Chapter 236: The Zun Qi layer

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The cultivation method for Surplus Souls wasn’t the only thing that affected Lin Feng’s heart, all the other memories caused Lin Feng’s heart to race.


He possessed all the memories of the strong cultivator and knew how strong this person was.


Zun Qi Layer. He was above the Tian Qi Layer.


With one fist, he could crush a mountain. One sword could carve out a river or a lake.


Lin Feng could finally understand the possibilities granted by the different cultivation levels. The Xuan Qi layer, like the Ling Qi layer, was divided into nine layers.


After the Xuan Qi layer, there was the Tian Qi layer.


After the Tian Qi layer, there was the Zun Qi Layer, the cultivators of the Zun Qi layer were seniors within the cultivation world. Lin Feng could barely defeat a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, it was already very difficult. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine how far he was from the Zun Qi layer.


Lin Feng turned around and looked at the breathless corpse. He sighed. A cultivator of the Zun Qi layer was in front of him, a little cultivator of the Ling Qi layer. Lin Feng was still a nobody. A cultivator of the Zun Qi layer could kill him by breathing on him.


Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, in Xue Yue and Mo Yue, were already considered as very strong cultivators. Concerning the Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng had never heard anything about it, he didn’t even know if there were cultivators of the Tian Qi layer within Xue Yue or Mo Yue.


As far as cultivators of the Zun Qi layer were concerned, Lin Feng was certain that such a cultivator could destroy an entire country with a wave of their hand. Xue Yue certainly didn’t have such cultivators.


Cultivators of the Zun Qi layer could extract the strength from their blood and transmit it to their offspring. They were able to create blood spirits and pass them on to their descendants. Everybody knew how incredibly strong blood spirits were.


Besides, at that moment, Lin Feng had seen one of the legendary cultivators and had received an incredible amount of knowledge from him. He had received his legendary memories, the memories of a godlike cultivator.


“That huge snake was surprisingly a Zun level dragon.”


Lin Feng was looking at the dragon. If it had been out in the world, it could have annihilated an entire country with one breath.


Its blood had turned into a lake which never lost its strength over hundreds of years, besides, the blood kept its vitality and could penetrate into bodies, granting people the strength of a blood spirit.


Unfortunately, the purple lake had been completely absorbed by Lin Feng.


“Ancestor, I have received your legacy and inherited your memories, ancestor, you are now my teacher.”


Lin Feng looked at the remains of the strong cultivator and suddenly knelt down in front. Lin Feng’s heart was filled with respect and adoration. He performed the kowtow, which sealed teacher and student.


He had separated his memories into three parts and transmitted them to Lin Feng. He deserved Lin Feng’s obedience and respect.


If the strong cultivator had still been alive, Lin Feng would have wanted him as his teacher. Lin Feng could have returned to Xue Yue as a hero with such a profound teacher.


When Duan Xin Ye saw Lin Feng, she came next to him and started to respectfully kowtow in front of the statue as well. The strong cultivator had also transmitted thoughts to her, extremely powerful sword skills and powerful agility techniques. He had also become her teacher.


“Ancestor, the first part of the memories you transmitted to me, I will always remember them. If, someday, I have the opportunity to meet some of your old friends, I will tell them about what happened to you.” said Lin Feng.


The first part of the memories from the strong cultivator contained his entire life and Lin Feng could also remember the strong cultivator’s friends. Even though these memories were a few hundred years old, cultivators of the Zun Qi layer could remain alive for a long time. Not dying for a few hundred years was a normal thing for them. Besides, the strong cultivator’s old friend had entered a deep and mysterious dimension. Lin Feng didn’t clearly understand what kind of dimension it was though.


Lin Feng stood up and sighed. Even though the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer was extremely strong, he had, all these years never forgotten about love. He only wanted to see couples in love with each other, because he was, himself, a very romantic person.


“Lin Feng, when are we leaving?” asked Duan Xin Ye in a low voice. They couldn’t stay indefinitely in the forbidden area, they would get bored to death.


Lin Feng looked pensive. The people of the Zi Government were waiting for him outside. If he went out, they would immediately ambush him.


He still was not confident in winning against a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.


“Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer can use pure Qi, that would be too dangerous for me. My strength against his pure Qi, it’s too difficult to win.” thought Lin Feng, but he still had faith in his ability. He had managed to make a cross shaped wound on the old man’s chest. He had almost killed him. At that moment, Lin Feng had absorbed the strength of the purple blood lake. It had penetrated into his flesh and bones. His snake spirit had completely absorbed the purple lake and had become much stronger. It had enabled him to obtain a new purple spirit.


Lin Feng was also convinced that even though he couldn’t kill the old man, who had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, he definitely had the strength to engage in a battle against him. He just didn’t know whether he would be the victor.


“Xin Ye, let’s go and see if we can leave.” said Lin Feng. She was, of course, not going to have any objections so she just nodded.


“Let’s go.”


Lin Feng said that and immediately headed back. It was getting darker and darker and the path was growing narrow. A short time after, they arrived in front of the entrance of the forbidden area.


“You stay behind me, I will check first.” said Lin Feng as he moved forwards. He put his hand on the door of the forbidden area.




The door of the forbidden area slowly opened itself. People who were inside the forbidden area just had to touch the door once to open it.


Lin Feng was a bit nervous as he had unintentionally opened the door. He released some of his Qi. He groaned and in his hand, appeared an extremely sharp sword.


The door of the forbidden area was slowly opening itself, the atmosphere was suddenly extremely cold, the coldness was piercing to the bones.


How cold. Why is it so cold? The old man wouldn’t have been able to release such an incredibly cold Qi.


But when Lin Feng realized what was happening outside, he was stupefied. The energy around his body also vanished without trace.


The door of the forbidden area had finally entirely opened itself. A beautiful face was in front of him. Surprisingly, it was Meng Qing and she was patiently waiting for him. It wasn’t the old man.


Obviously, when Meng Qing saw Lin Feng, she was also astonished and surprised.


“Meng Qing.” said Lin Feng while a huge smile appeared on his face.


But Meng Qing looked as cold as before, her facial expression hadn’t changed at all. She glanced at Lin Feng and then at Duan Xin Ye, who was coming out at that moment too.


When Meng Qing saw that Duan Xin Ye was wearing Lin Feng’s clothes, she looked a bit surprised, but immediately after she adopted her cold and indifferent facial expression once again. She was absolutely expressionless.


When Duan Xin Ye saw Meng Qing, she was astonished and sighed. How beautiful! Surprisingly, there were such beautiful women in the world!


Not only was she very beautiful, but also very strong.


Duan Xin Ye was extremely self-confident when it came to her beauty. She had never seen anyone more beautiful than her before, but at that moment, she just saw a girl who was more beautiful than her and it seemed like she was close to Lin Feng.


“You’re alright. That’s the main thing. Let’s go.” said Meng Qing coldly. After that, she turned around and started walking away. Some ice Qi rose into the air which made Lin Feng frown.


That ice Qi was a problem, why was Meng Qing’s body emitting such a cold Qi?


Lin Feng suddenly remembered that he had already seen such a Qi around Meng Qing’s body and was a bit surprised. He then immediately shouted: “Meng Qing, wait!”


But it seemed like Meng Qing ignored Lin Feng. She continued walking as before. Her silhouette made her look very lonely from behind.




Lin Feng walked out from the entrance of the forbidden area. The crowd was astonished, Lin Feng surprisingly dared talk to Meng Qing using such a tone.


Not did Meng Qing look like a celestial being but she was also extraordinarily cold.


“Come back to me!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. A light flashed through Meng Qing’s eyes, she didn’t look at Lin Feng. Immediately after, surprising everybody, Meng Qing slowly started walking back towards Lin Feng.


What was the nature of Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s relationship?


Why was such a strong female cultivator listening to Lin Feng?


“Xin Ye, please leave for a moment.” said Lin Feng while going back into the forbidden area. Duan Xin Ye was stupefied. A touching expression appeared in her eyes but she remained silent. She just nodded and walked out of the forbidden area and glanced at Meng Qing.


At that moment, she felt an incredible coldness. She started shaking and her heart started pounding. How could it be that cold around the beautiful girl’s body? She looked like she was going to freeze on the spot.


“Come in.” said Lin Feng to Meng Qing, who had arrived at the entrance door of the forbidden area. She remained silent and entered.


The door of the forbidden area closed itself behind her. Lin Feng and Meng Qing’s silhouettes disappeared. The crowd was just looking at that huge door. They were all extremely curious, what were they doing inside?



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