Chapter 257: The Apology

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The Chi Xie troops were calmly waiting outside of the city.


At that moment, one guard came back from the government building. He climbed to the top of the gate and looked at the vast and boundless army. He couldn’t help but shake from head to toe.


“Tell him to get over here and apologize for his offense…”


The guard was thinking about these words and they did not sit well in his chest. If he said these words out loud, wouldn’t they just kill him?


“Open your mouth!” said an aggressive voice piercing the guard’s ears. The guard was shaking. Immediately after, he closed his eyes and said: “The Head of the City said that you should go and apologize for your offense.”


When he finished talking, the guard felt as if he had been relieved from a huge burden. But when the other guards heard what he said, they were astonished. They were all shaking from head to toe while thinking about the reaction of the army. How did that arrogant bastard dare to tell the Chi Xie troops such an audacious thing? When the Chi Xie troops heard the words, they started to release an incredible amount of Qi which created a hurricane which rushed towards the city gate. The entire crowd suddenly felt extremely cold.


How cold. That Qi was piercingly-cold, to the extent that it made everyone feel a shiver run down their spines.


Lin Feng, on his Dragon-Colt horse, moved forwards. Na Lan Xiong, was he really this brave?


He was wearing a mask, but under his mask he had an incredibly evil grin. Lin Feng said, in a cold tone: “We have been invited to go to the government building to apologize.”


“Roger.” shouted the troops in unison, which caused panic within the crowd. They brandished their spears and headed towards Yangzhou City .


Lin Feng’s voice wasn’t loud, but when the guards and the crowd heard that the troops were going to the government for an apology, they felt that this was not a good thing for the Na Lan Clan. The young man riding the Dragon-Colt horse was probably their officer. How majestic, he could say a few words and the entire army obeyed him.




The ground started shaking once again. The Chi Xie troops were galloping in perfect harmony which sent terrifying booms through the atmosphere, sounding like thunder. The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding.


The Chi Xie army transformed into a huge red dragon as it entered Yangzhou City. That huge red dragon seemed like it was flying through the city.


At that moment, the people were panicking. None of them dared to block the way of the Chi Xie troops, everybody was moving aside.


“What a strong and powerful army! Where are they from? Why have they come to Yangzhou City?”


The people of Yangzhou City were asking themselves many questions. When they saw that huge army with their own eyes, they had the feeling that their heart would explode in their chest. They were way too majestic. The Qi they were releasing was so strong that the people in the crowd had the feeling that their legs lost all power. Some of them were completely frozen, not daring to move.


In the government building, the atmosphere was still lively and joyful. People were still merry and drinking.


At that moment, the ground started shaking as if there was an earthquake. The people present at the banquet were suddenly stupefied and frowned.


Immediately after, the noise of the Chi Xie horses galloping became louder and was unceasingly spreading through the atmosphere.


“What’s going on?”


“What the hell is this?”


Each and every single person who was present at the banquet stood up. Their facial expressions growing rigid, that noise was frightening. What was happening outside?


Na Lan Xiong frowned and gazed into the distance outside the building. He looked lost in thought and seemed to be contemplating the size of the army.


“Father, do not worry. Du Gu Xiao is here, the only reason why such a large army is coming here is because they want to apologize for their mistakes.” said Na Lan Feng while slightly smiling. Du Gu Xiao, with his social status, was not scared of any army.




Na Lan Xiong slightly nodded and said: “Alright, everyone, let’s drink more! They are coming here to apologize.”


The guests listened to him but they couldn’t ease the fear in their hearts. Were these people really coming to apologize? Why did the guests have the feeling that cold killing intent could be felt from the direction of the army. It seemed like it was coming from the Chi Xie army.


The rumbling sounds were getting louder and louder. When the guard in front of the building saw the army galloping towards him in the distance, he was astonished.


Red armor, red horses… They looked majestic and cruel. His heart started pounding in his chest.


Only a short moment later, an incredibly vast and boundless army arrived in front of the government building.




The sound of destruction spread through the atmosphere. A hurricane emerged and crushed the gate infront of the building.




Sounds of things being destroyed filled the atmosphere. Everything in front of the government building had been destroyed. The Chi Xie troops annihilated everything in their path and left no obstacle standing.


After having cleared the path to the entrance of the building. The troops entered the government building. Even though their army was incredibly large, they were still in perfect formation, there wasn’t the least bit of chaos in their formation.


Concerning the guards, they were stunned by the sight of the sea of cavalry. They were standing motionless and let the cavalry pass by. They had the impression that the horses could crush them under their hoofs at any moment, but the army was in perfect formation and simply moved around the guards, not even a hair was touched. They were perfectly accurate with each of their movements. The guards were terrified to be standing in the path of the horses.


