Chapter 159: Noble Cultivator Seating Area


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Lin Feng was looking at all the corpses on the ground with his normal calm expression. Lin Feng had already given them an opportunity to leave when they had attempted to intimidate him and buy the daemonic fire lion. But even after showing them mercy, they dared to threaten him. Since they had decided to make him their enemy, there had been no other choice but to kill them or have they would have caused greater trouble in the future.


As far as Lin Feng was concerned, he hadn’t needed to move a single finger. A simple sentence had been enough to make many people move forwards to kill them.


Many people had listened to Lin Feng thinking that if they managed to win the auction, then Lin Feng would definitely decrease the price for them. One hundred purity stones of medium quality wasn’t a small amount either. Lin Feng would obviously set aside the hundred purity stones of medium quality for them, no matter who won the auction.


“There are many strong cultivators within the Imperial City.” thought Lin Feng while looking at all the people around him. A lot of them had already broken through to the seventh or eighth Ling Qi layer. There were even some people at the ninth Ling Qi layer. They were not dressed too extravagantly, but they could kill other cultivators as if they were stray dogs.


Lin Feng continued walking towards the auction pavilion with his daemonic fire lion.


A pebble street was built leading into the pavilion. People of every status could walk on that pebble road freely.


Lin Feng arrived at a passage inside the pavilion. Between two flights of stairs, there was a beautiful woman who was there to assist guests. She had a red face and looked very fresh and alluring. She was wearing very bewitching clothes. It made Lin Feng feel very comfortable seeing such a beautiful girl.


“May I help you, Sir?” asked the beautiful woman in the middle when she saw Lin Feng arrive with the daemonic fire lion. She was smiling at him and welcoming him as she would for any customer. She seemed friendly and her voice was pleasant to listen to.


“Yes, you can. I would like to sell this daemonic fire lion.” said Lin Feng while smiling back at her with a friendly attitude.


The beautiful girl looked at the daemonic fire lion, smiled and said: “Please follow me.”


The beautiful woman then made Lin Feng follow her into the passage.


The crowd who was sat on the seating platform inside the pavilion suddenly saw a daemonic fire lion arrive with Lin Feng. They were stupefied. They fixedly stared at Lin Feng. Could it be that that guy wanted to sell his daemonic fire lion?


Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the excited people within the crowd, and instead, he paid attention to the atmosphere inside the pavilion and thought that the place seemed very warm and comfortable. It seemed like it was specially made to make people feel comfortable and at ease.


At the end of the passage, there was a stage where things would be sold. There was a set of heavy curtains at the side of the stage.


“Sir, this way, please.” said the beautiful woman when they arrived near the high stage. She then continued and went behind the curtains.


But when they arrived behind these heavy curtains, there were other curtains and going through them led to a place dedicated to the people who had placed things up for auction.


“Master Rong, this good sir would like to sell a daemonic fire lion.” said the beautiful woman to an old man. The old man was already standing up when Lin Feng entered the backstage of the auction pavilion. He was looking at the daemonic fire lion and looked very interested.


“The daemonic fire lion of the Bai Clan ended up in your hands.” said the old man while smiling at Lin Feng. That smile was mysterious, but the old man seemed very happy.


“Bai Clan?” said Lin Feng.


“Yes, the Prisoner Arena is owned by the Bai Clan.” said the old man while smiling. His smile was very strange, which made Lin Feng feel strange when seeing it.


“Now it makes sense. The Bai Clan are the sole owners of the Prisoner. This is why they used to call Bai Ze the “young master” and which is also why they sent some people to the Celestial Academy to catch me… But whether it is the young man in yellow clothes who was with Bai Ze or any of the people working at the Prisoner Arena, I hate them all.” thought Lin Feng.


He was wondering what the relation was between all of those people and the noble student who had wanted to offer it to Mu Fan. He knew they were all connected, but he did not know how.


