Chapter 400: Cold Indifferent Heart

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Duan Feng and Jing Yun didn’t know the events that occurred. Those people surprisingly wanted to kill everyone who was close with Lin Feng, how cruel.


“Lin Feng!” Feng Ting and the old man’s hearts started pounding. The big brother that Duan Feng was talking about in such a respectful way, was surprisingly Lin Feng, the young man at the centre of all those events.


“Those people must be from the Wan Shou Sect…” The old man and Feng Ting immediately guessed who those people were.


The old man moved next to Feng Ting and said: “Miss!”


Feng Ting was stupefied, she looked at the old man while looking irresolute.


But immediately after, she looked resolute and said: “Gentlemen, the both of us are not friends with Lin Feng, we just accidentally encountered these people, that’s all. We’re leaving now, all of this has nothing to do with us.”


“Huh?” When Duan Feng heard Feng Ting, he was astonished, an acute pain pierced into his heart.


In the past few days, Feng Ting was training in the mountain chain when she was attacked by the guards of her own clan. Then Duan Feng appeared and saved her. He also started to have feelings for her. He had started to trust her but now that they were in a critical situation, Feng Ting unscrupulously abandoned him. Feng Ting had been using him the entire time, she just wanted him to help her obtain some precious items.


Jing Yun was looking at Duan Feng while slightly shaking her head. Duan Feng was too young and naive. He only knew about cultivation. However, others could see that she was only using him.


“Indeed, we only encountered those two and started travelling together recently, this has nothing to do with them.” Said Duan Feng while smiling after having remained silent for a while which made Feng Ting look at him strangely.


Duan Feng had extremely high natural abilities, he also possessed the blood spirit of the Imperial Clan, if that event did not happen, she probably would have stayed with him, of course, it wouldn’t have been out of love.


“Since you are here, you will die too. We don’t care about killing two more people.” Said one of the Wan Shou Sect’s members which made Feng Ting’s heart start pounding and her facial expression changed drastically.


They still wanted to kill them, even if they didn’t know Lin Feng, they would still die.


“Sir, not only are we not friends with Lin Feng but we also have grudges against him. We also wish for his death. What’s the point in killing a young girl and an old man like me?” Said the old man who was standing next to Feng Ting.


“Indeed, we hate Lin Feng, we are enemies.” Said Feng Ting echoing the old man’s view.


“How shameless!” Swore Jing Yun in a low voice but Feng Ting and the old man didn’t care about her opinion, they were only looking at the members of the Wan Shou Sect.


The members of the Wan Shou Sect groaned coldly, then smiled in an ice-cold way and said: “Kill them all.”


That cold and detached voice made Feng Ting start shaking unceasingly. She didn’t even dare to think about those people trying to kill her.


“Jing Yun, sister, come behind me.” Shouted Duan Feng but when he finished talking, the one who was leading the group immediately started walking towards him. Duan Feng had broken through to the ninth Ling Qi layer and had the blood spirit of the Duan Clan. Only a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could deal with him, otherwise Duan Feng would kill them easily.


“Come behind you? That’s useless.” Said the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer looking bestial and cruel while making some pure Qi rotate around his body. The disciples of the Wan Shou Sect all had beast spirits and all learnt beast skills and techniques.


“Useless? Then they can come behind me.” Said a voice which was hidden in the forest, that voice stupefied everybody. They turned around and immediately frowned.


They only saw a human riding on the back of a gigantic beast. They were calmly walking towards the group, they were neither quick nor slow.


The beast looked incredibly majestic, its face looked hideously cruel and it also had two fiery red wings.


The cultivator on its back was a young man, he looked handsome and intelligent, his Qi was extremely sharp. He was sitting on the back of the beast between its two wings. They were fixedly staring at the crowd of people.


“Your Excellency, this issue is the business of the Wan Shou Sect, we hope that you will not intervene.” Said the one who was acting as the current leader of the Wan Shou Sect members. He still looked vigilant though. That young man looked extraordinary and his beast surprisingly looked like an ancient ferocious beast, more precisely a Winged Tiger.


