Chapter 393: Unsheathing The Evil Sword

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Lin Feng moved back while raising his hand, his black lotus then rose up and diffused a dark light filled with deadly energy.




Thunder flames emerged from the cat’s claws and surrounded the black lotus. After that, the Tian level cat disappeared again.


Lin Feng, in his world of darkness, could distinctly sense that its claws were approaching him from behind. The eyes of the cat looked incredibly sanguinary.


“What a sly and vigilant beast.” Thought Lin Feng coldly. That cat was a Tian level cat beast, even though his cultivation was restricted, he was still extremely strong. Besides, even though he was extremely strong, he was still avoiding any direct contact with Lin Feng’s black lotus. He was using his advantage in speed to attack from behind, he would continue to use sneak attacks until one eventually killed Lin Feng.


After all, it could injure Lin Feng with one strike if it successfully landed a blow.


“Good thing that my perceptions are extremely acute.” Thought Lin Feng while moving away, the claws of the cat streaked through the after image of Lin Feng, the whole thing seemed like an illusion.


The cat wasn’t hurrying at all, it turned around and his claws moved towards Lin Feng which made him quickly raise the lotus to block.


When facing the cat, even if Lin Feng managed to dodge the cat’s attacks, he was unable to attack because he was unable to keep up with his speed.


The eyes of the Winged Tiger looked sanguinary and ferocious. It was watching the fight very closely. It was gradually losing hope as it had the impression that Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to defeat the Tian level beast.


Even though the black lotus was monstrously powerful, the cat’s speed was too much for Lin Feng. Lin Feng had absolutely no opportunity to attack so he had no hope of killing him.


The Winged Tiger was silent, it looked like it was thinking of all the possibilities. It was thinking about how to kill the cat, the tiger had already suffered too much because of him.




At that moment, a sound emerged from the atmosphere. Lin Feng had received an attack from the cat. His body was blown away and crashed heavily into the cliff. On his chest, there was a set of bloody claw marks.


The black lotus was still in Lin Feng’s hand, his heart started to beat faster, and the black lotus transformed itself back into pure Qi and was absorbed back into Lin Feng’s body.


The black lotus was useless against the cat. Of course, Lin Feng also understood that if he didn’t have the black lotus, the cat would have killed him already, he wouldn’t have been so cautious when attacking.


Lin Feng coughed some blood and his body was trembling. From the hole created in the cliff where he had crashed, his black eyes still looked emotionless.


“Please accept my most sincere apologies for having injured you, my honoured guest.” Said the cat whose face kept switching between its human shape and its cat shape. His voice still sounded husky.


Lin Feng took out a pill and an incredibly refreshing sensation invaded his body, then the bloody wounds on his chest started to heal.


Lin Feng was still staring at the cat with his emotionless eyes. Lin Feng then said in a cold way: “Since you want to kill me, let’s see who will die first.”


“Who will die first?” The cat smiled in a particularly bestial way. The cat thought that it was funny to even suggest that Lin Feng still had the strength to fight against him.


But the cat only smiled for a second because after that he noticed that Lin Feng was releasing an energy that was filled with an air of cruelty. He was releasing a terrifyingly evil energy. A few seconds later, sword energy spread through the atmosphere.


“What’s going on?” The cat was astonished. Lin Feng was surprisingly releasing a terrifyingly powerful sword energy filled cruelty and determination, how could that be possible?


The Winged Tiger was also astonished and fixedly staring at Lin Feng and at the sword energy. Its heart also started beating faster.




The cat and the Winged Tiger were stupefied, a sword was slowly emerging from Lin Feng’s body.


Lin Feng was shockingly hiding a sword inside his own body?


At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes were still pitch black. He was focusing on only one thing: his sword.


Lin Feng didn’t act immediately after breaking through to the second Xuan Qi layer. He had been studying the nine swords which seemed to have merged with his body.


Lin Feng had managed to isolate the nine swords from the rest of his body by using his determination and soul power, but at that moment, he needed something to increase his power, so he was forced to bring them into play.


