Chapter 242: The Death of an Officer!

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Meng Chong’s body had been pinned onto the city wall by thousands of arrows. The crowd was dumbstruck.


The ones above the city wall, even though they couldn’t see it, could imagine what happened. They had all seen the cloud of arrows a moment before. Besides, the soldiers outside of the Imperial City were punishing him because he had tried to kill the princess.


The reason was absolutely valid so nobody said anything. After all, Meng Chong had given the order to kill the princess, everyone witnessed that.


Meng Gu Feng was shaking, his eyes were wide open, he was dumbstruck.


“Meng Chong!” shouted Meng Gu Feng extremely loudly. He then moved towards the edge of the gate and looked down. In a flash, his face turned red, that was his son, pinned onto the city wall with so many arrows, his little boy.


“Arrghhhh, Lin Feng!” shouted Meng Gu Feng furiously. He turned around and looked at in Feng with killing intent.


“You killed my son!”


Meng Gu Feng sounded like he couldn’t believe it and was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.


“Please open the gate, the princess and I are in a hurry.” said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. He looked particularly calm.


“Open the gate?” said Meng Gu Feng with a hideous grin on his face. He then said evilly: “Lin Feng, you broke into the Imperial City, killed my son in spite of my higher military rank, and have no respect for the hierarchy of Xue Yue.”


“Huh?” Lin Feng was surprised, but smiled coldly immediately after. Meng Gu Feng was trying to accuse Lin Feng. What an old fox, even though he was furious and enraged, he still remained sober-headed and declared Lin Feng’s faults, which would make it much easier to attack Lin Feng after.


“Officer Meng, Meng Chong tried to kill the princess, everybody saw it. He had to be killed for his own actions. Everybody thinks that what I did was the right thing to do. Besides, I will say it once more, officer, the princess and I have to handle important matters and are in a hurry so open the gate and let us into the Imperial City.”


Lin Feng’s voice was filled with coldness, his words were sharp and poignant.


“Handle important matters? You think that you can save Liu Cang Lan?” said Meng Gu Feng while staring at Lin Feng and smiling evilly. He then added three words: “In your dreams.”




Meng Gu Feng had just finished his sentence when an ice-cold deadly energy emerged from Lin Feng’s body. Meng Gu Feng was surprised and said: “What are you doing?”


Lin Feng remained silent, his silhouette flickered and his hand turned into a sharp sword which pierced through the atmosphere.


Meng Gu Feng let out a horrible shriek. Meng Gu Feng had tried to block Lin Feng’s attack with his forearms, however Lin Feng proceeded to cut off his arms with his attack.


That attack astonished the crowd once again. Meng Gu Feng’s troops, a moment before, had wanted to attack Lin Feng but Ren Qing Kuang and Meng Qing were there, preventing them from moving forward. They could only calmly watch the scene.


“Meng Chong wanted to kill the princess, I had to protect the princess and kill Meng Chong which is why Meng Gu Feng has a personal grudge with me, besides, he continues to refuse the princess entry into the Imperial City and doesn’t respect the hierarchy of the Xue Yue Country. I, Lin Feng, will kill anyone who represents a threat to the security of the princess.”


Lin Feng was standing there with his hair was fluttering in the wind, his voice was resonating across the horizon. People’s hearts were pounding.


Not only had Lin Feng killed Meng Chong but he also wanted to kill Meng Gu Feng.


He would kill anyone in his way.


When he finished talking, Lin Feng took a step and punched Meng Gu Feng. Immediately after, Meng Gu Feng’s face turned deathly pale, blood started gushing from his mouth, but he was still evilly staring at Lin Feng.


Meng Gu Feng had also broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer, just like Lin Feng, but Lin Feng knew about earth fusion, which made him much quicker. Meng Gu Feng, a moment before, had been too negligent and his arms had been cut off.


“You are the only person responsible for the path you chose.”


There was an incredible sword energy which emerged from Lin Feng’s hand and immediately penetrated into Meng Gu Feng’s body and then crushed his vital organs.


With a flip of his hand Lin Feng sent Meng Gu Feng flying over the edge of the city walls. The troops outside of the Imperial City released their arrows which whistled through the air and Officer Meng Gu Feng joined his son, pinned to the city wall, lifeless.


Lin Feng punished them both as criminals.


In the world of cultivation, strength was the only thing that mattered, strength was justice.


Lin Feng turned around and looked at the troops. Finally, he saw someone who had the armor of an officer.


“Are you the non-commissioned officer?” coldly asked Lin Feng. That person’s heart was pounding. He had personally witnessed Meng Chong and Meng Gu Feng’s deaths. They had suffered a cruel fate. It was like the widespread rumors about the crown prince, whoever dared to contradict him, died.


“Indeed.” said that person while nodding nervously.


“The princess and I need to go into the Imperial City, we have things to do, quickly open the gate.” said Lin Feng calmly. That person was stupefied and remained silent.


“I will give you five second to think carefully about your next actions. If you don’t let the princess in, you are committing an offense against the Xue Yue Imperial Clan.” said Lin Feng in a cold tone. He then immediately started counting: “One.”




“Open the gate.”


The non-commissioned officer’s facial expression was rigid. How could he even give Lin Feng time to start the countdown? That guy had killed Meng Chong and his father. Lin Feng wouldn’t hesitate to kill him too.


No matter how the situation would be, the most important thing was to survive, the future problems had to be ignored.


“Open the gate, open the gate….” said the soldiers repeating the order. A rumbling noise spread through the atmosphere, the gigantic bronze gate slowly opened itself.


“Officer Ren, you and the troops, escort the princess into the Imperial City and ensure her security.” said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. Ren Qing Kuang nodded and said: “Alright.”


Immediately, Ren Qing Kuang jumped in the air and landed back onto his horse’s back. He shouted: “Let’s escort the princess into the Imperial City and ensure her safety!”


The troops, who covered a wide and vast area, all started galloping towards the Imperial City. The crowd was speechless. Ensuring the protection of the princess was clearly an excuse to allow the troops entry into the Imperial City.


But the princess didn’t say anything. Lin Feng was controlling the entire situation, who would dare say anything?


The noise of the horses galloping on the ground was unceasing, Lin Feng waited for all the troops to enter the Imperial City and then, Meng Qing and he entered as well.


Hanging on the Imperial City walls were two corpses pinned with many arrows. The sight was, as before, a shocking for anyone who saw it.


Lin Feng was an outstanding young man whose heart was burning with boldness, he had managed to reverse the course of the events once again. He was so bold that he had even killed Meng Chong and Officer Meng without even blinking. He had ruthlessly killed them.


Of course, in order to be bold, one also had to have the appropriate strength.


Lin Feng could easily defeat Officer Meng Gu Feng who had broken through to the eighth Qi layer. He was extremely strong. The crowd had seen how monstrously strong he was.


If he didn’t die, he would one day become as monstrous as the eight high-officials of Xue Yue. Besides, he would soon be even stronger, even more monstrous, than the high-officials at the bottom of the rankings.



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