Chapter 237: Warmth in the Forbidden Area

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In the forbidden area, Lin Feng grabbed Meng Qing’s hand. Suddenly, a violently cold energy spread through his hand. Right after that, Lin Feng’s forearm was covered by a layer of ice. It was spreading all over his body.


“How cold.”


Lin Feng was stupefied. At that moment, Meng Qing’s body was extremely cold. Even with his cultivation level, Lin Feng had the impression that he was going to freeze on the spot.


He turned around and looked at Meng Qing. He still sounded angry and said: “What’s wrong with you?”


“Nothing.” said Meng Qing while slightly shaking her head. She was surprised.


“I’m not only talking about the fact that you came to look for me with a layer of ice damaging your body, but also, when you just walked away. Why did you walk away?”


Lin Feng looked unhappy and he knew how powerful that ice was. Last time, he had already seen Meng Qing’s pain. That time, the ice wasn’t any weaker, Meng Qing perfectly knew that Lin Feng had a solution for the ice. Surprisingly, she turned around and walked away from him, how could Lin Feng not get angry?


Meng Qing raised her head and looked at Lin Feng. She looked surprised. But immediately after, she lowered her head again like a little girl who was being scolded, she didn’t dare look at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng started shaking when he saw that Meng Qing remained uncommunicative. He felt like he had to say something.


“I will help you take away that ice Qi.”


While speaking, Lin Feng’s body shook and a dragon chant spread through the atmosphere. It made the entire atmosphere vibrate. Lin Feng’s snake spirit appeared. It had six heads and was huge and majestic. Its eyes were looking directly at Meng Qing.


When Meng Qing saw the snake spirit, she was surprised, the last time she had seen it, it didn’t have six heads and wasn’t so gigantic. At that moment, it was huge and majestic. What had happened to Lin Feng’s spirit was a miracle.


“It seems like I was right.” thought Meng Qing. She was even more certain that she had guessed right. Lin Feng’s snake spirit was actually a dragon.


The six heads of the snake were singing the chant of dragons. At that moment, the ice around Meng Qing’s body turned into a white cloud and the snake started to swallow it.


At that moment, Lin Feng’s spirit, which was floating from his back, looked like six different snakes constantly moving. It looked extremely powerful.


“In the future, do not ignore what I say.” said Lin Feng. Meng Qing was, as before, silent.


Meng Qing slightly nodded and lowered her head. The ice Qi around her body was gradually getting very weak.


When Lin Feng saw Meng Qing’s facial expression, his heart felt a bit painful, he didn’t know how to talk to this girl.


Since they had left the Black Wind Mountain, Meng Qing had always been with him. He was the only person close to her. Since Lin Feng had left Meng Qing and travelled over a huge distance, a long time had already elapsed. It was very difficult for Meng Qing to be separated from him. Surprisingly, she had even chased him to the Mo Yue country. Furiously, she had slaughtered the people of the Zi Government. In such a short time, she had gone through a lot of hardships.


Besides, after such a difficult time, she had seen that Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye were together and Duan Xin Ye was wearing Lin Feng’s clothes, how could she be happy after seeing that? Even though she didn’t show her emotions, Lin Feng, who had broken through to the earth fusion dimension, could now sense the emotions which she was trying to hide. He had noticed because of her movements when she turned to leave. Her body was slightly shaking and she was continuously blinking as if she was close to tears.


Silly girl, she actually cared but always remained cold.


All of this caused compassion to fill Lin Feng’s heart, then, he approached Meng Qing which made her start shaking.


It wasn’t because of the cold Qi that she was shaking, but because Lin Feng was moving closer to her. She was shaking and she felt like waves were crashing in her heart. Suddenly, she started feeling nervous.


Immediately after, she felt that her body was being pulled, she could feel two arms wrap around her body. It was a warm embrace which immediately removed the cold from her body. She suddenly felt warmth invade her heart.


When she realized what was happening, her eyes, which normally never revealed emotions, moved. She looked surprised.


“Silly girl, you should know that if you suffer, I will suffer too.” said Lin Feng softly. His voice was warm and sincere. His words came from the bottom of his heart.


When Lin Feng saw that Meng Qing’s body was being damaged by the ice Qi and she was silently suffering, his heart felt a tremendous pain. It was the first time, whether it was in his previous or current life, that Lin Feng showed his love for a woman, his feelings towards Meng Qing were pure and sincere.


When Meng Qing heard these soft and warm words, she shivered. Immediately after, something that had never happened, happened, she smiled. It was a charmingly soft and sweet smile.


She moved a little and suddenly, she rested her head on Lin Feng’s shoulder, which made her feel calm and relaxed.


Meng Qing’s hands were behind Lin Feng’s back but was being held mid air. It seemed like she didn’t know what to do with her hands, but finally, her little hands slowly moved towards Lin Feng and she then delicately embraced him.


When Lin Feng sensed her delicate hands on his back, he giggled foolishly. He also put some more pressure into his embrace and used one hand to stroke Meng Qing’s hair from her face.


So, that’s how it felt to be in love…… it was truly sweet, it was a very warm feeling from deep within the heart.


Meng Qing’s body calmly leaned against Lin Feng’s body with her head on his shoulder. Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing. She was smiling, but in her beautiful eyes, surprisingly, there were tears which slowly flowed down her cheeks onto the ground. She was crying and emitting small sobs. Her eyes grew blurry.


Meng Qing had been extremely worried about Lin Feng while they were apart. She had not stopped looking for him, for even a moment.


Finally, she found him. She had been riding at full speed to the Golden Zi Mountain without rest. Then, when she arrived, she was told that Lin Feng was dead.


When she heard that Lin Feng was dead, she had felt hopelessness invade her heart. Her heart had felt so painful. She felt like a piece of her had died. She had just had one thought, kill. Kill the old man of the Zi Government and kill everyone who shared his bloodline.


A man in love could accomplish great things and dye his sword red on the battlefield for a woman. A woman in love could also accomplish great things, she would freeze heaven and earth if it stood between her love.


The most important thing was that Lin Feng was still alive, but then Meng Qing had seen that he was with another girl, she believed that he no longer had a place for her.


She was desperate. She hadn’t thought about anything else but running away. A horrible feeling invaded her heart, she had never experienced such a terrible feeling.


Since Lin Feng and Meng Qing had left the Black Wind Mountain, only a short time had elapsed, less than a year, but during that short time, they had experienced a lot of things together. In Meng Qing’s memories, there was a sinister forest filled with ferocious beasts and from the outside world, all her memories included Lin Feng. Lin Feng was already an indispensable part of her life.


The horrible feeling hadn’t lasted for too long, Lin Feng had stopped her. He had made her come into the forbidden area, and now they were locked in an embrace. At that moment, Meng Qing understood how cold she was before that, it seemed like the coldness in her heart had transformed into warmth. It was a wonderful feeling.


The two of them seemed to be locked in each other’s embrace. They softly embraced for a long time. The ice Qi had already dispersed and Lin Feng’s spirit had vanished, but they were still standing there, embracing each other.


After a long time, Meng Qing finally moved, Lin Feng let go of her and looked at her beautiful face while smiling.


However, it seemed like Meng Qing didn’t care about giving him face, she turned around and coldly walked towards the exit.


Lin Feng was stupefied. He scratched his head, he was startled, and then he immediately chased her.



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