Chapter 300: The Nightmare of the Luo Xia Sect

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What a terrifying Qi! The people of the Luo Xia Sect were looking at the three people, who had just landed next to Lin Feng, which made them shake from head to toe.


They had heard that two strong cultivators stood on Lin Feng’s side. There was the old man Mister Huo and a delicate-looking girl whose face was covered with a fine veil. But at that moment, there was one more person: Mister Chi. And besides, Mister Chi’s Qi was terrifying.


“Mister Chi, Mister Huo, kill them, all of them.”


Lin Feng’s Qi was getting even more brutal. Mister Chi and Mister Huo slightly nodded. Their terrifying Qi was getting more and more powerful, especially the Qi from Mister Chi. The strength of the Qi that he was releasing already exceeded that of the third Xuan Qi layer.


“Fourth Xuan Qi layer!” The elders of the Luo Xia Sect were suddenly feeling uneasy. They were furious. On Lin Feng’s side, there was another powerful cultivator. He was even stronger than Mister Huo and the girl. He had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer.


At the scale of the Xuan Qi layer, one layer already constituted a huge difference.


“How foolish!” Hideous facial expressions appeared on all these people’s faces. They wanted to kill Lin Feng? At this moment, they were the ones in danger.


“Lin Feng. She still has one breath left in her body. I will give her a pill. A miracle could still happen.” Said Mister Huo while putting a pill in Yun Xi’s mouth. Immediately after, the strength of the pure Qi spread through her body and his finger pressed between her eyebrows.


Lin Feng was stupefied. He could sense it. He was dumbstruck. Indeed, Yun Xi still had a breath in her lungs. She was extremely weak. A moment ago, Lin Feng’s heart had been filled with so much hatred and murderous intentions that he hadn’t noticed it.


“Mister Huo.” Said Lin Feng, whose eyes were filled with hope. A small light appeared between her eyebrows, it was pulsating. Then, Mister Huo took his finger off her head and looked at Lin Feng: “She will not die within the next seven days but the blood vessels are completely destroyed. She’s severely injured. She will not live past seven days.”


Lin Feng was dumbstruck and hastily replied: “Is there no solution?”


“There is one.” Said Mister Huo. He then remained silent for a moment and said, while frowning: “But only monstrously powerful pills can save her life.”


“Pills…” lights were flashing in Lin Feng’s eyes. Immediately after, he handed Yun Xi over to Meng Qing and said: “Meng Qing, take care of her.”


Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng, she was surprised, but immediately after she nodded and took Yun Xi in her arms.


After that Lin Feng handed Yun Xi over to Meng Qing, he turned around and stared at Wu Gang. His terrifying deadly Qi turned into a sword which immediately rushed towards Wu Gang. Wu Gang couldn’t help but move backwards, his face turned deathly pale.


He was terrified of Lin Feng.


Lin Feng looked frightening. His deadly Qi was monstrous in power.


“If I don’t kill you, it means that justice doesn’t exist.” Said Lin Feng as his voice filled with killing intent. He then said: “Mister Chi, Mister Huo, kill them all. Sorry for the trouble.”


“It’s been a while since I last fought. I still haven’t enjoyed a good fight since I broke through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer.” Said Mister Chi while smiling. His silhouette flickered and in a flash he disappeared.


“Ahhhhhh……..” In a flash, a horrible shriek spread in the atmosphere. Mister Chi’s palm immediately crashed into an elder’s body. Immediately, that elder’s chest started burning and a black mark appeared.


That elder was at the first Xuan Qi layer. He had just died!


The difference between a cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer and the fourth Xuan Qi layer was enormous. There was a difference of three layers. It was a gigantic gap. The strength between layers was even more vast than the Ling Qi Layer. In a flash, the elder was killed.


The elders of the Luo Xia Sect were all incomparably pale. They were all cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, they were all treasures in their sect but at that moment, they could easily get killed at any moment.


Besides, there was one thing that scared them. A moment ago, Mister Chi had killed a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer in one strike, well, what about them?


A sensation of danger invaded their hearts. Maybe they made a mistake on that day.


“Everybody, act together and defeat the enemies!” Said the leader of the elders, who was the one at the third Xuan Qi layer.


But when he finished talking, a terrifying fireball appeared. Mister Huo was attacking him.


“Old friend, I’ll keep this one under control, you kill the others. I will see how much time you need.” Said Mister Huo. He was going to fight against the cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer. The other ones had only broken through to the first and second Xuan Qi layer. Mister Chi would easily kill them all. He wouldn’t need much time to deal with them.




