Chapter 171: The Rules

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Lin Feng had killed Ke Cheng, maybe the reason was because Ke Cheng had underestimated Lin Feng and he was also fighting against Zu Ning at the same time.


However, Zu Ning had witnessed Ke Cheng’s death personally; it was obviously impossible for Zu Ning to go easy on Lin Feng. He had to use his maximum strength from the beginning, which he did. Zu Ning directly released his eagle spirit and fought at his maximum ability. Nonetheless, Lin Feng still killed Zu Ning. Lin Feng, relying on his strength of the fifth Ling Qi layer had suppressed Zu Ning’s body until he had become unable to escape and then killed him with a simple sword strike.


“That guy is so strong! He even killed Zu Ning. How come I’ve never seen him before?”


Many people had already gathered on the fourth floor. They were whispering all sorts of comments between themselves. They had all seen how Lin Feng had killed Zu Ning in one sword strike which seemed completely simple.


“Hehe, you don’t know him? That’s surprising. His name is the name that is currently spreading through the academy.”


“Lin Feng!”


Yu Jiao looked stupefied. Sixteen or seventeen years old, an authentic sword master, frivolous and extremely confident… when Yu Jiao recalled all the things that were said about Lin Feng, her heart started beating faster.


“Fifth Ling Qi layer and he could kill Ke Cheng and Zu Ning… and I’ve never seen him before. That guy has to be Lin Feng.”


Yu Jiao was feeling a bit shocked. She had, just like Ke Cheng and Zu Ning, broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, but she wasn’t a match for either of them. If she had fought against Lin Feng, he would definitely kill her too.


Lin Feng was holding his sword with the tip pointed at Yu Jiao which made her tremble with fear. Her eyes revealed a terrified expression.


“We are not enemies, if you want my cultivation room, I will give it to you. There is no need to harm a weak girl such as myself.”


Yu Jiao was smiling and trying to seduce Lin Feng with her charms. He just smiled coldly. That girl could still smile and flirt even under these conditions. She was so manipulative that it was scary.


“Initially, there was no hatred between you and me but a moment ago, if I had been a bit weaker, I am afraid that I would be the one lying dead on the ground right now. You say that there is no need to harm a weak girl like you? Don’t you think that’s ridiculous.” said Lin Feng coldly while continuing to walk towards her.


“Well, what do you want?” asked Yu Jiao.


“Cripple your cultivation.” said Lin Feng sounding detached. Even if it was a beautiful girl, she had to pay for her behaviour.


Crippling her own cultivation!


Yu Jiao was shaking in fear. Practicing cultivation all the way to break through to the sixth Ling Qi layer had been incredibly difficult, would he really have her cripple her own cultivation? Life would become torture.


“Aren’t there any other solutions?” asked Yu Jiao with a flirtatious gaze.


“There isn’t any.” replied Lin Feng with absolute resolution.


Yu Jiao’s expression was rigid, while gnashing her teeth, she said: “Damn it.”


While talking, she had moved through the crowd and over to another cultivation room. She immediately punched the door which emitted a rumbling noise. She then moved to another one and then another one. Four rumbling sounds spread in the air.


The crowd opened the way for Lin Feng. Lin Feng continued to walk. Immediately after, loud rumbling sounds emerged from the four cultivation rooms. Four silhouettes appeared. On the fourth floor, there were eight cultivation rooms. Two were already empty, those of Ke Cheng and Zu Ning who had been killed. As these four people had come out, all the rooms on the fourth floor were empty and everyone was now standing outside.


But at that moment, nobody dared to fight. For many people, the fourth floor was almost like a restricted area. Only those who had reached a certain strength could go there.


“Yu Jiao, what do you want?” asked a young man while frowning from inside one of the rooms.


“Somebody wants to kill me.” said Yu Jiao.


“Kill you?” said the four silhouettes who had just come out of the rooms, sounding quite surprised. Surprisingly, someone wanted to kill such an alluring woman.


“Somebody wants to kill you, what does that have to do with us?” said one of them as a joke while smiling.


“Gong Lun, you really are heartless.” said Yu Jiao while seductively smiling at the young man. She then smiled and said: “Who will play with you tonight if I die?”


“Play with me?” said Gong Lun with a demonic smile on his face. A light flashed in his eyes while glancing at Yu Jiao’s body and he said: “Even when you are alive, have I ever had the chance to play with you?”


Yu Jiao looked at Gong Lun with a seductive look in her eyes and said: “If you really want to play with me, just do one thing for me.”


“Oh?” said Gong Lun with the same evil smile on his face and said: “Don’t count on me to do something impossible though.”


“Of course, I won’t. I just hope that you can help me kill him. If you can, I will let you play with me tonight.” said Yu Jiao while giggling with a seductive look. The crowd’s thoughts were filled with lust when they heard what she said. Yu Jiao was really a treasure to behold.


