Chapter 286: The Sharp Light

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“Bing He Teng!” The bald leader was a bit surprised as well.


Bing He Teng was an extremely strong cultivator of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. His name was famous in the entire region. He had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and was about as strong as the Patriarch of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, Han Xue Tian. This time, he had personally come because of Bing Yuan. Bing Yuan was his direct disciple, he had spent a lot of time making him strong and then someone had killed him, how could Bing He Teng not be furious?


“Great Master Bing, I assumed that we had the same social status. It’s not so good to be that aggressive.” Said the bald leader while narrowing his eyes. Bing He Teng had Immediately told him to piss off making the bald leader lose face.


“It’s not so good? Who gave you the damn permission to talk to me?” Said Bing He Teng whose voice was filled with coldness and eyes with disdain. The people of the Condor Castle Organization are a bunch of dogs and chickens in Bing He Teng’s opinion, nothing more. They were rude and filthy to look at. Even though they had a little bit of influence in Celestial River, Bing He Teng despised them.


“What about me!” Said a voice which sounded evil. Bing He Teng’s pupils shrank. At that moment, an extremely evil energy invaded the atmosphere. People started feeling shivers run down their spines.


In the air, a silhouette was descending from the sky. It was moving extremely quickly. A brutal and evil fist bombarded the atmosphere and was moving straight towards Bing He Teng, it was filled with a dense evil Qi.


“Get lost!” Furiously shouted Bing He Teng. It was snowing, and the snowflakes transformed into ice filled with a deadly Qi which rushed towards the fist.




The atmosphere was shaking. The snow was elegantly and gracefully falling down from the sky, fluttering in the wind.


“How cold!”


The crowd, who were in the distance, all started shaking when the coldness penetrated into their bodies. That coldness also contained a monstrously dense evil Qi.


The crowd saw Bing He Teng’s body being projected backwards. On the ground, a long and deep mark followed his trajectory. He was blankly staring at the person in front of him.


That person had long, messy hair fluttering in the wind. From head to toe, that person looked like a n evil spirit, it was surrounded by evil Qi. However, when Bing He Teng saw that person, he had a strange and familiar sensation.




The members of the Condor Castle Organization were all kneeling down, their eyes were filled with fear.


“He’s the Great Leader of the Condor Castle Organization. As expected, he’s very mysterious.”


When the crowd saw that person, they narrowed their eyes as if they wanted to see more clearly. Bing He Teng was still fixedly staring at him.


“What, you don’t recognize an old friend anymore?” Said the Great Leader sounding evil which made Bing He Teng shiver. His pupils shrank and he said, sounding surprised: “It’s you!”


“Indeed, it’s me. Bing He Teng, you just couldn’t believe it, right?”


“Indeed, I am too surprised, you came to Celestial River and became the great leader of the Condor Castle Organization.” Said Bing He Teng surprised. He recognized that person. In the past, they had already fought, Bing He Teng used to be slightly stronger than his interlocutor but at that moment, they were already of the same level, but the great leader’s attack had been enough to project him backwards.


“That’s life. When my son died, I dedicated my entire life to becoming stronger and became who I am today.” Said the great leader sounding evil and mysterious.


“Bing He Teng, this time, we’re meeting again but we have one common goal, let’s take care of it first.”


“Alright.” Said Bing He Teng while nodding. That interlocutor had the right to talk to him.


They turned around and looked at the Celestial Mountain Restaurant.


“Bunch of crap, get into the restaurant and tell me what’s going on.” Said the great leader of the Condor Castle Organization, his voice was piercingly-cold. Immediately after, the members of the Condor Castle Organization stood up. The crowd was sighing in amazement.


The great leader of the Condor Castle Organization was extremely imposing, domineering and aggressive, which was why his people feared him so much.


“No need.”


At that moment, a cold and detached voice spread in the air. A silhouette appeared at the entrance of the restaurant, that person was slowly coming out.


On that person’s side, there was a pure and holy silhouette, she looked like a shadow.


The great leader, Bing He Teng as well as Lin Feng and his two other friends all glanced at each other.


They all recognised each other.


“What a surprise, that’s Lin Feng of the Yun Hai Sect.” Said Bing He Teng at that moment. His eyes were filled with murderous intent, he thought: “That boy, he’s a monster. He must die today.”


When the Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed, Bing He Teng had also participated in the massacre. On that day, he had seen how frivolous Lin Feng was, notably on the stage of the Life and Death Arena. At that moment, less than a year later, that frivolous young man had already become so strong that he had been able to kill the best core disciple of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village. If he gave more time to Lin Feng, he feared that he wouldn’t be able to keep him under control and he would be a great threat.


At that moment, he had to kill Lin Feng, not only to get his revenge but also to avoid further threats.


On Bing He Teng’s side, the great leader’s face was filled with even more obvious killing intent. He was evilly staring at Lin Feng.