Mister Chi nodded and took a huge step. An insanely violent pure Qi started spinning around his body which made everybody’s heartbeat accelerate.


What a monstrous ability. Mister Huo was going to take care of the elder at the third Xuan Qi layer so how would the others resist Mister Chi without him? They had no absolutely no hope. They would never be able to resist the power without the support of a stronger cultivator.


At that moment, Mister Chi was moving towards a cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer. That person didn’t even try to release his Qi, he immediately tried to run away.


However, how could a cultivator at the first Xuan Qi layer be faster than one of the fourth Xuan Qi layer?


In a flash, a monstrous force descended from the sky. He abruptly turned his head around and immediately saw a brutal attack crash into him. Another cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had just died!


Dread was invading their hearts at that moment. The cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer was way too terrifying. Their hearts were filled with regret.


They regretted siding with Wu Gang and trying to kill Lin Feng, while letting Yun Xi die. Now, not only would they not have the power to kill Lin Feng, but instead Lin Feng was repaying their hostility several times over.


“Wu Gang, bastard!” Cursed the members of the Luo Xia Sect at that moment. That bastard had provoked Lin Feng and the consequences would be terrifying, they could all possibly die today because of it.


At that moment, a purple light was furiously circling Lin Feng’s body. At the same time, a terrifying sword energy rose into the air and then rushed towards Wu Gang.


Wu Gang’s heart was pounding violently. Lin Feng was terrifying, he looked like a death god.


In a flash the purple energy wrapped around a person in front of Wu Gang. The purple energy lifted the person into the air. His legs were frenetically moving above the ground but he was unable to escape.


Lin Feng’s hand was rushing through the air. The sword energy burst forth and a blood mark appeared between that person’s eyebrows. It looked like a sword had pierced through his head.


“Run, run……!”


The other disciples were panic-stricken, they didn’t want to fight at all.


The elders at the Xuan Qi layer were being slaughtered by Mister Chi. Besides, none of the disciples could fight against Lin Feng. If they couldn’t escape, the only possibility was to die. It was a dead end for them.




Lin Feng’s deadly Qi became even more violent. His mouth looked distorted for a moment and then several hundred purple snakes appeared, which threw themselves at the escaping enemies, wrapping their bodies around the escaping disciples.


At that moment, in the air, a few silhouettes were violently struggling.


“Everybody will die!”


Lin Feng’s voice sounded ice-cold to the extent that it was piercing through to the bones. He raised both his hands high up into the air and a sword appeared, it was made of pure Qi. It looked like the sword of a war god.


That sword was filled with deadly Qi, Sword Qi and battle energy. Besides, it was gigantic.


Lin Feng slowly rose into the air. His sword was dazzling and it suddenly shot through the air like a meteor. The entire atmosphere was consumed by a rain of blood as the sword slashed down.


One sword made of Qi was enough to kill all of them. There wasn’t a single disciple left alive.


Battle noises were unceasingly spreading through the atmosphere. Wu Gang was looking at the corpses unceasingly falling onto the ground. His heart was violently pounding, and it was getting worse each time a new corpse hit the floor.


Everybody had died. Only one person was left: Lin Feng. He had meticulously killed everybody.


Wu Gang raised his head and looked at Lin Feng’s face, it was filled with killing intent. Fear invaded Wu Gang’s entire soul. He was hopeless and terrified.


“Don’t kill me. I know that I was wrong………” said Wu Gang while frantically shaking his hand. He finally regretted that he tried to put the blame on Lin Feng. He had invited the fury of a god of death.


The arrogance had disappeared from his face, he also didn’t have his evil smile anymore. Instead, there was only fear on his face. Everybody had died. All the elders of the Xuan Qi layer had died. Those of the Ling Qi layer had all been slaughtered under Lin Feng’s sword made of Qi.


“You know that you are wrong?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. Was admitting that he was at fault enough?


“Didn’t you say that I attacked you by surprise? Now, I will give you the chance to attack me.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. After seeing such a slaughter, how could Wu Gang still dare to fight? His body flickered and he immediately tried to escape.


After that, when Wu Gang’s body was in mid air, a purple snake immediately wrapped around him and brought him back. He appeared in front of Lin Feng, who raised his head and saw Wu Gang, tied up.


“You want to run away?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. He raised his sword, a horrible shriek spread through the air. Wu Gang’s legs were both cut off to stop him running away.



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