Chapter 112: Who’s Slapping Who?

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“Hmph, what is the point of talking so much shit? A good fight would the best way to find out who is stronger than whom.” said some wealthy and noble cultivators in the crowd. There were some people who knew the Zuo Clan and its most outstanding junior cultivator, Zuo Qiu. Because he wasn’t even seventeen at the time and had already broken through to the second Ling Qi layer, Lin Feng, who wasn’t seventeen yet either, could never hope to defeat him.


“Hmph, challenging him, who doesn’t even have a letter of recommendation, is that really fair? People like us shouldn’t challenge weaker people.” said Zuo Qiu. He felt secure in the knowledge that he had backing.


“If you don’t dare, just say it and don’t try to find excuses. Zuo Qiu, just slap that guy a few times and show to the wealthy and noble cultivators that these beggars cannot compete with us.” said a young man in the crowd who had already been talking for a while about how strong the noble cultivators were. The young man who was talking was wearing yellow clothes and looked unbelievably arrogant. He seemed to be about eighteen years old.


“Don’t worry, Bai Ze. No need to tell me this. Even without you telling me this, I would still slap him and make him close that filthy mouth of his.” said Zuo Qiu while smiling.


“Haha, everything’s alright then. You just can’t afford to make the Zuo Clan lose face.” said Bai Ze with an enigmatic smile on his face. Even though Zuo Qiu was strong and had been accepted into the academy, he still didn’t attack Lin Feng even though he just had to stretch out his hand and slap him. Bai Ze was just wondering why Zuo Qiu had required so much time to act.


“Is it even possible for the Zuo Clan to lose face” said Zuo Qiu with his head held high and while looking at Lin Feng in a disdainful way. He then coldly said to Lin Feng: “If you slap your own face, I will not attack you.”


“I’ve rarely met such a moronic group of people.” Said Lin Feng while exasperated. He didn’t even pay attention to Zuo Qiu. He was looking at Duan Yu who didn’t even try to warn Zuo Qiu of the danger. Instead, she was calmly watching the scene and was waiting for the show to start.


Everybody was quickly going to learn about the fact that Lin Feng had slapped her but if Lin Feng showed his strength then at that moment, she wouldn’t lose as much face because everybody would see how strong he was and people wouldn’t think that she had been slapped by a random nobody.


“Moronic?” The crowd found Lin Feng intriguing and were getting more and more interested.


“Zuo Qiu, the one you called a beggar has just called you a moron.”


“Hehe, Zuo Qiu, seems like you’re intimidated by this young man.” said another voice. These brutal comments had made Zuo Qiu look angrier.


“Not only I will slap your face but I will slap their faces too. I will teach you and your friends a good lesson.” said Zuo Qiu looking at Meng Qing and Jing Yun. This had made Lin Feng furious. He didn’t like provoking people but people always decided to provoke him. Why did these nobles always look down on those they thought were weaker than themselves.


“Are you still not done talking utter nonsense?” said Lin Feng coldly making Zuo Qiu even more enraged.


His body shivered, he raised his hand with the palm of his hand wide open. The Qi emerging out of it created a whirlwind in the air.


He swung his hand directly towards Lin Feng. Such a strong slap sufficed to send anyone flying on impact.


A cold and indifferent smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face. He raised his hand as fast as a lightning and stopped Zuo Qiu’s hand halfway.


“Huh?” said Zuo Qiu surprised. That guy was not weak if he was able to stop his hand like that.


“Do you think that using all your strength to block a slap is useful?” said Zuo Qiu coldly. Suddenly, flames emerged from his body. Immediately, he opened his mouth and spat out fire. Suddenly, the flames began to rush straight towards Lin Feng.


“What a strange skill.” said the crowd surprised. Lin Feng was definitely unlucky and It didn’t look good for him if he took this surprise attack.


But at that moment, Lin Feng used his other hand to carry out an attack. An incredibly  strong Qi emerged out of his palm and moved straight towards Zuo Qiu’s flames extinguishing them and then continuing towards Zuo Qiu.


Immediately, Zuo Qiu retrieved his other hand and then joined both his hands to release an incredibly powerful flame which moved straight towards Lin Feng attack.


The air was hot and heavy but Zuo Qiu’s eyes were ice-cold. He had greatly underestimated Lin Feng and had been forced to use his full power to protect himself.


But Lin Feng’s had attacked again. Even though Zuo Qiu had blocked Lin Feng’s first slap, his eyes were wide open and fixedly staring at a palm moving towards his face at full speed.


“Retreat.” thought Zuo Qiu surprised but… wasn’t it too late?


