Chapter 266: Lin Feng is dangerous!

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At the end of the year, Yangzhou City was always extraordinarily lively. On the road, people were standing around in small groups.


At that moment, in Yangzhou City, there was a majestic army composed of Chi Xie armored cavalry. They were making an inspection tour of the city, all of them looked domineering and imposing. Everybody was looking at them with a deep respect.


“The Chi Xie troops are extremely majestic. It is said that they are all elite soldiers. Now, they are in our city.”


On the road, the Chi Xie horses were trotting. The crowd was looking at these majestic horses. Some people were talking about them.


“That is an honour for our city. Now that the Chi Xie troops are here, we are incredibly prestigious within the entire region. Who will dare provoke us?”


“You’re right, last year, I had the chance to see the Chi Xie officer with my own eyes. He was only about sixteen years old but at the annual cultivation meeting of Yangzhou City, he had displayed incredible abilities. He was much stronger than Na Lan Feng or Lin Qian. They couldn’t even withstand a single attack. At that moment, I already knew that the officer would become an incredible person. I just wouldn’t have thought that it would happen in such a short period of time.” said a man with a long moustache. He sounded so proud that it made people around him feel exasperated.


One year before, there had been a young man at the cultivation meeting of Yangzhou City but the members belonging to the biggest clans had attacked him and forced him to escape.


One year later, that young man had become more mature, more determined and extremely strong. He looked extremely majestic and imposing on his horse, controlling several thousand soldiers. He had returned to Yangzhou City as a glorious young hero.


Since that moment, the four big clans of Yangzhou City had sunk to new lows. There was only Lin Feng controlling a military government. He had replaced the former government and shut out the clans from city affairs.


But the people were excited and delighted by all of this. They had heard that Lin Feng wanted to build a Chi Xie castle and take measures to make Yangzhou City grow more influential. Yangzhou people were, of course, happy because they would be able to enjoy more benefits, including benefits for their practice of cultivation.


At that moment, the government infrastructure was in constant change, the Chi Xie troops were busy enlarging the government palace.


Within one day, all the walls surrounding the government had been destroyed.


At that moment, Lin Feng was standing in an underground passage. While looking at the tunnel, Lin Feng looked pensive.


The Chi Xie troops had just finished digging this passageway and it was pitch-dark. Strong as they were, they had already done half of the work for him.


Since Lin Feng had become the officer of such powerful soldiers, he, of course, used them to accomplish difficult tasks.


His silhouette flickered and he disappeared down the passageway. After a short moment, he appeared in the middle of a room. In front of him was a huge table.


Standing on the left and right of the table, there were three silhouettes, they looked pensive.


These three people were the former middle, left and right officers, Ren Qing Kuang, Feng Yu Han and Lei Qing Tian. They all used to have their own armies but now, they were assisting Lin Feng and staying by his side.


“Lin Feng, look, we are here, here we can dig a river. Then, we can build towers on these eight strategic locations. The government building is in a valley so even people of the Xuan Qi layer come, in normal circumstances, we should be able to defeat them.” Feng Yu Han sounded full of confidence. The Chi Xie troops were elite soldiers. Ren Qing Kuang was an expert at planning and defensive military strategy. The left officer, Feng Yu Han, was an expert at organizing military formations and offensive strategies. The right officer, Lei Qing Tian, was an expert at organizing a geographical strategy and modifying terrain to protect the troops. They were all extremely skilled officers.


Obviously, controlling such a huge army required them to divide the tasks. All these officers had their own tasks to fulfil.


Lin Feng was carefully observing the table. He slightly nodded and said: “Uncle Feng, you can reorganize the city as you wish. I just need you to help me build a secret underground city.”


“Constructing an underground city will not be difficult now because the troops are extremely happy to follow your orders. However, the Imperial City will not help us again. We have to rely on ourselves. If we spend too much time and money on all of this, it might become complicated. Besides, the troops could also lose their enthusiasm over time.