“Same for you three, if you kill him, I will sleep with all of you.” said Yu Jiao to the three others while pointing at Lin Feng.


Gong Lun and the three others had lust burning in their eyes. That offer was very tempting.


“If I am not mistaken, Ke Cheng and Zu Ning must have been killed by him. You want us to kill him, will it not be dangerous for us? It is forbidden to kill in the cultivation tower.” said one of them with a wry smile while looking at Yu Jiao.


“Indeed, he killed them. He has broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer and can control sword force. He is a really strong cultivator who can fight above his own cultivation. He surprisingly dared to humiliate me. He stole my cultivation room. How should I have reacted when seeing such a thing? That’s why I asked Ke Cheng and Zu Ning to fight against him, but these two pieces of trash surprisingly fought each other and Ke Cheng was immediately killed. Then, Zu Ning was alone, so he ended up falling to his sword.”


“He’s broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer and can control sword force?” Gong Lun didn’t sound convinced. After all, he hadn’t seen Lin Feng fight the others as he was cultivating inside a sealed room.


“If he was really strong enough then he would already be on the third floor.” Yu Jiao knew that Gong Lun meant that Lin Feng was not strong enough to go to the third floor.


At that moment, Lin Feng looked at these people and said in a cold and indifferent tone: “Are you done talking shit?”


“Huh?” Gong Lun frowned while staring at Lin Feng.


“If you’re done talking shit, open the way.” A cold aura emerged from Lin Feng’s body and he released a deadly sword Qi. Gong Lun was surprised, but very quickly, a smile appeared on his face. As expected, he had only broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer and relied on his sword force. That was barely enough to defeat ordinary cultivators of the sixth Ling Qi layer, but Zu Ning and Ke Cheng were really trash, they had been killed by such a weakling.


“Don’t you think that you are a bit too arrogant?” said Gong Lun while smiling and continued: “It’s a fact that you have broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer which is not weak but in our eyes, it is still not enough. If you think that because you defeated Ke Cheng and Zu Ning, you can defeat us, well I will tell you now, you are a fool. Zu Ning was far from being as strong as us.”


“Are you done talking?” said Lin Feng indifferently as if he hadn’t heard what Gong Lun had just said which surprised Gong Lun. A cold light flashed in Gong Lun’s eyes. Lin Feng wasn’t giving him any face.


“If you’re done talking, then move before I make you move.”


Lin Feng walked and released an even colder aura.


“How irresponsible.” Gong Lun looked incredibly murderous and said: “Yu Jiao, remember what you just said.”


“Hehehe, if you kill him, I will definitely sleep with you tonight and you will be the happiest man in the academy.”


Yu Jiao smiled as she spoke to the other three other students: “Same for you, if you kill Lin Feng, I will sleep with you.”


These three students had lustful smiles appear on their faces as they evilly looked toward Lin Feng. They started walking slowly towards Lin Feng looking at him with pure killing intent. Lin Feng had broken through to the fifth Ling Qi layer, it was impossible for him to fight against all of them.


“You don’t understand the rules… stealing other people’s rooms and even killing people here… Killing is against the rules. I will kill you for violating the rules.” said Gong Lun while staring at Lin Feng.


“I don’t understand the rules? Could it be because I decided to use a room which you wrote “forbidden” on, even though nobody was using it? Isn’t that your own rule? When they tried to kill me, I ended up killing them in return, how do I not understand the rules? How do you decide who has broken the rules here and who has not?” said Lin Feng coldly.


“Strength decides.” said Gong Lun while smiling coldly. “Only those who are strong can make their own rules. The strong cultivators can write “forbidden” above a room, so you will not be allowed to enter. You managed to kill those two pieces of trash which will not be a loss to the academy. Now you are going to die too, and the academy will again not care about losing trash. That is the rule created by the strong.”


“I understand.” said Lin Feng with an indifferent smile. He started walking and like an illusion, a sword came out of nowhere.


That sword looked ordinary and did not have anything outstanding about it. There was no sharp sword force coming out of it, but in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Gong Lun.


Gong Lun smiled when he saw Lin Feng’s sword being thrust towards him. A deadly energy suddenly appeared and oppressed his body. His heart suddenly started pounding. He was staring at the sword moving towards him. He tried to dodge, but before he could move, he could only look down at the pain in his chest. The smile had already completely disappeared from his face. His face only expressed pain and agony.


There was just the handle of a sword sticking out of his chest, the sword had already pierced through his body.


Gong Lun had been killed without being able to even fight.


“I like these rules.” said Lin Feng indifferently. His words resonated throughout the fourth floor. Everyone’s hearts started to pound. So these were the rules of the strong.



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