Chapter 277: Kill as he wishes?

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“What a strong sword Qi and force. What a cruel man.” The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding.


Besides, the four disciples of the Hao Yue Sect were dumbstruck. In the Celestial Mountain Restaurant, they had provoked Lin Feng. Leng Yue had even been extremely aggressive to them. He had immediately threatened them with a blade and attacked the banister next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng had, however, remained silent and incomparably calm.


They had thought that he was a timid coward, a weakling, but at that moment, the force and Qi which Lin Feng had just released proved to them that if Lin Feng didn’t attack them before, it wasn’t because he was scared, it was just because they were not fit to be his opponents.


When Leng Yue sensed the incomparably sharp energy, he frowned. At that moment, Lin Feng had shown to everybody that he was stronger than Leng Yue. Maybe the real Lin Feng had finally shown himself.


However, blade cultivators were sharp, aggressive and had an indomitable will. With their blades, they could annihilate everything. Even if his opponent was extremely strong, Leng Yue remained fearless, he wasn’t flinching at all. He was able to condense blade Qi. He loved blades, understood blades, grasped how they worked, his nickname “The Blademaster” wasn’t just a rumor. Even though he was insufferably arrogant and thought he was the best in the world, he was still a genius.


A light flashed, it was the light of the Moon-Breaking Blade. Its light was bright, clear and piercingly-cold.


“It’s a Ling level weapon, the Moon-Breaking Blade. Leng Yue is surprisingly using his new weapon against that guy. How come we’ve never heard of him before?” Thought many people. At that moment, Leng Yue wasn’t hesitating, his body like a sharp blade, he became one with his blade.


“I recognize that I underestimated you, but you are still very far from being as strong as me.” Said the Blademaster while holding the Moon-Breaking Blade. Leng Yue still thought he was the best and youngest genius in the world but as before, he remained vigilant in front of Lin Feng.


“I, Leng Yue, started practicing blade cultivation when I was five years old. At the Hao Yue Sect, there aren’t any strong blade skills. I created everything on my own. I understood how to use blade force and how to use energy attacks, I did all of this in the last year. I defeated many of my fellow disciples at the Hao Yue Sect. That’s how I became who I am today. I taught myself a skill called Lonely Shadow. You can die under my created blade attack. I’m proud of it. ” said Leng Yue. He was speaking slowly. He considered everything and everyone beneath his attention. When the crowd heard him, they were all secretly nodding. Leng Yue was really a genius. He taught himself blade skills and could use energy attacks. He was extremely strong and powerful. Maybe Lin Feng was weaker than him.


“You don’t understand blades. Your talent is that of a mediocre person.” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly and then continued: “You cannot rival me. Just like you, I’ve taught myself sword skills and I have only been practicing for a year. Come and have a try.”


“One year?” The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng had been practicing sword skills for only a year? Was it possible to become that strong within a year?


Besides, Lin Feng was saying that Leng Yue didn’t understand blades, that he was a mediocre cultivator, if he was a mediocre cultivator, what were the people in the crowd? It hurt the pride of many of these people.


“Alright, remember, the name of my attack that will take your life is Lonely Shadow.” Said Leng Yue slowly. Then he jumped and didn’t release any blade force. Instead, he used his blade to carry out an energy attack.


“Lonely Shadow!” He said in a low voice. A light appeared and invaded the atmosphere as if it had no limit.


That was a blade energy attack, that blade was like a person who didn’t know which direction to attack from, so it appeared in every direction. Energy attacks, when using a blade seemed like there were thousands of blades even though there was only one. That shadow-like attack was unfathomable and enigmatic. It seemed like it chased its opponent. Besides, if it touched anyone, nobody would be able to resist the power.


Before, Leng Yue required only one attack to kill opponents of the same level as him, even if they were people of the ninth Ling Qi layer, he could easily kill them.


That Lonely Shadow was astonishing. Nobody had ever survived such an energy attack; and at that moment, it would be especially complicated since Leng Yue was carrying it out using a spiritual weapon of higher quality, his precious treasure, the Moon-Breaking Blade.


“Lin Feng, you will definitely die.”


That blade attack is unfathomable. The Blademaster really deserves the Moon-Breaking Blade. Bing Yuan was much weaker than him.” When the crowd saw that blade, they were astonished. They gradually understood why, when the Blademaster used his blade, people would die.


His Lonely Shadow attack fell from the air, the crowd had the impression that Lin Feng was already cut in two in front of them. A tearing sound spread in the air which made the crowd narrow their eyes.


“What’s going on?”


The hearts of the people in the crowd were pounding. The Moon-Breaking Blade was descending from the air, like a lonely shadow. However, Lin Feng was patiently waiting in his initial position. In front of him, there was a sword. It was an ordinary sword, however, a blade was pressed against it, the blade was unable to move further. That majestic Moon-Breaking Blade had been stopped by an ordinary sword.


