Chapter 273: Provocations

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In the area reserved for special clients, Lin Feng and Meng Qing were sitting on soft chairs while Ba Dao was standing behind them.


From the inside of their booth and behind the special curtains, they could clearly see the entire huge auction room.


At that moment,a delicate silhouette suddenly appeared at the very front. That was precisely the woman that had received Lin Feng before. At that moment, she had already changed her clothes and was wearing a long blue cheongsam which was drifting over the floor. Her shoulders weren’t covered and her dress also had a low-cut neckline. Lin Feng was feeling a strange sensation.


A light flashed in Meng Qing’s eyes who then glared at Lin Feng. As if Lin Feng had sensed it, he turned his head and briefly looked at Meng Qing. Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile while his lips were slightly shaking.


At that moment, in the area reserved to special guests, there was an ordinary young man who looked ice-cold like a blade. Then, a group of people, looking solemn and respectful, were standing behind him.


“Lan Jiao is more and more alluring each day.” said Leng Yue indifferently.


“Leng Yue, if you like Lan Jiao, she will not refuse.” flattered someone standing behind him.


Leng Yue, looking evil, said: “Well, if she’s too obedient, what’s the point? I like to cut them by force.”


When the four others heard him, they looked at each other. The Blademaster was a monstrously aggressive and sly person. He didn’t care about knowing if the person was willing or not, he enjoyed using his blade to abuse women. The four others would never have thought that he had a tendency like that, he surprisingly liked to cut them.


“It’s not that easy to come to Celestial River, I want the blade but I also want a few women.” said Leng Yue sounding indifferent. The four others were surprised. It seemed like Lan Jiao wouldn’t be able to escape from him. Why did she have to have such an alluring body and, on top that, why was she revealing so much of it? It certainly made men drool.


On that day, the auction was normal, there were ten items. Lin Feng wasn’t interested in the things which were being displayed at that moment. He was just sitting there and watching.


However, at the moment when Lan Jiao displayed the eighth item, Lin Feng started to be interested.


It was a Ling level spiritual weapon of higher quality, its price was one thousand purity stones of medium quality.


On that day, many people had come for the Moon-Breaking Blade. It had just been introduced that its price had already been raised to two thousand, which exceeded many people’s budgets already.


Spiritual weapons of higher quality were precious but two thousand purity stones was very expensive.


“Three thousand purity stones of medium quality!”


At that moment, a voice, which was as sharp as a blade, emerged in the atmosphere. Some blade energy also spread in the atmosphere and enveloped the crowd in the auction room for a few seconds.


Many people were surprised, they turned around and looked at the reserved area. A single person was releasing all that blade energy!


“It’s the Blademaster!” thought the crowd. That blade energy had probably been released by the Blademaster. People knew that he had come to Celestial River. Surprisingly, he was releasing his blade energy across the crowd, how aggressive.


But the Blademaster was stronger and more gifted than them. Besides, he was a disciple of the Hao Yue Sect. He could afford to be that aggressive. He was a bit more vigilant in front of a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer but facing people of lower levels didn’t scare him at all.


After he released blade Qi, obviously, the entire atmosphere became silent.


“Three thousand and one purity stones of medium quality.”


At that moment, someone sounding cold and detached spoke, breaking the silence. That voice also came from the area for special guests. Besides, that person wasn’t far from the Blademaster, only one booth was separated them.


“Huh?” Leng Yue was surprised and immediately said coldly: “Four thousand.”


“Four thousand and one.” said the other voice sounding cold. Progressively, Leng Yue’s facial expression was changing. He suddenly released much more blade energy towards that person.


“Blademaster, what does this mean? The auction room is supposed to be a fair and quiet place, what are you doing?” said a cold voice sounding ice-cold and aggressive while blocking the blade energy.


“Disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village!”


The crowd was surprised, these were people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village and surprisingly someone dared provoke the Blademaster, only one person could do that.


“Bing Yuan!” shouted the Blademaster and continued: “Five thousand!”


Five-thousand and one!”


“Eight thousand!” that time, Leng Yue immediately increased to eight thousand, at the same time, he released an incredible quantity of blade force which made the ground shake.


