Chapter 100: Traitor or not?

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A strong smell of blood invaded the atmosphere. Everybody was calmly staring at the horses that were running around with nobody on their back.


The leader of the thieves was looking at all these horses without anyone riding them with complete shock. He then looked at all the corpses that were spread across the floor and could not believe it. Only one sword strike and they had all died. That powerful attack was a masterpiece that killed everyone who stood in Lin Feng’s path.


“Ling Qi layer.” Wan Qing Shan and the other young guard were stupefied. Lin Feng was way too strong. Provoking him was a mistake. No wonder that Jing Yun was particularly friendly to him. He was an extraordinary young man with amazing strength.


Wan Qing Shan’s back was covered with a cold sweat. He was provoking Lin Feng earlier. If Lin Feng had attacked him the same way as he attacked these few thieves, he would probably be………..


Uncle Wang still sitting at the front of the carriage was stunned. He was blankly staring at Lin Feng’s back.


“Friend, aren’t your methods a bit cruel?” said the leader of the thieves looking furious.


“When you kill people and rob them on the roadside, do you care about the fact that you might be cruel?”


Lin Feng’s tone was ice-cold. Thieves were the kind of people who never felt bad when they killed other people but became furious if one of them was killed. They thought that killing was like a game but they didn’t like losing.


Lin Feng started walking forwards. A strong energy enveloped the leader of the thieves which made him shiver from head to toe.


“Friend, take one more step and you’ll die.” said the chief of the thieves threatening Lin Feng.


“One more step? But there are still more steps between us.” said Lin Feng while running towards him releasing an incredible amount of sword Qi.


The leader of the thieves did not expect him to not even hesitate and started to grind his teeth in anger. He took out his long dagger and suddenly the strong and violent Qi invaded the atmosphere.


“He is also at the Ling Qi layer.” thought Wan Qing Shan who was stupefied. A thief had surprisingly reached the Ling Qi layer. But none of them would be able to defeat Lin Feng anyway.


Lin Feng groaned. It seemed like thief’s long dagger was shaking in fear because of the energy of Lin Feng’s sword. Lin Feng’s sword was moving towards the thief at full speed. Even though it wasn’t diffusing any light, his sword contained an incredible amount of energy. There was no light because Lin Feng was condensing the energy of his deadly sword skill back into his sword.




A whistling sound spread in the atmosphere. Lin Feng’ sword was moving towards the thief’s throat at full speed. His long dagger hadn’t blocked the attack at all.


Lin Feng was getting more and more familiar with his sword each day. He was becoming more and more agile as well as quicker and quicker. The thief heavily fell on the ground with a look of shock covering his face.


“Even a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer can’t stop Lin Feng. How incredibly strong!”


Everybody was astonished by Lin Feng’s strength. He was way too strong. Lin Feng had killed that thief, who had broken through to the Ling Qi layer with a single stroke of his sword. It had looked like it had taken no effort from him.


Lin Feng didn’t even look at the corpses, he just turned around and walked back towards his group.


“Lin Feng, big brother, you are very strong.”


Duan Feng was smiling at Lin Feng with admiration.


“It is perfectly understandable why Lin Feng was in one of the largest sects. We wouldn’t ever be able to achieve such a thing. He is so strong”


Wan Qing Shan was walking towards Lin Feng while flattering him.


If someone was only slightly stronger than him, he would envy them and bully them with his status, but if somebody was much stronger than him, he was either scared or filled with admiration.


“Someone who survived the extermination of a great sect has to be strong.” replied Lin Feng with a detached tone. He looked a little disdainful as well.


Lin Feng had never considered himself as merciful. When Wan Qing Shan still thought that he was weak, he didn’t hesitate and humiliate Lin Feng. It is not out of mercy that Lin Feng hadn’t attacked him but because Jing Yun, Duan Feng and the others were there. After all, he was the guest.


Now that he had shown that he was strong, Wan Qing Shan wanted to make friends with him but Lin Feng didn’t feel like it.


When Wan Qing Shan heard Lin Feng’s cold tone of speech, he became angry again but kept it to himself this time. Provoking Lin Feng again would be a reckless act. Lin Feng was able to easily kill cultivators of the Ling Qi layer. Provoking him would be too dangerous. If he made Lin Feng angry, Wan Qing Shan might not take another breath.


Wan Qing Shan moved away in a bad mood.


“Lin Feng, let’s go.” said Duan Feng ready to get back into the carriage.


“Young master.”


At that moment, Uncle Wang was in front of the carriage and called Duan Feng which surprised him. Duan Feng asked: “Uncle Wang, what’s wrong?”


“Young Master, it is not appropriate to travel with Lin Feng. Give him a carriage for him and his friend.” said Uncle Wang which surprised everybody.


He suddenly wanted to get rid of Lin Feng? …but having a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer with them was perfect protection from most bandits and thieves. It would make their journey much safer.Β After all the greatest threat they would meet on the road would be Ling Qi Layer thieves and bandits.


Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open in shock. He didn’t understand what the old man meant.


“Uncle Wang, what’s wrong? Lin Feng and I making friends. It is a stroke of luck as well as a pleasure to be able to travel with Lin Feng.” replied Duan Feng who didn’t understand.


