Chapter 285: Encircled!

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The black horses were going insane, galloping around and neighing. Lin Feng and his two friends were way too strong, each of them were monstrously strong. Each time they attacked, someone would die.


That amazing woman was particularly strong, if anyone got too close to her, they got the impression that they were going to freeze on the spot. She was clearly a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.


That man wearing a bronze mask was the weakest of the three of them, but he had still broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer. Besides, he could control a shocking amount of blade force. Lin Feng was usually relaxed, carefree and enigmatic, but in any case, he was monstrously strong.


Very quickly, outside of the Celestial Mountain Restaurant, a mountain of corpses appeared. Apart from a few people who managed to escape early, the others were all dead, just like Tu Jiu. They had come in an imposing and domineering fashion, but this would be their final resting place. Including the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization, who was a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.


“How powerful.” Thought the crowd when they saw Lin Feng. They could barely believe their eyes, they did not think that Lin Feng and his friends would be that strong, killing each and every single person who dared to enter the restaurant.


No wonder he was in no rush to run away! He already had such terrifying strength, which is why he wasn’t afraid of any opponents coming to fight him.


Lan Jiao’s eyes were flashing, she looked at Meng Qing. What a pure and holy looking woman. She looked so lithe and graceful. She was a rare beauty. Her heart was beating slightly faster when looking at Meng Qing, she wanted to see her face.


“No wonder that……” Her lips vibrated. As if she was thwarted in love, Lan Jiao’s heart was filled with hidden bitterness. No wonder she did not manage to seduce Lin Feng, he already had such a beautiful woman at his side.


Lin Feng stopped looking at the corpses and immediately went back into the restaurant. Meng Qing and Ba Dao followed him closely. The three silhouettes once more disappeared from the crowd’s sight.


The crowd looked at the restaurant, they had already killed so many people from the Condor Castle Organization, including their vice leader. The next people sent from Condor Castle would definitely be even more brutal.


“What an irresponsible guy, you think that you can rely on the strength of three people to defeat the Condor Castle Organization?”


Lan Jiao was cursing at Lin Feng in her heart. Lin Feng surprisingly didn’t intend to leave. It seemed like he wanted to annihilate the entire Condor Castle Organization, and if he didn’t, then he would regret it.


Lin Feng was sitting inside the restaurant, his eyes closed as he calmly breathed in and out. He was in fusion with the earth. His heart was in fusion with his body and thus, his heart was also in fusion with the earth itself. Lin Feng, no matter where he was or what the circumstance, could always enter a ideal mental state for cultivation.


He was surrounded by pure Qi light. A vast quantity of pure Qi was unceasingly moving towards Lin Feng’s body. At the same time, Lin Feng entered into an ideal state of meditation, emptying his heart and mind. His body was recovering and regaining the vitality which his soul had consumed.


Lin Feng could use pure Qi, it didn’t have too much effect on him but, when he used the strength of his soul he had to recover quickly because without it, it would impact his fighting ability.


When Lin Feng used his purple energy to attack, or made a gigantic dragon appear, he also had to use the strength of his soul. If he didn’t have a strong soul, the purple spirit wouldn’t be able to leave his body to attack. The stronger his soul was, the farther he could attack using his purple energy.


While Lin Feng and his friends were recovering inside of the restaurant, the crowd outside still had not left. They were still looking at the restaurant, waiting for some other people from the Condor Castle Organization to come. They wanted to see how this entire story would end.


After a while, rumbling noises spread through the atmosphere. The ground started shaking again. That time, the ground was shaking even more intensely than last time. The noises were so loud that the people in the crowd had the impression that they were going to become deaf.


Very quickly, a gigantic army of black armored-horses appeared, it seemed like there were more than a thousand of them. People’s hearts started pounding.


Tu Jiu, who was at the peak of the Ling Qi layer, and the vice leader in the Xuan Qi Layer, had both been killed. A hundred other members of the organization had been killed as well. That made all the other members of the Condor Castle Organization furious. The whole nest had come out to attack.


“They are here!” The crowd saw the group and moved far away from them. The newcomers were extremely strong. The crowd was too scared to be too close, attacks might hit them if they were.


The one leading them was a bald man. He looked tall and sturdy, with a huge scar on his face. He looked monstrous and hideous. A single glance was sufficed to see that he was anything but a saint.


