Chapter 269: The Blademaster

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The big power closest to Celestial River was the Hao Yue Sect. The second was the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, therefore, in Celestial River, there were always plenty of disciples of the Hao Yue Sect and of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.


In Celestial River, they could find all the things they needed. They obviously enjoyed spending time there.


A year before, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue had been inaugurated, the Yun Hai Sect had been annihilated, and at the same time, the Hao Yue Sect and the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had to give up many of their outstanding disciples to send them to study at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. In a year, the biggest sects of the country had completely shaken.


For example, now, the best core disciple of the Hao Yue Sect was Jiang Shan and the second was Leng Yue aka the Blademaster. Amongst the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, Bing Yuan was one of the best talents. All of them were illustrious disciples, they were rising stars.


Amongst all of them, the Blademaster was particularly amazing. He was even more monstrous than Jiang Shan. Leng Yue’s blade was piercingly-cold, the cold pierced to the bones like needles. Leng Yue rarely needed a second blade strike in his battles, one was enough to kill his opponents. Very often, he didn’t even need to take out his blade to kill his opponents.


The Blademaster’s blade had reached perfection. It was said that, when he had the power of the third Ling Qi layer, he had understood how to control blade force, then when he had the strength of the sixth Ling Qi layer, he had learnt how to use energy attacks and these days, he was extremely strong and had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer. However, with his energy attacks, he was already able to defeat cultivators of the ninth Ling Qi layer. People who dared to fight against him were rare.


Leng Yue’s blade didn’t appear randomly, if he took his blade out, it meant he was going to kill. Therefore, in a short time, within the last six months, he had gained the nickname “The Blademaster”.


Everybody knew the eight high-officials of Xue Yue, many people thought that, in the future, the Blademaster could become one of them.


On the central road of Celestial River, there was the Celestial Mountain Restaurant. Many people were having a break there and drinking some alcohol.


At that moment, a silhouette stepped onto the wooden floor of the restaurant, when the people in the restaurant saw that silhouette, everybody went quiet.


“There is some blade energy.”


“That blade energy is so cold.”


The crowd was stupefied. Everybody was staring at the person who had just entered the restaurant. That person looked like an ordinary young man.


That young man didn’t look like a noble cultivator. He didn’t seem normal either. The only noticeable thing was that he was carrying was a blade on his back. It was an ancient one, it was even partly rusted. People were trying to guess how old that blade really was.


Everybody was staring at that common and ordinary young man and remained silent, it was because he was releasing an extremely strong and powerful blade Qi which seemed like it could explode at any moment and kill people.


When that young man looked at the crowd, they had the impression that his eyes were like blades.


The young man came in and indifferently glanced at the crowd. Everybody could feel the sharpness of his blade. Everybody was avoiding looking into his eyes, they didn’t dare.


But at that moment, the young man stopped. His blade-like eyes started looking at someone. That person was wearing a bronze mask and was releasing an incredibly brutal blade Qi.


That person was like him, a blade cultivator.


But that person’s blade was a brutal blade, his was a sharp blade.


The young man smiled as he found the situation amusing and then stopped looking at him, went away and chose a place to sit. Because of him, the atmosphere in the restaurant had become quite oppressive.


“Ba Dao, how strong is he?” asked Lin Feng to Ba Dao in a low voice. They were sitting at a table on the second floor and were next to the banister.


“Very strong, I cannot defeat him, my strength and blade Qi is not as strong as his.” replied Ba Dao and then continued: “He has broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer.”


“Oh.” said Lin Feng while nodding. He had, of course, noticed that that young man was stronger than Ba Dao. Considering the blade energy that he released and in view of the fact that he had broken through to the eighth Ling Qi layer, he could probably already user energy attacks and was at the point of condensing pure Qi.


Everybody could sense his strong blade energy. He wasn’t releasing as much blade energy as he could though. He was actually very relaxed yet was releasing such a powerful blade energy, as if he couldn’t control it. It was not under his control, because he had not mastered how to successfully condense his Pure Qi, small amounts of the pure Qi he was attempting to condense would be released along with each heartbeat.


Coupled with the fact that he had the strength of the eighth Ling Qi layer, he could easily kill people of the ninth Ling Qi layer. Besides, people who were as strong as him, yet as young as him, were extremely rare.


“But he is too arrogant. He cannot rival you.” said Ba Dao, which made Lin Feng smile.


“Shamelessly boasting.” joked someone at the same time. That voice came from the table beside Lin Feng and his friends. At that table there was four people, two boys and two girls.


The one who had said these words was a young girl. She was looking at Lin Feng and Ba Dao. She then said, sounding ice-cold: “You’re really shamelessly boasting. You really are ridiculous. Leng Yue is my fellow disciple, from the Hao Yue Sect. He’s extremely strong and has amazing natural talent. His nickname is the Blademaster. In the future, he will be the same as Chu Zhan Peng the high-official of our sect. He will become one of the eight high-officials. Who do you think you are?”


These four people were acting extremely arrogant, they really thought they were above everyone else. Besides, they were disciples of the Hao Yue Sect which is why they were proud of the Blademaster and Chu Zhan Peng.


“The Blademaster? What an arrogant name.” replied Ba Dao. He immediately added: “But I’ve never heard of him before.”


The name was as sharp as a blade, “Blademaster” was indeed an arrogant nickname.


“Kacha!” a cutting sound emerged in the atmosphere. The banister next to Lin Feng’s table was broken. The place where it had been cut was neat and clean, as if it had been cut with an extremely sharp blade.


Lin Feng turned around and looked at the first floor over the banister. He saw that Blademaster was sitting at his table and drinking some alcohol. At that moment, the Blademaster put his glass down onto his table and said while sounding indifferent.


“Next time that you open your mouth, be a little bit more respectful.”


He sounded calm and didn’t try to hide his arrogance.


“He definitely deserves his nickname, he’s extremely powerful. I didn’t even seen him take his blade out.” thought some people. Some young girls were looking at him with sparkling eyes. If only they could marry such a young man, that would be wonderful.


Ba Dao stood up, some brutal Qi was emerging from his body.


“Sit down!” said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. Ba Dao was surprised. He immediately sat down again, yet still released some cold Qi.


“Drink some alcohol.” said Lin Feng calmly. Ba Dao grabbed his glass, had a sip and then his glass broke between his fingers. Ba Dao was a slave but had been given to the arena because he was too disobedient. He had ended up with Lin Feng who had given him freedom, but Ba Dao was still aggressive and had a strong personality.


“That guy is overestimating his own abilities.” joked the Blademaster. Ba Dao was getting angry but Lin Feng and Meng Qing were very calm. These words weren’t affecting them at all, as if they hadn’t even heard them.


“Hao Yue Sect, The Blademaster!” thought Lin Feng. He slightly smiled, it had been almost half a year since he had been out of the spotlight yet it seemed like it had been ten years, many things had changed.


For a few months, Lin Feng had stayed in the government practicing his Surplus Soul technique, increasing his Qi condensation method and studying his memories granted to him regarding pills and weapons. However, Lin Feng had the feeling that his abilities still weren’t high enough. There were too many things which he wanted to improve.


Lin Feng didn’t want to owe anything to Xue Yue, which was a tiny country. In the memories of the cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, there was one person that was almighty, by slightly waving his hand, he could make heaven and earth turn upside down.

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