Lin Feng slightly nodded. That was indeed a problem. Currently, the troops were in a perfect state of mind. Even if they accepted to help and invest from their own pocket, that wasn’t a solution for the long-term.


An army was extremely strong but also required a lot of things. They required pills, purity stones, weapons, armour and battle horses, besides, constructing all these things in Yangzhou City also required a colossal amount of resources.


“I understand. I will find a solution for all of this.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he looked at Ren Qing Kuang and Lei Qing Tian and said: “Uncle Ren, you can take care of the weapons and constructions. Uncle Lei, you can take care of the guards and protection of the city. You are all working very hard, thank you.”




“Don’t worry, I can do it.”


The two officers replied to Lin Feng. These days, Yangzhou City was Lin Feng’s fief, he could not let the army suffer. He had to make his army become even stronger and expand his power. He still remembered the memories from the strong cultivator. They were all extremely valuable and precious memories with vast knowledge.


Sooner or later, the city of Yangzhou would rise and draw the attention of the entire country.


Lin Feng didn’t intend to go back to the Imperial City in the following months. He wanted to concentrate his attention on Yangzhou City.


“Uncles, you are all working very hard, thank you.”


Lin Feng looked grateful. These three people used to be officers and these days, they were following and assisting him. That would always remain engraved in Lin Feng’s memory.


“Lin Feng, the three of us, as well as Jiu Chi Xie followed the general even at the cost of our lives. Now, the general’s heart had died with Jiu Chi Xie. The three of us, in short, are willing to help you because the general trusts you with the future of the army, and because of that we trust you too.”


Ren Qing Kuang was looking at Lin Feng and his eyes were filled with hope. Lin Feng was extremely frivolous and had dared to kill Duan Tian Lang’s son, Duan Han, for Liu Cang Lan. If Lin Feng didn’t become extremely powerful, the three of them would give up because it was clear to them that these days, Liu Cang Lan’s heart was no longer the same, he didn’t have the same ambition as he used to. If they were on Liu Cang Lan’s side, there wouldn’t be much to do.


Therefore, they had listened to Liu Cang Lan and had decided to follow Lin Feng and help him achieve his ambitions. Only they could understand the glory of such things.


Lin Feng understood that as well, which is why he had to be extremely ambitious.




In a clean and tidy room, all the furniture was brand new. Lin Feng pushed the door and entered that room. There was a gorgeous silhouette sluggishly lying on a bed and looking at the ceiling. It was impossible to say what that person was thinking.


Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng and then turned around again. She looked as cold as before.


Lin Feng smiled wryly. How come he hadn’t managed to make her heart melt yet?


But it was also very clear to Lin Feng that these days, he could freely enter Meng Qing’s room. That was already a good thing. If it had been someone else, that person would probably have been frozen stiff by Meng Qing.


Only Lin Feng could go into her room.


Lin Feng walked towards Meng Qing and spoke in a low voice: “What are you thinking about?”


Meng Qing slightly shook her head and said: “Nothing.”


Lin Feng got closer to the bed and slowly sat down. Meng Qing moved her legs away allowing Lin Feng to sit down.


“Are you thinking about me?” asked Lin Feng with a smile on his face.


But Meng Qing was just calmly looking at him coldly which made Lin Feng’s face become rigid. That girl was way to difficult to understand…..


Meng Qing still lying on the bed looked at the ceiling again, ignoring Lin Feng.


Lin Feng slightly moved closer to Meng Qing which made her move back a bit more.


She was staring at Lin Feng approaching, she then glared as if she was looking at a dangerous enemy.


Lin Feng scratched his head and kept approaching Meng Qing which finally made her react, she was blinking nervously.


“Can I hug you?” said Lin Feng while looking at that breathtaking beauty.


“Only if you do it without speaking.” said Meng Qing. Lin Feng had anticipated that reply and was already hugging her, pushing her head onto his chest.



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