“How’s that possible?” The crowd was fixedly staring at the ordinary sword. It couldn’t look more ordinary than it did but it had blocked the powerful blade. Nobody knew how Lin Feng had done that.


“I told you, you don’t understand blades.” Calmly said Lin Feng.


He was looking at Leng Yue who looked astonished, he couldn’t believe it. Then, the sword slowly moved back, it started emitting a bright and resplendent light. It was dazzling to the eyes. What a brilliant sword!


“Energy attack.”


Leng Yue’s heart was pounding. He used his blade to carry out an energy attack again, to block the sword in front of him and at that moment a metallic sound spread in the atmosphere. The Moon-Breaking Blade was blown away and immediately blood was projected into the air. Leng Yue’s body was violently pushed backwards. If he hadn’t used his blade energy attack, that dazzling sword would have killed him.


Lin Feng suddenly raised his hand and caught the flying Moon-Breaking Blade. He then immediately shouted: “Ba Dao!”


Ba Dao was stupefied. Lin Feng threw the Moon-Breaking Blade to him. His eyes were excited behind his mask.


Lin Feng had, as expected, remembered his promise. He had taken the Moon-Breaking Blade and given it to Ba Dao. Even though it was stolen, it didn’t matter.


Lin Feng had anticipated that Leng Yue would attack him, he knew that even if he didn’t get the Moon-Breaking Blade at the auction, sooner or later, the blade would be Ba Dao’s blade.


Leng Yue lowered his head. There was a long blood trail from his arm which was almost cut off. He was stupefied. He hadn’t even had one occasion to strike Lin Feng with his blade. Lin Feng had remained calm and relaxed and had easily blocked all of his attacks. Lin Feng was right, Leng Yue didn’t understand blades. He definitely had natural talent but it was still comparable to that of mediocre people.


“I taught myself how to use my blade when I was five and he has only been using a sword for a year and he’s already able to defeat me. Why the hell was I so proud? Where did my arrogance come from?” Leng Yue asked himself. He regretted having the reputation of a genius at that moment.


“I was so proud of my Lonely Shadow but he blocked it so easily… Maybe I really don’t understand blades.” Leng Yue’s heart was filled with sadness. He felt completely dispirited, Lin Feng destroyed his arrogance.


When Lin Feng noticed that Leng Yue was regretting, Lin Feng smiled coldly. Those who dared to humiliate Meng Qing had to die.




Lin Feng took a step, an infinite quantity of sword Qi invaded the atmosphere. People’s hearts were pounding. Leng Yue was going to get killed by Lin Feng?


Was another genius going to take his last breath?


Lin Feng’s sword was dazzling. At that moment, Leng Yue was absolutely hopeless and dispirited, it seemed like he had given up. He didn’t have his fighting spirit anymore. He was just looking at Lin Feng’s sword, piercing the atmosphere. There was a mountain of thoughts in his head, he didn’t understand what was happening. He had been training hard for ten years.


“Get lost!”


At that moment, a shadow appeared in the distance behind Leng Yue. It looked like a swift and fierce blade shadow. It immediately moved towards in Feng. That person was like a blade and their energy was boundless.




Lin Feng’s sword descended from the air. An explosion filled the air. A crevice appeared in the ground. Lin Feng groaned. That extremely swift and fierce blade had reached him which violently knocked him backwards.


“The blade is a weapon for strong cultivators. Losing and winning is something that depends on fate. In any case, there is always a cultivator who is stronger than you in this world.” Said an extremely loud and mighty voice which filled the sky, then it continued: “Leng Yue, no need to be discouraged! I won’t kill him so you can kill him as you wish, with your blade.”


After that, two silhouettes started to rush into the sky. People’s hearts were trembling.


There was a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer amongst them. He had stopped Lin Feng to help Leng Yue.


He said that he wasn’t killing Lin Feng to let Leng Yue do that himself. He was sparing Lin Feng on purpose.


“Lin Feng, you’re very lucky.” Thought the people in the crowd.


But at that moment, the ground started shaking insanely. A white silhouette, which looked like a celestial being, was attacking. In a flash, her silhouette moved towards a distant point. She released an incredible coldness which was freezing people’s hearts and thoughts. The only thing left in the area seemed to be coldness.


“Die!” Shouted the ice-cold and voice. In the atmosphere, some ice transformed into a white arrow which rushed towards the figure in the distance.


The silhouette in the horizon flickered, their pace accelerated, that blade shadow looked like a shooting star. However, that white arrow was still moving straight towards the silhouette at a much faster speed. Then, that silhouette groaned and blood splashed through the air. Such a move had made the words that they just spoke sound like a joke.


If Lin Feng wanted to kill, he could kill as he pleased?



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