The bald man was carrying a broadsword on his shoulder. A deadly Qi emerging from his body. He had an impressive bearing and a commanding presence. He was one of the vice-leaders of the Condor Castle Organization. The great leader and him were the core of the organization. The great leader was the strongest cultivator of the Condor Castle Organization, he was mysterious. Very few people had seen him. It was said that a few years ago, he invaded the castle of the organization alone and had made everyone submit to him. He was extremely strong and had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. He had replaced the previous leaders and became the great leader of the organization.


The cavalry, on their black horses, were galloping at full speed and they immediately encircled the restaurant. The leader looked at the corpses on the ground and then at the restaurant. His eyes looking bloodthirsty.


“Come out!” Shouted the leader extremely loudly and aggressively. His voice was so imposing that the windows of the restaurant were shaking.


Lin Feng and his friends just ignored him. Why would they willingly come out of the restaurant? That was impossible.


The leader’s facial expression was sharp and ice-cold. Sounding like a demon, he said: “For having killed my people, I will torture you to death. Everybody, stay in position and wait for them to come out, then kill them!”


“Roger!” Shouted the cavalry while releasing some deadly Qi.


The leader didn’t have the same plan as the other leader a moment ago. He didn’t want to enter the restaurant, he wanted to Lin Feng to suffer from fear!


But how hard was it going to be for Lin Feng? In the earth fusion dimension, his heart stayed focused and he just continued practicing cultivation. His heart was like flowing water. The things around him did not affect the earth and therefore they did not affect him, otherwise, why would it be called earth fusion?


The leader jumped off his horse and walked to the other leader’s corpse. An evil facial expression appearing on his face.


How cold. The leader’s body was frozen and melted. His blood had frozen entirely. His muscles had stopped working.


“What a powerful ice energy.” The leader raised his head and looked at the Celestial Mountain Restaurant. He was convinced that the dead leader should have waited for them to arrive before he entered.


Even though that leader looked rude and stupid, people close to them all knew that he was much wiser than the leader who died. His aggressiveness and tyranny intrigued people.


That person was also much more cold-blooded than the previous leader. He had brought a thousand people along. He wasn’t willing to take risks. Those who were inside the restaurant had killed the other leader, which meant that they were probably strong enough to kill him as well. He didn’t feel like gambling with his life. Even though Lin Feng was surrounded by an army of one thousand men, Lin Feng was too difficult to kill. If the situation was too dangerous, they couldn’t afford gambling, they had to be careful and vigilant.


Outside of the Celestial Mountain Restaurant, the atmosphere was absolutely calm, but it seemed like the situation could explode at any moment. The thousand men surrounding the restaurant patiently waiting.


Time passed very slowly. The silence in which the atmosphere was drowned was oppressive but the crowd did not leave. They were standing in the distance, waiting for a battle to start.


However, they had just been waiting for a whole day. The troops of the Condor Castle Organization had been waiting there for a whole day. They had not attacked and besides, the crowd had also been there for a whole day as well, it was as if they weren’t tired.


The atmosphere was, as before, extremely calm.


However, at that moment, in the distance, a sound emerged in the atmosphere and the ground slightly shook.


Besides, that sound was becoming louder and louder and the ground was shaking more and more violently.


Horses were coming, even more people were arriving.


The crowd was stupefied. They were looking into the distance and immediately, they saw a group of snow-white horses moving towards them. The cavalry were dressed in white and were releasing some piercingly-cold Qi.


It seemed like ice and snow were appearing on the ground as they passed by.


“The people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village have come.”


The people in the crowd shrank their eyes and guessed who these people were.


Bing Yuan, the prodigy of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village had been killed, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village was way too strong to ignore such an insult.


“They’re galloping so fast!” The crowd was astonished. This time, Lin Feng was definitely going to die. The people of the Condor Castle Organization and the people of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village both had come, they would definitely manage to kill him.


“Piss off!” Shouted a voice coming from the very front of the cavalry when he saw that in front of him was the bald leader.


The crowd was astonished, the person from the Ice and Snow Mountain Village was so aggressive. He was so strong that, the bald leader of the Condor Castle Organization was not even put in his eyes.


The bald leader looked at him and said: “What is your social status within the sect of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village to talk to me that way?”


“Bing He Teng.” Said the newcomer sounding indifferent. The crowd frowned. Bing He Teng had personally come, he was a Great Elder of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village.



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