The crowd was stupefied, the Blademaster was wealthy! That price was already very high.


“Since brother Leng Yue likes it that much, I give up.”


Leng Yue smiled indifferently. Ice-cold energy invaded the atmosphere like a hurricane, white frost emerged as well and explosion sounds. The booth separating these two people exploded and three silhouettes were revealed.


A man and a woman were sitting there and a man with a bronze mask was standing behind them.


“Well, thank you, Bing Yuan, for leaving the Moon-Breaking Blade for me.” said the Blademaster sound egocentric. He didn’t even pay attention to Lin Feng and the two others in the middle.


The crowd was looking at Lin Feng the two others. They were secretly shaking their heads. Lin Feng and the two others had unluckily ended up in a booth between Bing Yuan and the Blademaster, they were going to receive the collateral damage.


“Lan Jiao, say it!” said the Blademaster while looking at the stage. Lan Jiao looked at the booth which had just exploded and smiled while slightly nodding.


She was about to say something when Lin Feng said: “Eight-thousand and one.”


Everybody was surprised when they heard Lin Feng. He was surprisingly bidding.


“He’s been angered?”


“Maybe he lost his sanity because of the explosion, it seems like they’ve run out of luck.”


Many people came up with the same idea but those who had seen Lin Feng and Bing Yuan didn’t think that was the case. Not only had Lin Feng provoked Bing Yuan but he was also provoking the Blademaster, Leng Yue.


When Leng Yue heard Lin Feng, he was stupefied. Apart from Bing Yuan, there was someone else who was trying to anger him.


The Blademaster slightly closed his eyes, and concentrated to find out who had said that, he then immediately found out. Then, he opened his eyes again and a cold smile appeared on his face.


“It seems like the warning I gave you with my blade in the restaurant wasn’t enough.” said Leng Yue coldly. Immediately after, he said: “Nine thousand purity stones of medium quality.”


“Nine thousand and one.” said Lin Feng hastily almost at the same time as Leng Yue finished speaking. The scariest was that Lin Feng sounded calm. He didn’t sound nervous at all as if he didn’t care about the Blademaster getting angry.


“You want to die.” said Leng Yue while standing up. An incredible blade energy rolled in the air emitting explosive sounds. At that moment, Leng Yue launched himself through the curtains in front of him and appeared in front of the crowd.


At that moment, he and Lin Feng were only separated by a small partition. They just had to make a small step forwards and they would be able to see each other.


Ba Dao’s silhouette flickered and moved to the front, his agility was insane. In a flash, an incredible amount of bade force invaded the atmosphere.


In the air, an explosion sound emerged when the two blade forces collided.


“He stopped bidding and is making a spectacle of himself, the Blademaster should be renamed the Shameless Master.” joked Lin Feng.


How could he be so daring as to make fun of Leng Yue in front of everybody?


“Twelve-thousand purity stones of medium quality.” said Leng Yue while gnashing his teeth. He had bid again because Lin Feng had joked about the fact that he had stopped bidding.


“Hehe, as expected, people of the Hao Yue Sect have so many purity stones.” said Lin Feng while laughing and then continued: “That spiritual weapon is now too expensive for me.”


“He should die! He did that on purpose!”


“That guy is interesting, he surprisingly dares to provoke the Blademaster tricking him into spending more purity stones for the Moon-Breaking Blade.”


When the crowd heard Lin Feng, they were stupefied. That was extremely audacious.


Leng Yue and the four people behind him looked ice-cold.


“Haha. Brother, you’re right, it seems like the Hao Yue Sect has too many purity stones.” said Bing Yuan in the tone of a joke. He sounded overjoyed to pour oil onto the flames. Besides, Leng Yue would hate Lin Feng even more, if they fought, that would be interesting.


But Lin Feng smiled coldly, his lips vibrated and he replied extremely coldly: “Who are you calling your brother? The people of the Hao Yue Sect are just like you, you are all shameless and have to do things in the shadows, because you don’t dare let your real intentions show. You are all shameless cowards.”


When Lin Feng finished talking, the crowd was, once again, astonished. Not only was Lin Feng provoking the Blademaster but he was provoking Bing Yuan. He was fearlessly humiliating them.



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