“It’s you!”


“It’s me.” Replied Lin Feng. Lin Feng surprisingly knew the great leader of the Condor Castle Organization, back in the past, he was also at the Yun Hai Sect. He had an extremely high status within the sect.


“Mo Cang Lan, you look even less human each time I see you, truly monstrous,  you look half-dead as if brought back from the brink of death.”


The great leader surprisingly was a traitor of the Yun Hai Sect. It was the one in charge of enforcing the ruled of the Yun Hai Sect, the Great Elder Mo Cang Lan. He had tried to help his son Mo Xie kill Lin Feng a few times.


On the day when the Yun Hai Sect was destroyed, Mo Cang Lan had cut off Nan Gong Ling’s fingers.


“Half-dead?” Mo Cang Lan smiled as if it was a joke and said: “It looks like it but this is only a human body. Besides, what is the point in looking good? Strength is the most important thing. For example you, you are so young but today, you will die because I have the strength to kill you, and that girl on your side too, what a pity, such a beautiful body and she will have to die with you.”


Lin Feng’s facial expression became ice-cold when he saw Mo Cang Lan’s evil expression. That guy had probably been learning evil skills to look the way he did at that moment. His body looked like it was decomposing even though he was alive, he looked like a horrible and evil monster.


The crowd was thinking the same way though. Indeed, in the continent, only strength mattered. For example, Lin Feng’s life, at that moment, was in danger and it did not matter if he was handsome. It would be difficult for him to escape against strength.


“That bastard.” Thought Lan Jiao. This was a dead-end for Lin Feng, he wouldn’t be able to escape. He let himself fall into this trap.


The vice-leader of the Condor Castle Organization, Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng had all broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng couldn’t escape.


“Lin Feng, how do you want to die?” Said Mo Cang Lan while evilly staring at Li Feng. Back in the past, his son Mo Xie had been killed by Protector Kong because of Lin Feng. At that moment, he finally had an opportunity to avenge his dead son and kill Lin Feng.


When Meng Qing heard that Mo Cang Lan wanted to kill Lin Feng, she took a big step forwards and immediately released some ice energy which froze the ground. Her ice energy was extremely sharp and covered the earth and even froze the air.


The ice Qi which Meng Qing was releasing wasn’t weaker than that of Bing He Teng’s at all. Her ice Qi was piercing to the bones.


“That is the strength of the second Xuan Qi layer.”


Mo Cang Lan and Bing He Teng were stupefied. That girl had the strength of the second Xuan Qi layer. Besides, her ice Qi was stronger, colder and more violent than ordinary ice Qi. No wonder that she had managed to kill the other vice-leader.


“Not bad but unfortunately, even if you manage to block one of us, will the result not be the same, death?” Said Mo Cang Lan evilly.


“I, old as I am, haven’t exercised in a while, I’d be happy to join the fun.”


At that moment, a silhouette appeared. It was an old man. He was coming towards them.


“Mister Huo!” Lin Feng was stupefied. It was Mister Huo who had been so friendly to Lin Feng but it seemed like he had come one day too early.


“Hello.” Said Mister Huo while slightly nodding at Lin Feng. He walked towards Lin Feng while releasing an insanely scorching-hot fire Qi, the exact opposite of Meng Qing’s ice.


“Third Xuan Qi layer!”


The crowd was astonished. Surprisingly, there was another extremely strong cultivator who wanted to help Lin Feng.


“Mister Huo, thank you!” Said Lin Feng to the old man who was by his side.


Mister Huo smiled and said: “You still have some things to exchange with me, how could I let those things end up in their hands?”


Lin Feng slightly nodded and said: “Mister Huo, after we solve that problem, I will express my gratitude to you properly.”


“You are still a young man, so full of confidence.” Said Mister Huo while smiling and shaking his head. They had three cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer in front of them. The old man wasn’t scared for himself, he wouldn’t die, he was strong enough to escape but he wanted to protect Lin Feng.


The Spirit Blood Pills were really amazing.


“Another one who has come to die!” Said Bing He Teng coldly. He looked at Lin Feng and said: “You are really naive. Do you think that these two can protect you? We have one more cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, how will you block him?”


“Xuan Qi layer?” said Lin Feng and glanced at the bald vice-leader of the Condor Castle Organization. He then immediately asked Meng Qing: “Will you be alright?”


“I can prevent him from approaching.” Said Meng Qing while staring at Bing He Teng.


“Alright.” Said Lin Feng while nodding. “Mister Huo, can you take care of that hideous monster, sorry for putting you in trouble!”


“I haven’t exercised for a long time but that hideous creature shouldn’t be a problem.” Replied the old man. “The problem is that there is another person, how do you intend to deal with him?”


“There’s another one? Well, I’m in need of a warm up, I will help myself!” Said Lin Feng indifferently. At that moment, a sharp light appeared and invaded the atmosphere.



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