Chapter 275: The Apple of His Eye

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“Twenty thousand purity stones of medium quality, how wealthy! Besides, Leng Yue is very wealthy too!” thought Lin Feng when he heard them. The Ice and Snow Mountain Village and the Hao Yue Sect were much wealthier than the Yun Hai Sect used to be.


Besides, Bing Yuan had raised the bid from ten thousand immediately up to twenty thousand. He obviously was very interested in the fire essence from that beast.


The auction room was silent for a moment and then Leng Yue said, while smiling coldly: “Twenty-one thousand.”


“Huh?” the crowd was stupefied. A moment ago, Bing Yuan had forced the price up, so Leng Yue, at that moment, was wanted to get his revenge.


“Leng Yue, you already purchased the Moon-Breaking Blade, you still have twenty-one thousand purity stones said Bing Yuan coldly while frowning. Leng Yue had already spent twelve-thousand for the blade.


“Try and continue, you’ll see if I have the purity stones.” said Leng Yue while laughing indifferently. Bing Yuan didn’t dare gamble.


“Idiot!” joked Lin Feng, who was sitting at the same place as before. Bing Yuan had immediately raised to twenty-thousand, everybody knew that he was extremely interested. Which is why Leng Yue was playing with him like that.


“Bing Yuan is really an idiot.” Many people had the same thought as Lin Feng. Since he really wanted to have that object and had, a moment before, provoked Leng Yue, Leng Yue getting his revenge was a logical course of events.


“Twenty-two thousand.” said Bing Yuan coldly.


“Twenty-three thousand.” replied Leng Yue sounding carefree.


“Twenty-five thousand.” said Bing Yuan looking glum.


“The price is still too low.” at that moment, Lin Feng suddenly said: “Twenty-six thousand purity stones of medium quality.”


“Thirty thousand.” said Bing Yuan. A wave of coldness, coming from the reserved area, rolled in the atmosphere making many people shake from head to toe. Bing Yuan was furious.


“For thirty-thousand, you can have it.” said Leng Yue while smiling indifferently. He finally stopped there. Besides Bing Yuan seemed to be furious, he didn’t look happy. Thirty thousand purity stones of medium quality was everything that he had. If Lin Feng had raised again, Bing Yuan would have been unable to continue.


“I also wanted it!” said Lin Feng while smiling lightly. Lin Feng knew that he had to stop raising because if Bing Yuan hadn’t been able to raise any more, it wouldn’t have been amusing at all for Lin Feng.


Finally, Bing Yuan had obtained the seven-tailed fox’s essence fire for thirty thousand purity stones of medium quality.


“Alright, this is the end of the auction. Everybody can come pick up their treasures.” said Lan Jiao while smiling. Immediately after, she left the stage.


People who had won bids stood up one after the other and walked towards the area behind the stage. Lin Feng stood up as well and looked outside of the broken window of his booth.


An extremely cold Qi rose in the atmosphere. Bing Yuan was running past Lin Feng, when they passed, a terrifyingly cold energy moved towards Lin Feng, it was extremely cold.


But he didn’t stop there, he immediately moved towards the back of the auction. Even though he had spend thirty thousand purity stones of medium quality, he was able to get the essence fire, he would be able to fuse it with his ice. At the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. They had secret techniques to leave the Ling Qi layer and break through to the Xuan Qi layer, all of this would therefore be worth it.


A sharp and piercing blade Qi emitting a cold aura descended from the sky. Lin Feng’s booth exploded, he could see everything very distinctly in Leng Yue’s booth. Everything between them had been destroyed by Leng Yue.


“You’re good.” said Leng Yue sounding cold and detached. He then jumped and landed farther away. Besides, one of the disciples of the Hao Yue Sect laughed coldly while staring at Lin Feng and the two others.


“You’re dead.” said someone in a low voice mockingly. Lin Feng was definitely going to die.


But in the auction room, they weren’t going to attack, they wouldn’t be allowed. However, immediately after leaving the pavilion, Lin Feng would definitely die.


“Are you looking at me?” joked Lin Feng. The four people were staring at Lin Feng and remained silent without expressing clearly what they meant.


Lin Feng jumped in the air and landed on the stage. He immediately moved towards the back. The one who had made the best transaction was Lin Feng.


He had obtained the ancient cauldron, nobody knew what it was and he had gotten it for only two thousand purity stones. How could he not be excited to collect it?


