Chapter 378: Who Wants To Kill Him?

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Lin Feng really was unlucky, he had managed to provoke two huge spheres of influence.


In Xue Yue, if the Yu Clan and the Wan Shou Sect wanted the same person to die, that person rarely continued breathing. Those days, Lin Feng had enmity with them both.


It seemed like this time, Lin Feng was definitely going to die.


On Lin Feng’s side, the four cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer looked at Lin Feng with a deep and profound expression in their eyes. They were just starting to understand that the young man who was fighting with them was famous in Xue Yue, he was Lin Feng.


Lin Feng was already extremely strong, to the extent that he could even easily kill a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. He was amazing.


But at that moment, Lin Feng was in a critical situation and they would be unable to help him.


Yue Qing Shan suddenly frowned, but immediately regained a calm and detached facial expression.


Even though he had lost contact with his daughter and even though he hated the man whom his daughter had fallen in love with, even though he was unwilling to announce that Lin Feng was one of his direct descendants, blood was still thicker than water and Lin Feng was still his grandson, all the members of the Yue clan had meticulously come to see how strong his grandson was, the Yu clan would help them achieve their aim.


“Yu Liu Shui, you’re talking about Yu Tian Xin and Yu Qiu, right?” Said Yue Qing Shan indifferently. Yu Liu Shui nodded and said: “Indeed.”


“Your fifth son was neither talented nor strong, he only knew how to use the power and influence of your clan, if his family name hadn’t been Yu, he would have died many times over. Now, he’s dead and it could be said to be karma. Concerning your brother, he rushed into the Lovesick Forest for a fight, did you really have no idea that he would be punished? That’s not surprising at all. Now, you have come personally here to take it out on a young man? How majestic and prestigious!” Said Yue Qing Shan sounding which stupefied everyone. His words conveyed his meaning, Yu Tian Xing and Yu Qiu were supposed to die because they were foolish.


“The most majestic and prestigious thing about your sect, the Wan Shou Sect, is that a group of core disciples came to steal the vein of the earth that other people discovered and failed to seize it from them, besides, a few of your beasts and members were killed by a young man in the process, how humiliating. These pitiful creatures died, it doesn’t matter, but you Teng Wu Yao, the patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect personally came here, you’re really shameless, you have no limit to your humiliating actions.”


“Huh?” The crowd was astonished. The head of the Yue Clan was surprisingly insulting Yu Liu Shui and Teng Wu Yao because of Lin Feng.


Yu Liu Shui’s facial expression slightly changed, Yue Qing Shan surprisingly spoke for Lin Feng, it seemed like the old man still had some affection for a relative.


Teng Wu Yao looked cold and detached. After all, Teng Wu Yao was the patriarch of a sect and Yue Qing Shan dared to humiliate him, how detestable.


“Could it be that the head of the Yue Clan wants to prevent us from killing him?” Said Yu Liu Shui trying to figure out the truth.


“Juniors’ affairs should be handled by juniors themselves. Why would a bunch of seniors intervene? If you want his life, there is no problem, just send a junior to kill him, if they kill him, that’s life, but if you encircle him, use the numbers from your sect or have a senior interfere, don’t blame me for getting involved.” Said Yue Qing Shan indifferently. That’s all he could do to help, the rest was up to Lin Feng.


“Hehe, he’s an insignificant kid, nothing more, of course we, the elders, will not attack him personally, the outstanding disciples of the Wan Shou Sect are all incredible and extraordinary, one of them could kill him very easily.” Said Yu Liu Shui indifferently, handing the token over to the Wan Shou Sect once again. He was now sure that Lin Feng was her son. The Yu Clan could obviously kill Lin Feng very easily but the problem was, would it  be worth it for the Yu Clan to get involved?


If the Wan Shou Sect attacked, that would be much better.


“Guys, who can kill him?” Asked Teng Wu Yao to the disciples behind him in a cold and detached way. He was going to take care of Lin Feng. Earlier, Lin Feng had killed some of his disciples, therefore, making a disciple of the sect kill Lin Feng was also an opportunity to regain their prestige.


Therefore, Teng Wu Yao didn’t even think about shifting the responsibility elsewhere and immediately accepted the job of killing Lin Feng.


“I will kill him.” Said Wu Qing looking like a ferocious beast. A moment before, he hadn’t fought against Yue Tian Ming, he was slightly scared to fight Yue Tian Ming, but killing Lin Feng would be easy.