Duan Feng and Jing Yun, when they saw Lin Feng, sighed with relief. Since Lin Feng was there, nothing would happen to them.


Feng Ting and the old man’s facial expressions were complex.


“Lin Feng, big brother!!!” Duan Feng smiled while calling Lin Feng which made the Wan Shou Sect’s members frown.


Lin Feng, that young man was surprisingly Lin Feng.


“You want to kill me and my friends but you can’t even recognise me when I am right in front of you. You’re ridiculous.” the Winged Tiger’s body slowly moved forwards. Lin Feng jumped off its back and then stared at the members of the Wan Shou Sect in a cold and detached way. Those people were not there to seize the vein of the earth, they were all weak, therefore they didn’t know him.


The faces of the Wan Shou Sect’s members drastically changed. They were trapped. They had all heard how powerful Lin Feng was. Du Yan wasn’t even able to compete with him and was killed by his hands. These people were nobodies in comparison with Lin Feng.


“What is the cultivation of the members of your sect who went to the Celestial Academy?” Asked Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone while staring at the one who seemed to be the leader of the group.


That person pulled a long face and remained silent.


“Roaaarrr….” A low roar spread in the air and immediately after, the crowd saw the beast which was next to Lin Feng disappear from its initial position in the blink of an eye.


“Ahhhhh…..” Two horrible shrieks spread through the air and the Winged Tiger appeared at its initial position again. Its mouth was covered with blood and its eyes looked extremely ferocious which made people start shaking.


Two of the Wan Shou Sect’s members were killed in the blink of an eye, the Winged Tiger bit off their heads and they were now lying down on the ground, dead.


The crowd was astonished and fixedly staring at the Winged Tiger. Its eyes looked extremely cruel and ferocious.


“Is that an ancient ferocious beast…?” thought the crowd. The Winged Tiger was an ancient ferocious beast and it was extremely rare. Those people had never seen such a creature, none of them had witnessed the power of an ancient ferocious beast.


Only the leader of that small group of people had knowledge of ancient beasts, he had actually seen a picture of it in an ancient book describing ancient ferocious beasts. He had the feeling that Lin Feng’s ferocious beast could carry the blood of a Winged Tiger or a Brutal Lion, it also looked somewhat similar to a daemonic fire lion.


“Tell me.” Said Lin Feng coldly while staring at the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. He looked incredibly cold which made the hearts of the Wan Shou Sect’s members start to pound even faster. If they didn’t tell Lin Feng, that ancient ferocious beast would kill them.


“If we tell you, will you let us go?” Said that person after having remaining silent for a few seconds.


“Roaaarrr!” Another roar spread in the air, the beasts figure disappeared again.


The face of the cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer drastically changed, he released some pure Qi but in a flash, the Winged Tiger had already landed in front of him.


“Splash….!” Blood gushed into the air. The Wan Shou Sect’s members’ hearts were violently pounding. He had died! In a flash, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had been killed by the Winged Tiger. It bit through his throat, separating the head from its body, how shocking!


The Winged Tiger then slowly walked around looking intimidating and bloodthirsty. When the Winged Tiger glanced at people, they just lowered their heads, they didn’t dare look at the beast.


That beast was terrifying!


If it was able to kill a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer in the blink of an eye, what about them?


“You speak.” Said Lin Feng coldly while looking at someone else which made that person abruptly shake from head to toe.


“Multiple cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer… The strongest ones are at the third Xuan Qi layer, then there were also some of the first second Xuan Qi layer. In total, there are about ten people.” Said the person with a trembling voice, he was also shaking while glancing at the Winged Tiger.


“Ten cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, including a few who reached the third Xuan Qi layer….” Lin Feng’s facial expression looked colder and colder. They wanted to kill Meng Qing, they wanted to kill Lin Feng’s other friends as well…


“Wan Shou Sect!” Shouted Lin Feng in an ice-cold tone: “I will kill you all!”



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