Chapter 221: The Zi Government

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Ed note: Women are very strange organisms


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Chapter 219: Foot of the Golden Zi Mountain


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Note: So the age of the sisters has been a problem because in the initial chapters the author has Zi Yi as the older  sister, but in the following chapters it swaps to Zi Ling being older and sticks with it. So the author gets confused and I have been trying to correct the mistake. However I have decided to stick with what the author originally put in the first chapters and will make the necessary changes to future chapters.  Short Story: Zi Yi is now older sister, still adopted. Zi ling is younger sister, but is a descendant of the Zi clan.


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Chapter 216: Lack of Pure Qi

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Editor: Hakubruh

Note: Pure Qi in the following chapters refers the the Pure Qi of heaven and earth that cultivators absorb during cultivation to strengthen themselves. Xuan Qi layer and above is where cultivators can control Pure Qi as energy to form attacks.

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