“No need, why would we need you to kill Lin Feng?” Said Teng Wu Yao immediately forbidding Wu Qing from fighting. He disdained Lin Feng so for Wu Qing, killing Lin Feng wouldn’t regain their prestige at all, it would even be a bigger humiliation for them.


“Wu Qing, the patriarch is right, we don’t need you to kill him, even I can handle this task.” Said a disciple of the Wan Shou Sect at that moment while taking a step forwards. That person had very thick arms and legs, he looked extremely strong, he was at least two meters tall and it seemed as if every part of his body was filled with immense strength.


Teng Wu Yao glanced at him and nodded: “Alright, Du Yan, you can kill him.”


“Alright.” Said Du Yan while walking forwards, it seemed like the entire atmosphere was shaking under his footsteps, his gigantic body then rose into the air, so he could better look down on Lin Feng.


“Die.” Said Du Yan without adding any superfluous words. He then swooped straight towards Lin Feng.


Lin Feng looked at Du Yan and had the impression that a ferocious beast was charging through the atmosphere towards him, his feet looked like they belonged to a beast and were releasing a wild Qi.


“How quick!” The crowd was astonished. Du Yan was extremely robust and looked clumsy, but he was extremely quick.


“Move!” Shouted Lin Feng, immediately the four cultivators who were with him moved out of the way. Besides, a pure Qi sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand, without attempting to dodge or avoid fighting, Lin Feng’s sword energy invaded the atmosphere, it immediately started to pierce through the air towards Du Yan.


“BOOM!” Du Yan’s huge body collided with the whistling sword energy, the atmosphere vibrated and the pure Qi sword started to crack, it seemed like it was unceasingly being dominated and started to crack before finally breaking apart.


“What a monstrous strength.” The crowd was astonished. The pure Qi sword had been broken by Du Yan, what a terrifying explosive power.


“Hooves!” Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Du Yan’s feet, actually they already couldn’t be called feet anymore, they looked like the hooves of a ferocious beast, they were dark and  covered in thick hair, they looked horrible.


Lin Feng’s body shook and he abruptly moved backwards.




Du Yan’s huge hooves collided with the ground and a huge crevice appeared in the ground which started to split and break apart. Du Yan didn’t stop moving, Lin Feng who was moving backwards and Du Yan’s hand was closely chasing him while creating a hurricane as it moved through the air.


How quick, it’s like his movements are illusionary.


Lin Feng was flying backwards and the hurricane brushed past him and the wind hurt his eyes. Not only did Du Yan’s feet look like hooves but his hands had transformed too, however his senses were still as sharp as a human.


The crowd was gasping in astonishment. The Wan Shou Sect, as expected, had a great deal of amazing disciples. Du Yan just seemed like a simple and rough fellow but he was actually incredibly strong and intrepid.


Teng Wu Yao was smiling coldly. Du Yan wasn’t extremely talented but his hooves were really powerful. He had been unceasingly practicing his cultivation for many years in order to achieve his current cultivation level. Amongst the disciples of his level, he was older than most of them already, but he had always relied on himself and his determination to finally break through to the third Xuan Qi layer. His cultivation was very solid and stable because of this, a regular cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer wouldn’t be his match, thus Lin Feng was even less likely to survive.


“You want to run away…” Shouted Du Yan in an ice-cold tone when he saw Lin Feng move back. His gigantic hand was moving towards Lin Feng at full speed, it looked simple and ordinary, but it created an extremely strong wind which greatly oppressed Lin Feng’s and his clothes were fluttering violently under the wind.


“That person has broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, two more layers than me, he is much stronger than me and on top of that, he is extremely quick. He has a clear advantage. If I want to defeat him, I fear that I will have to use my black lotus.” Thought Lin Feng but his grim fire black lotus was his last resort, Lin Feng wasn’t willing to use it yet.


At that moment, he still didn’t know if he could defeat the opponent or not, if he used his black lotus to kill Du Yan, he would have no pure Qi left, if someone else wanted to fight against him, it would become extremely dangerous.


Therefore, the black lotus was his last resort.


A purple light emerged behind him which filled the atmosphere. A myriad of purple tentacles rose into the air, it seemed like there was an endless amount of purple tentacles. In a flash, Lin Feng was surrounded by an army of purple snakes.


“That’s his spirit?” Yue Qing Shan’s eyes flashed when he saw Lin Feng’s purple spirit, even though it felt like a beast spirit, it didn’t look like a beast spirit, it seemed like Lin Feng hadn’t inherited his spirit from his mother, the blood spirit of the Yue Clan.



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