Lin Feng could also clearly sense that he didn’t need to do anything to these nine swords, they already had their own will, thus he only needed to release them. The sword in his hands seemed like it wanted to devour Lin Feng’s soul and replace Lin Feng as the owner of the body.


Therefore, Lin Feng had to be over-cautious which was why he was releasing the sword very slowly and with the utmost care.


A terrifying black cloud started to envelop Lin Feng’s body. It seemed like Lin Feng had drowned himself in a sea of evil sword Qi. The most powerful thing about that evil sword Qi wasn’t that it felt emotionless and bloodthirsty like normal sword Qi, instead, it gave the feeling of resentment and hatred.


That sword seemed like it had a life of its own and it was filled with resentment and wrath. It felt only hatred against the world, against the ones who sealed it away.


The evil black cloud was expanding through the atmosphere, it was becoming more and more violent as it expanded. The cat and the Winged Tiger were absolutely shocked, they had never thought that such a terrifying power could have been contained in Lin Feng’s body.


“So that’s what he meant, he wasn’t trying to trick me. He really had a way to defeat him.” Thought the Winged Tiger while fixedly staring at the evil sword emerging from Lin Feng’s body.


The cat however, after being surprised for a moment, a smile slowly appeared on his face again, a particularly evil smile.


“I don’t believe that you can control such a powerful sword, that sword is mine.” Yelled the cat evilly, a tidal wave of energy then started rolling through the atmosphere, the ground beneath them started to shake.


“Meooowww…..” It was the first time that the cat was using its full power. His body transformed into a blur which moved straight towards Lin Feng at full speed with its claws ready to strike.


In a flash, the cat arrived in front of Lin Feng.


“Come out!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. A rumbling sound spread through the air and the terrifying evil Qi moved straight towards the cat. The cat spun through the air using its claws to become a deadly hurricane that cut through the evil Qi. Lin Feng quickly dodged and the cliff behind him started to burst apart as the cat’s claws tore through the cliff.


“In order to control such a powerful weapon, one must develop their soul strength and only then can one use its power, otherwise communication between the soul and the weapon is impossible.” Thought Lin Feng. At that moment, the sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand which made his entire body shake as evil Qi in the form of black clouds started to pour out from the sword.


“How terrifying!” Thought Lin Feng whose heart was racing. He had already anticipated this kind of situation but he hadn’t thought that the evil sword would release such a cruel energy filled with hatred, the endless evil Qi was making his mind spin. It seemed like the sword was attempting to taint his body with evil Qi, as if it wanted a body with evil Qi to take possession of.


That sword clearly wanted to take over Lin Feng’s body and consume Lin Feng’s soul.


But how could Lin Feng accept such a thing, his dark and emotionless eyes were filled with determination. At that moment, with Lin Feng’s emotionless calm, the evil Qi was unable to penetrate into his soul.


How could someone like Lin Feng let a sword to defeat him and take control of his body.


The evil sword was shaking which caused Lin Feng’s arms to shake, however, Lin Feng was still firmly holding the hilt.


Whistling sounds spread through the atmosphere, the sword was creating a tremendous pressure. The evil sword was shaking so much that Lin Feng’s entire body was affected.


Lin Feng gnashed his teeth and blood started to flow from his mouth, nonetheless, his black eyes looked as determined as before.


“Ahhhh……” Lin Feng furiously shouted, his voice resonated through the sky and then he raised his hand and pierced through the air with his sword.


A terrifying sound consumed the atmosphere, there was a shocking black evil energy shooting into the sky, it looked incredible, it looked like a black hole being sent into the sky.


Lin Feng had lacerated the atmosphere with the sword and his face was covered with cold sweat. He was holding the sword horizontally and finally it had stopped moving. Then, suddenly, on Lin Feng’s face appeared an extremely strange and evil smile.


Finally, he managed to gain a fraction of control over the evil sword.


It was only a sword but what a powerful hatred and willpower it contained! That evil energy was so brutal, if Lin Feng had released all nine swords at the same time, his soul would have been consumed by these terrifying swords!


At least, at that moment, Lin Feng didn’t dare release more than a single sword at any time.



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