“CLAP!” At that moment, a clear and loud clapping noise spread in the atmosphere. The entire crowd was dumbfounded.


He wanted to slap Lin Feng but he had been slapped by Lin Feng in return…?


Lin Feng had not used much of his strength. Zuo Qiu was still standing there but his dignity had been hurt more than his cheek. His dignity had even been completely trampled over and he had completely lost face.


“You dared to hit me?!” said Zuo Qiu who didn’t realize what had just happened. He touched his cheek. It was burning… and he had a large bruise on his face.


“What gave you the first clue?” said Lin Feng in reply to his stupid question.


“You have tested my patience enough today. I’m tired of your ignorance. Get lost.” said Lin Feng while raising his hand and slapping Zuo Qiu again. That time, Lin Feng didn’t restrain himself from using his strength. The palm of his hand immediately crashed onto Zuo Qiu’s face which sent him flying several meters backwards.


When the crowd heard Zuo Qiu’s body heavily fall down onto the ground, they shivered for a second. That slap… how cruel!


Lin Feng turned around and looked at Zhong Ling. She looked surprised and made a step back.


“You deserve the same thing.” said Lin Feng. Zhong Ling’s pupils shrank. She looked incredibly scared. What a humiliation.


“I WILL KILL YOU!!!” suddenly shouted Zuo Qiu furiously while slowly standing up.


“WHISTLING MOON WOLF!” yelled Zuo Qiu. Zuo Qiu’s whistling moon wolf was moving towards Lin Feng at an incredible speed. It looked like it was travelling faster than light. It emitted a dazzling light as it moved and seemed like it was tearing the atmosphere apart.


“Animal.” said Lin Feng. A bright light flashed between the wolf and Lin Feng. Suddenly, there was no light remaining between them and no sound could be heard. The Moon Wolf’s body fell heavily onto the ground with no sign of life.


“That light came from a sword. It was definitely a sword.” said some people in the crowd. It had been an extremely quick and agile sword attack. One sword strike and he had killed the Ling level Moon Wolf.


“YOU…….” said Zuo Qiu extremely furious. His face looked demonic.


“If you don’t want me to close your filthy mouth for eternity then don’t force me listen to your bullshit again.” said Lin Feng while emanating a ruthless killing intent. Obviously, Zuo Qiu quickly closed his mouth but still looked extremely furious. No matter how furious he was, he did not dare say a word.


“Hehe… and they are so arrogant. Noble and wealthy cultivators really are such a joke. They’re not even able to withstand a single attack. Such a bunch of trash.” said someone in the crowd. Those who had been encouraging Zuo Qiu to attack Lin Feng. Not only had Zuo Qiu not managed to slap Lin Feng but he had been slapped twice. That had caused a great humiliation for all of the wealthy and noble cultivators who had previously been acting arrogant. They had the feeling that they had been slapped themselves.


“Zuo Qiu, you’re the disgrace of the Zuo Clan.” said Bai Ze coldly which made Zuo Qiu feel embarrassed at his own actions. Zuo Qiu had already been humiliated but Bai Ze was ruthless with his insults. Zuo Qiu was furious.


But when Zuo Qiu thought of how strong the Bai Clan was, he controlled himself and continued to endure the torment.


At that moment, Lin Feng was fixedly staring at Bai Ze which made Bai Ze wonder what Lin Feng wanted. Bai Ze’s pupils shrank and he looked at Lin Feng.


“A moment ago, are you not the one who said to Zuo Qiu to slap me a few times?” said Lin Feng to Bai Ze indifferently. The crowd suddenly quieted down again.


Lin Feng wanted to fight yet again?


Lin Feng was starting to grow angry and impatient when he saw that Bai Ze wasn’t replying at all.


“You ordered him to slap me but he failed. Shouldn’t you try it yourself now? Shouldn’t you show to everyone that you were right about the fact that wealthy and nobles cultivators are the best?” said Lin Feng whose words were resonating throughout the crowd. At that moment, all the cultivators who were not from wealthy and noble families started giggling and laughing at Bai Ze.


“Bai Ze, a moment ago, you provoked and humiliated someone, what are you doing now? Could it be that you are scared?”


“Bai Ze, weren’t you saying that wealthy and noble cultivators were a million times better than ordinary cultivators? Why can you not prove your statements with your actions? Give us evidence. Show it to us. Could it be that the only thing the wealthy and noble cultivators possess is a big mouth?”


All of these harsh words were stabbing into the ears of the noble and wealthy cultivators. Everybody without exception, noble and ordinary cultivators were staring at Bai Ze looking forward to hearing his response.



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