The ten people were receiving their respective goods, when Lin Feng’s turn arrived, Lan Jiao slightly smiled to him and said: “Sir, you don’t need to give any purity stones, tomorrow when you pass by to receive your purity stones, we’ll just subtract the sum.”


“Alright.” said Lin Feng while nodding. He looked at the cauldron which was being brought to him.


“Sir, the ancient cauldron is yours.” said Lan Jiao while smiling. Lin Feng caressed the cauldron and a cold sensation invaded his hands. Lin Feng could distinctly sense the ancient Qi of the object.


His body flickered and the cauldron disappeared. Lan Jiao looked at Lin Feng while smiling and said: “May Lan Jiao know your name, Sir?”


“Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng while nodding and smiling at Lan Jiao.


People took their respective items and left.


“Lin Feng!” whispered Lan Jiao while looking at Lin Feng and the rest leave. She then whispered again: “Check him out.”


“Jiao Jiao, there is no need to check him out.” said a silhouette in the corner of the room. It was a middle-aged woman. She had beautiful flowing hair. She looked gorgeous, alluring and morally elevated.


“Madame Yun knows him?” asked Lan Jiao while looking at the midlde-aged woman.


“He set a city on fire and exterminated hundreds of thousands of Mo Yue troops, which completely reversed the course of the war. Then, he saved the princess. Later, he galloped into the Imperial City and saved Liu Cang Lan. Then he killed a young noble and became a Marquis, Lin Feng’s name is already illustrious. How could I not know him?” said the middle-aged woman while smiling. She had a strange feeling though because Lin Feng had been quiet for six months and had suddenly appeared in Celestial River.


“How powerful!” said Lan Jiao startled. Lin Feng and she were about the same age, he was about seventeen or eighteen years old and had accomplished so many things already.


“Jiao Jiao, he is still single, he hasn’t married yet.” said the middle-aged woman with a smile yet not a smile on her face. Lan Jiao was surprised, smiled and said: “Madam Yun, you’re making fun of me again.”


“Why? Jiao Jiao, heroes marry beautiful women. I think that you and him would be a perfect couple. If you managed to make it join us, that would be a wonderful thing.” said Madam Yun to Lan Jiao. Lan Jiao, however, was shaking her head and smiling, her facial expression was strange.


Lin Feng left the auction. At that moment, some silhouettes were closely following him but Lin Feng seemed like he hadn’t noticed. He was secretly smiling coldly.


He wasn’t neither rushing nor walking slowly, he left the pavilion and walked in the direction of the restaurant.


“Lin Feng, brother, why do you need to leave so fast? You and me still need to a talk.” said a voice coming from behind. Then, an extremely cold Qi moved straight towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t help but stop.


“I’m sorry, I fear that I’m going to have to disappoint you. I have no time to waste with you.” said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. He then continued walking.


But at that moment, in front of Lin Feng, there was a person with their arms folded across their chest. That person said in a low voice: “Why do you need to hurry?”


In the distance, people who were coming out of the Dream Pavilion and looking at the scene. As expected, once they had left the Dream Pavilion, Bing Yuan and Leng Yue were impatiently waiting for him. How could they forgive Lin Feng for his provocations?


“Brother, Leng Yue, let’s put our disagreements aside for the time being, how does that sound?” said Bing Yuan to the Blademaster, Leng Yue, who nodded and said: “Alright.”


“But there are three of them and we are two, what should we do?”


“It’s easy, we attack him together and see who kills him first. Then, we kill the two others one-on-one.”


“Alright, but I want that girl.” agreed Leng Yue.


“No problem. That girl seems quite good. You can do whatever you wish with her.” said Bing Yuan while smiling evilly. Bing Yuan and Leng Yue’s words were echoing one another. In the distance, people were shaking their heads. These two people regarded Lin Feng as a toy and they were openly talking about how they were going to kill him, in his presence. Lin Feng shouldn’t have provoked these two influential young men.


Bing Yuan was the best Disciple of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village and Leng Yue was a prodigy of the Hao Yue Sect, the Blademaster. These people were not ordinary people at all.


Lin Feng had provoked them, he was going to die for that.


However, at that moment, the crowd didn’t notice that in Lin Feng’s eyes, an ice-cold killing intent appeared, his face was filled with murder. These two people had surprisingly dared speak about Meng Qing with obscenities.


Meng Qing was the apple of Lin Feng’s eye, nobody was allowed to touch or aggress her, otherwise they would die!



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