin Feng in a tone filled with disdain.


The crowd started to think that everyone was becoming even more crazier than the last person. They were so crazy, they suited each other perfectly. Lin Feng wasn’t important in these people’s eyes and after all, they still despised him.


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Chapter 49: Get The Hell Down!

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As Lin Feng had predicted, Na Lan Feng won against Wen Jiang almost effortlessly even though he had reached a higher layer than her. This was because of her overpowering spirit.


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Chapter 48: A Single Strike

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The break was a short one to allow the final 10 to regain their composure from the last battles. None of them had any substantial injuries from the previous fights. The old man declared the beginning of the third round. The crowd was burning with enthusiasm at the upcoming battles.

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Chapter 47: Duo Ming’s Sword

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The crowd was looking at Gu Qing Jr.’s dead body lying on the ground of the Northern Stage. He had been killed with a single strike which was so fast that many could only see Lin Feng sheathing his sword. Not only had the strong and powerful Gu Qing been killed in a single strike, but he had also been killed in the blink of an eye and had been given no chance to surrender.

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Chapter 46: The Tournament Begins

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The huge battle arena was composed of many fighting stages. On each of the fighting stages, eight silhouettes could be seen. The Na Lan Clan was set higher than the others and its participants were standing on the highest stage in the middle of all the others. They looked like warlords looking down with supremacy. The other participants surrounded them on their own fighting stage like the stars surrounded the moon in the night sky. There was also the major clans such as the Gu Clan, the Lin Clan, the Wen Clan. Qiu Lan had played a big role in the organization of the smaller clans. 
At that moment, along with the Na Lan Clan members, there was an old man sitting next to Na Lan Xiong who stood up. He was staring at the fighting stages.

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Chapter 45: Arriving at the arena

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“Is that Wu Xiao?”


“It is, it is Wu Xiao.”


Shouts of surprise filled the air around the crowd as they watched Wu Xiao fly out of the main hall and roll down the steps.

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Chapter 44: Audacious!

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In Yangzhou City, on City Avenue there was a huge crowd gathered. The atmosphere was extremely lively and noisy.


“Six people, plus Qiu Lan… there is still one spot left. That’s much too scary. Each and every one of them is extremely strong. I will definitely take the final spot” said a young man in the crowd confidently.

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