“Young master, don’t be naive. There are dangerous things. There are things which you cannot understand because you are too young.”


Uncle Wang was shaking his head and sighing.


“Lin Feng, let’s do it this way. You can have one of these carriages… you can even have both of them if you feel like it. This is a present to thank you for saving us. What do you think?” said Uncle Wang while looking at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng frowned and asked Uncle Wang: “What are you implying?”


Dangerous things? What was he talking about?


“Young Lin Feng asks many questions but understands what I mean deep in his heart.” said Uncle Wang while shaking his head.


“I understand nothing of what you’re saying. Give me a hint.”


“Young man, since you are insisting, I will tell you. Don’t blame me.”


Uncle Wang paused and then continued while staring at Lin Feng: “Young man, these thieves were not weak. If they had attacked us, they would have easily defeated us but they were looking for someone to talk. Maybe it would have worked but you immediately killed them.”


“You would want to talk to these thieves.” Lin Feng was puzzled.


“This is only my opinion but it is wrong that Lin Feng killed all of these thieves without trying even a single time to negotiate with them.” added Uncle Wang aggressively.


Not even trying to negotiate?


That time, Lin Feng understood what Uncle Wang meant. He could help but smile coldly and say to Uncle Wang: “What you are trying to say is that I am just like these thieves, that I kill for pleasure? and maybe that I’m a thief too?”


“A moment ago, the leader of these thieves was calmly talking to Lin Feng but we didn’t hear what he was saying.”


Uncle Wang didn’t immediately reply to Lin Feng and carefully replied. Lin Feng was stunned. He dared to say that the leader of the thieves had talked calmly!


“Well, are there other things you would like to blame me for?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly.


“Exactly! Lin Feng is right! Uncle Wang, you’re way too heartless. Treating Lin Feng as if he hadn’t tricked himself to help us. Thanks be to him, we are still alive and still have all of our things. How can you criticize Lin Feng like that?”


Duan Feng said while coming down of the carriage.


“Young master, you are only a child. You cannot distinguish good and bad.” said Uncle Wang while shaking his head and sighing.


“Young Master, if I am talking to you like this, it is because I want you to understand who you are and how people will attempt to use your status. You are going to the Imperial City which in some ways is your heritage. You are not just anybody.”


“Of course, I know!” replied Duan Feng while nodding.


“Since it is like that, young master, I want to ask you, does your family have anything to do with Duan Tian Lang?”


Duan Feng was surprised. Why would Uncle Wang suddenly talk about Duan Tian Lang? What did he have to do with that whole story?


“I know that he is also part of my Duan clan. I also know that our relations are not harmonious.” replied Duan Feng.


“Young master, since you know that, think again. Isn’t it Duan Tian Lang who annihilated the Yun Hai Sect? Then shortly after, Lin Feng arrives in our small town of Yun Yang when he suddenly comes across us. Wasn’t it too much to be a coincidence?”


Lin Feng was speechless when he heard Uncle Wang’s words. Uncle Wang thought that Duan Tian Lang had made Lin Feng betray his sect and then sent him to the small town to find Duan Feng.


“Uncle Wang, you think too much. Lin Feng could have already easily killed us.”


“Alright… but young master, remember that your big brother asked you to come to the Imperial City and then, suddenly Lin Feng appears from nowhere and then kills an army of thieves to save us… doesn’t he want us to return the favour in some way?”


“That’s enough.”said Lin Feng coldly to Uncle Wang who kept talking over and over again. Uncle Wang’s goal was obvious. He wanted Lin Feng to leave. He could talk as much nonsense as he wished, all of his words served one single purpose.


Lin Feng looked inside the carriage and said to Meng Qing: “Meng Qing, we are leaving.”


“Alright.” replied Meng Qing while nodding and coming out of the carriage.


“Lin Feng, let me convince Uncle Wang!” said Jing Yun hastily.


“Lin Feng, you and Meng Qing get back into the carriage. I trust you!” begged Duan Feng.


“No need. I would be humiliating myself.” said Lin Feng while glancing at Uncle Wang. He then looked at Duan Feng and Jing Yun and said: “Let’s meet in the Imperial City.”


When Lin Feng finished talking, he pulled Meng Qing sleeve and started leaving.


“Lin Feng, maybe that it is only a coincidence and I have misunderstood you. What I said a moment ago is still valid, you can choose any of these carriages, as you please.” said Uncle Wang.


“No need. Thank you.”


Lin Feng refused the old man’s proposition. Lin Feng wasn’t shameless. He wasn’t going to use the carriages of people who had just humiliated him and suggested that he might be a traitor to his sect.


He had just killed all these thieves, weren’t there enough horses to use?


“Can you ride a horse?” asked Lin Feng to Meng Qing.


“No, I can’t.” said Meng Qing while shaking her head.


“But do you want to teach me how to ride?” asked Meng Qing to Lin Feng


“Me, teach you how to ride a horse?” said Lin Feng surprised: “you want me to teach you how to ride a horse?”


Meng Qing was staring blankly at Lin Feng which made Lin Feng smile.


Anything Meng Qing would ask, Lin Feng would agree. At that moment, he said: “Alright.”


When Lin Feng finished talking, another surprising thing happened!


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