People in the government building were panicking and running around like headless chickens. They were scared silly.


The happy laughter and cheerful voices of the banquet had stopped, not because it was covered by the noise from the army, but because nobody felt like laughing anymore.


Everybody was standing up and looking at that vast and majestic sea of Chi Xie horses. They had never been this scared before. Their hearts were violently pounding.


A gigantic and powerful Chi Xie army like that could easily annihilate the city.


Only a glance at these troops on their Chi Xie horses was enough to scare even a hardened soldier.


That army was composed of the most elite troops. Every single soldier was a talented and disciplined cultivator… and there was an army of these powerful cultivators heading in their direction.


The troops suddenly adopted a spiral formation, encircling everybody who was present at the banquet. Not even a single drop of water could trickle through, making everybody unable to escape, even if they grew wings and attempted to fly out.


At that moment, there wasn’t a single person who could escape.


This incredible army of elite troops could destroy anyone’s courage.


Na La Xiong’s heart was pounding. Such a huge and powerful army had come to apologize.


Du Gu Xiao was frowning, he put down his glass and slowly walked towards the person who was the closest to him.


He looked at the person in front of him, the person was wearing a red armor and a majestic helm. That person’s facial expression was ice-cold. He then said: “What guts! You are the Chi Xie army, why have you come to Yangzhou City?”


The Chi Xie troops were elite troops in Xue Yue.


The guests were stupefied. This army was the elite Chi Xie army? That’s why they were wearing red armor and had Chi Xie armored-horses.


Nobody paid attention to him. They looked at Du Gu Xiao’s performance as if he was a fool. Du Gu Xiao was furious. Mere soldiers dared to make him lose face.


Especially now that he had bragged about how respected and influential he was.


“Who’s your officer? Show yourself and apologise.” Du Gu Xiao shouted. Even though he felt scared standing before such a powerful army, he belonged to the Du Gu Clan, he had the right to be arrogant. His family was incredibly powerful and it was hard to scare him when he had such a high status.


Everybody in the Na Lan Clan treated him like a deity. He was drunk and started to believe that he actually was a deity when inside such a small city. He was extremely arrogant. Besides, he was the one who dared to force the army here, how could he flinch at this moment?


Na Lan Feng stood next to Du Gu Xiao. She was looking coldly at the army. She felt proud of the man she loved. Nobody dared offend the members of the Du Gu Clan. Even the Chi Xie officers wouldn’t dare, after all, she didn’t just pick anyone to be with her.


“You are all extremely audacious, how dare you storm into the government like this?” Na Lan Feng said. She had the impression that her boyfriend was a mighty hero. She wasn’t scared at all because a member of the Du Gu Clan was beside her.


“Show myself? Apologise? Audacious?” Lin Feng mockingly said. He made his horse slowly trot to the front of the army. He was wearing a bronze mask. His expression was ice-cold and evil. He didn’t look at Du Gu Xiao and Na Lan Feng, he was looking directly at Na Lan Xiong.


“Na Lan Xiong, head of Yangzhou City, you wanted me to come here and apologize?”


Na Lan Xiong was astonished. How did Lin Feng know who he was within the crowd?


Lin Feng frowned when he heard Du Gu Xiao interrupt with a shout: “I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”


Lin Feng looked at Du Gu Xiao, another arrogant cultivator acting foolishly.


“What do you want?” said Lin Feng in a cold tone. The crowd was shocked.


Du Gu Xiao was astonished. His face lost all colour. The expression in his eyes turned ice-cold.


“My family name is Du Gu.” said Du Gu Xiao in an arrogant tone.


Lin Feng was surprised, Du Gu?


That name sounded familiar. He had indeed met Du Gu Shang. Lin Feng looked at Du Gu Xiao again and a smile appeared under his bronze mask.


“So what?”


“The Du Gu Clan of the Imperial City.” said Du Gu Xiao aggressively.


“His relatives are part of the Imperial Ministers.” said Na Lan Feng arrogantly.


“Now, get down off your horse and apologize. Then I will pretend that this never happened.” Du Gu Xiao said when he heard Na Lan Feng say the word “Imperial Ministers”. His facial expression also revealing a proud expression.


“Imperial Ministers?” whispered Lin Feng while lowering his head and looking at Du Gu Xiao with a cold stare. He only noticed that, every second, Du Gu Xiao was growing even more arrogant. Indeed, Du Gu Shang and him were both cut from the same cloth.


“Cut one of his arms off.” Lin Feng said in a cold tone, while waving his hand.


Everybody was dumbstruck.



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