Chapter 215: Painful Love!

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Lin Feng looked surprised.


The two others with their helmets covering their faces also looked at Lin Feng. They peculiar look in their eyes.


“Lin Feng, the three of us will not fight against you. You can leave.” said one of them sounding cold. They had all moved out of Lin Feng’s path together.


“You guys are alright with my decision, right?” the two others remained silent and immediately nodded.


“Let’s go.” said the leader of the men. Immediately after, they turned around and left. They saw that Lin Feng didn’t intend to stop them. Their horses neighed and they then started galloping away at full speed fearing that Lin Feng might change his mind.


But when they had both caught up to the leader of the group, a brutal energy crashed into their bodies. The sound of thunder spread through the atmosphere and blood poured from the two black guards mouths.


Immediately after, another strike of that powerful energy hit them from behind, they could only feel their body go rigid. They tried to release their own energy and move away, but it was already too late. At the moment when they tried to move themselves away, a lethal hand strike pierced both of their chests, killing them in an instant.


Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were astonished. They slowly turned around and looked at the final remaining black guard.


They only saw that he was moving towards them. When he arrived in front of Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye, he said: “Lin Feng, even though you have become stronger at the critical moment, you are now very weak and cannot fight for much longer, I advise that you to avoid future trouble and to find a place to rest.”


“Huh?” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. He knew that he was very weak at that moment.


Indeed, even though Lin Feng’s broken bones had started to reassemble themselves and he could fuse with his sword, his bones still hadn’t completely recovered. Besides, his internal organs had been severely damaged. Lin Feng perfectly understood that he was in no state to continue fighting.


When he saw that the man wanted to leave without killing him, he felt like he was truly too weak.


Besides, Lin Feng couldn’t understand why that person was willing to help him.


Who is that person really? Why was he with the black guards?


“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng.


“You don’t need to know who I am, Lin Feng. You have a strong determination and willpower, you are fearless, these qualities are engraved deep in your heart and they make you the cultivator that you are today. Not everybody can be like that, many people chose to be scared of dying and suffer in silence.” said the man without answering Lin Feng’s question.


“Lin Feng, this war between our two countries is not as simple to understand as you imagine. Behind the curtains, we are just pawns, nobodies. They will sacrifice us at any time to achieve what they desire, like savage animal. This time, you took a risk but it wasn’t worth it because nothing was going to happen to the princess.” Said the man with the helmet still covering his face. His eyes, which were visible, were looking at Lin Feng and looked sincere.


“Don’t forget to not return using the same road you used to come. Not all the Mo Yue army will die during the war or at least, Mo Jie will not die. Wait until they come back to Mo Yue and then you can go back to Xue Yue. Finally, it is my wish that you will make the Yun Hai Sect rise once again.”


When that man finished talking, he turned around and galloped away at full speed. His silhouette gradually disappeared on the horizon.


Lin Feng was looking at that silhouette from behind and lights were flashing in his eyes. A thousand thoughts were flashing through his mind.


“Make the Yun Hai Sect rise once again?!” repeated Lin Feng in a low voice. That man had said that Lin Feng was determined and fearless, that these values were deeply engraved in his heart and said that many people suffered in silence scared for their lives. Maybe this person was speaking of himself, suffering in silence to save his own life.


That person must have been a former member of the Yun Hai Sect!


Indeed, that person was indeed a former member of the Yun Hai Sect. Besides, he had chosen to take refuge in the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue to save his own life which is why he said those words.


That person, had skills as limpid as water, he was extremely strong and had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer. In Lin Feng’s mind, he could only think of one person, there had been an incredibly strong disciple in the Yun Hai Sect.


“Ling Hu…… He Shan!” That person used to be the first disciple of the Yun Hai Sect Core Disciples, Ling Hu He Shan.


“Lin Feng, this war between our two countries is not as simple to understand as you imagine. Behind the curtains, we are just pawns, nobodies. They will sacrifice us at any time to achieve what they desire, like savage animal. This time, you took a risk but it wasn’t worth it because nothing was going to happen to the princess.”


Lin Feng recalled Ling Hu He Shan’s words once again. His heart was pounding. Indeed, Ling Hu He Shan had been at the princess’ side, which meant that the four men with helmets covering their faces were all students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.


Students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue as well as black guards had been working together to secure the princess.


People who were meant to be absolute enemies had been collaborating.


The leader of the Mo Yue armies was Mo Jie and the leader of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was Duan Tian Lang.


When Lin Feng thought about that, cold killing intent invaded his entire body and penetrated into his heart and even his bones.


This war was like a chess game. Its outcome was planned from the beginning.


The fact that the princess had been kidnapped, the chaos amongst the troops, the lives of a few hundred thousand soldiers, everything had been planned from the beginning and was part of their plan. Everything had been planned so that the people behind the curtains could achieve their goals. These people wanted Lin Feng dead which is why they captured the princess in Lin Feng’s presence and had then blamed Liu Cang Lan. That tragedy had led to the death of hundreds of thousands people.


However, Lin Feng had given his best to ruin their plans. He had been unwilling to give up and had made great efforts to find the princess. Was that really worth it though?


Fortunately, Lin Feng hadn’t died. He had gained enlightenment through battle and had learnt how to master sword fusion. He was much stronger now than before.


Lin Feng stood there while remaining silence. Finally, he moved and took a deep breath, all his thoughts vanished like smoke.


Lin Feng had a clear conscience and had stuck to his beliefs. That was enough.


That plot and the conspiracy to take his life had actually helped him to become stronger.


His path of cultivation would allow him to reach the clouds and to destroy any plots or conspiracies that came his way.


Lin Feng turned around and looked at Duan Xin Ye with a cold and indifferent glare. He was absolutely expressionless as if he was looking at a stranger.


“Lin Feng!” said Duan Xin Ye when she saw Lin Feng’s expression. Lin Feng’s cold expression made her heart start to race.


She just saw Lin Feng raise his hand, and in a flash, the vines constricting her body were cut down.


When he finished, Lin Feng turned around and left, while surprisingly ignoring Duan Xin Ye.


Initially, she was a good person and was safe inside the capital.


But because she decided to come to the battlefield, hundreds of thousands of people had to die. Lin Feng himself had almost died trying to save her.


“Lin Feng, I didn’t know!” said Duan Xin Ye in a low voice. Her eyes were moist. She had heard Ling Hu He Shan and obviously understood everything he said. She also knew what Lin Feng was thinking at that moment.


As a princess, she had played the key role in the conspiracy. How could all these things be unclear to her? She was royalty who could pass the heavy curtains to enter the imperial palace. Besides, Lin Feng had already asked her why she wanted to come to the battlefield even though it wasn’t necessary for her to be there and was even dangerous. That conspiracy was obviously the reason why she had come. She could perfectly understand Lin Feng’s feelings.


Lin Feng continued forward. He didn’t look like he intended to stop. He looked steady and firm.


“Lin Feng, I really didn’t know!” said Duan Xin Ye, tears were flowing from her eyes. She felt a heavy pain gripping her heart.


Only a woman in love could feel such a pain within her heart!


Maybe she had actually fallen in love!



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