“Hehe, I heard that many members of the Bai Clan went to the Celestial Academy and got killed. Even Bai Ze got killed when he went with those members. It seems like their strength is not infinite after all. Sooner or later, they were bound to offend the wrong person.” said the old man. A light flashed through his eyes. His eyes seemed to be revealing that he knew something that he was not saying.


Lin Feng was almost sure that this small city inside the Imperial City had only one owner… And that its many districts were divided between many clans who were in direct economic competition; for example, the owners of this auction square and the owners of the Prisoner Arena would have been in direct competition. The owners of the Prisoner Arena were probably making more money than the auctions.


“Do you have a particular request as far as the auction is concerned?” asked the old man while looking at Lin Feng and then continued: “For example, what is the minimum price you are willing to receive? Or will you accept only certain specific items for an exchange?”


“Purity stones are good.” replied Lin Feng.


“Alright, at the time of the auction, it is possible that some people will want to use other goods to bid. We will accept those items and then convert them into purity stones equivalent with their economic value… Then, we will take a small transaction fee from the total.”


“Alright. Can you please put a hundred purity stones of medium quality aside after the auction and provide it to those people within the crowd. I promised those people in the crowd that I would provide it to them for their help.” said Lin Feng.


“There is no problem.” said the old man while nodding. He then handed a golden sheet, on which the full contract was written, to Lin Feng. He then said to Lin Feng: “When the auction is finished, come back here and provide that sheet to receive your purity stones.”


“Alright.” said Lin Feng while nodding and then left.


The beautiful girl smiled to Lin Feng and said: “Sir, our auction market has many good products. You can have a rest and see what we have to offer. If you are interested, you can also bid on the items.”


“Of course.” said Lin Feng while smiling. He didn’t need that girl to tell him that. He would obviously bid if he was interested in something.


“Sir, this way, please.” said the beautiful girl while showing Lin Feng to an available seat. There were already many people sitting and watching the auctions.


Besides, Lin Feng noticed that many of the people there were wearing masks; they were all hiding their identities like he was. Nobody wanted to be recognized and let other people know their social status.


“Why did you bring me here?” asked Lin Feng perplexedly, as this was obviously a place for the wealthy guests.


“Sir, this is where our distinguished guests are seated and all noble cultivators are also seated in this area. Only those who bring us valuable items to sell or who have a high status in society are allowed to sit within this area. This offers the best view of the auctions for all of our esteemed clients.” explained the beautiful woman to Lin Feng. Her voice was so sweet and gentle. She was so pleasant to listen to that many people would patiently listen to her explanations.


“Noble cultivators!” thought Lin Feng while laughing. No wonder so many people were wearing masks. They didn’t feel like being recognized by other people when buying from the auction. That would be too inconvenient. Those who didn’t wear masks were just ordinary people.


When Lin Feng walked towards them, everybody glanced at him and immediately ignored him.


“Sir, please sit here.” said the beautiful girl while pointing at a seat which was available.


Lin Feng nodded and sat there. The seat that the beautiful girl had chosen for him was quite good. He could see everything with a single glance from here. He could clearly see all the items that were being sold.


That woman was criminally beautiful. Her beauty and charm would definitely appeal to many men.


Lin Feng moved towards the stone seat that the beautiful woman had shown to him and sat down.


“Huh?” At that moment, Lin Feng had the sensation that the people behind him were staring at him and directing killing intent in his direction. He couldn’t help but slowly turn around.


A young man wearing magnificent clothes was sitting behind him. That young man said coldly: “Get lost, can’t you see that you’re preventing me from seeing the stage?”


Lin Feng was stupefied. The beautiful girl then politely said to the young man in magnificent clothes: “Sir, you can sit on those seats over there as you please. If you don’t like your current one, then I will gladly help you find a better seat.”


“Who do you think you are to speak to me like that?” said the young man while slowly turning his head towards the beautiful woman. He looked incredibly cruel.


He then looked at the beautiful woman with an evil smile on his face and said: “You’re just a servant, nothing more. Come sit next to me, I will take you home and discipline you.”


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