Chapter 412: The Black Sword

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The crowd surrounding the peach orchard had started moving back. The storm of deadly energy hadn’t stopped, it was even becoming denser and covering a larger area. Nobody dared approach the region surrounding the peach orchard any longer.

In the distance, the crowd of the Celestial Academy were still watching patiently. They were fixedly staring at that deadly energy moving through the air. It was terrifying. Their principal, Yan Yu Ping Sheng seemed to be cultivating a powerful skill, but what kind of skill exactly? That terrifying deadly energy seemed like it wanted to annihilate everything.

How could the crowd know that inside the energy their principal’s face had already turned deathly pale, he was as pale as a sheet of paper. Yan Yu Ping Sheng was extremely strong but at that moment, he looked like he was going to collapse from exhaustion.

Lin Feng had been sitting in meditation for two days already, and hadn’t emerged from his trance a single time. His eyes were tightly closed and the deadly energy surrounding his body was becoming denser with each passing moment, it was terrifying.

“Lin Feng, if you don’t emerge out of your meditation trance soon, I really fear that I will die of exhaustion…” Thought Yan Yu Ping Sheng with a painful smile on his face. Even though he was thinking that way, his fingers were still unceasingly dancing over the strings of his zither.

The sky was gradually becoming darker and darker but the storm of white deadly energy was still illuminating the atmosphere, it was strangely beautiful.

Even though their principal was still practicing without rest, many of the students had already grown tired of waiting and went back to their living quarters to rest.

In the middle of the peach orchard, the Qi around Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s body was becoming restless and the smile of agony had grown so large that it transformed his face.



Two consecutive sounds emerged in the darkness. Black blood suddenly burst out of Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s mouth. He had spared no effort but he had finally reached his limit. Blood was dripping from his fingers. On top of that, from the zither strings that had been dyed red, one of them broke.

He finally stopped playing the Cosmic Annihilation. However, the deadly energy that had gathered in the atmosphere was still as powerful as before, it was even scary for him to behold.

His heartbeat finally started to decrease. Yan Yu Ping Sheng looked at Lin Feng whose eyes were still closed and shook his head. That monster… He still hadn’t woken up, when would he emerge from his trance?

At that moment, Lin Feng had banished all distracting thoughts from his mind. He had forgotten about all ten thousand things of creation. In his mind, there was only a black sword floating in the nothingness.

That sword had appeared again but this time, while looking at it, Lin Feng had gained a deeper understanding of it The sword was created solely from deadly energy.

Lin Feng had never really understood the warlord’s sword but each time he tried, he would only gain a small insight into the sword.

At that moment, it seemed like that black sword was in harmony with the deadly energy in Lin Feng’s heart. It was filled with endless murderous intent.

“Crrr… Crrr….”

Lin Feng opened his eyes. A sword started to form in front of his eyes, it was being filled with an endless quantity of deadly energy.

“BOOM!”  Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s body was violently blown back and the stone chair on which he was sitting exploded into dust.

He quickly retreated to a safe distance. In his eyes, a sharp light was twinkling. That deadly energy was monstrously strong. Lin Feng’s determination to kill created an incredible pressure which formed into deadly energy. In darkness of the night, such a thing was extremely scary.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng raised his head and saw Lin Feng’s body rise into the air, it seemed like the deadly energy couldn’t harm him at all.

What surprised Yan Yu Ping Sheng even more was that in front of Lin Feng, a sword was still condensing. Suddenly, a pure Qi sword appeared but it was… Black.

“A black sword!” Yan Yu Ping Sheng was fixedly staring at that sword. It was filled with monstrously strong deadly energy and murderous intent.

A strong wind started whistling in the air. Yan Yu Ping Sheng was astonished. He only saw that the deadly energy in the atmosphere started rushing into that black sword, that black sword was absorbing the deadly energy!

“What…. What’s that?” Yan Yu Ping Sheng didn’t understand. How was that possible? How could that black sword suddenly absorb all of that deadly energy to increase its own strength?

Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch-black and looked ice-cold, but they were filled with murder.

That was the sword from his celestial book, just like the grim fire. The sword that he formed before with his limited understanding had never reached such an incredible level.

The black sword slowly started moving and rose into the air above Lin Feng, it seemed like it even wanted to destroy the darkness covering the sky.

The people who hadn’t left in the surrounding region were astonished. They could all feel that there was a terrifying sword filled with deadly energy that wanted to destroy everything, including them.

People raised their heads and saw that above the manor, a sword light was becoming more and more intense. It seemed like there was a sword but they couldn’t quite see it.

It was too dark and the sword itself was black, which caused it to blend with the darkness.

The crowd could only see a blurry silhouette but that silhouette didn’t look like Yan Yu Ping Sheng, it looked like a young man, it was Lin Feng!

“What!!! Why would Lin Feng be there? I must be seeing things.” Thought the people who could see clearly, while shaking their heads. They immediately refused to believe their eyes. Even though Lin Feng had high natural abilities and was incredibly powerful, he did not have the power to create such an incredible amount of deadly energy to form a sword. The level of that sword was just too scary.

The people in the crowd weren’t the only ones who couldn’t believe it. Yan Yu Ping Sheng also couldn’t believe his eyes. That sword…. Already had a will of its own… Its will was…

Yan Yu Ping Sheng didn’t dare to even think about it. It seemed Lin Feng had stepped into the next cultivation dimension. Yan Yu Ping Sheng had always wanted to break through to the next cultivation dimension. He knew that in order to reach the realm of an authentically powerful cultivator, he had to penetrate into that dimension, it was his ultimate goal on his path of cultivation.

“Lin Feng, come down.” Shouted Yan Yu Ping Sheng coldly when he saw the deadly energy started to slow down and started to become restless.

Lin Feng’s body shook and he came back to consciousness.

What was going on? What was happening? His entire body was surrounded by deadly energy as he floated in the sky, he didn’t know how he got there. If Yan Yu Ping Sheng hadn’t called him, it was very likely that Lin Feng would lose control of the sword and it would attack him.

His body shook, the black sword disappeared and the deadly energy immediately moved into his body. Immediately after, Lin Feng moved back to the ground.

“Teacher.” Shouted Lin Feng when he saw that there was blood on Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s mouth and he looked deathly pale. Lin Feng was astonished.

“Teacher, what happened to you?” Asked Lin Feng surprised and anxious. It didn’t look Yan Yu Ping Sheng had been in a battle with anyone, of course, almost nobody in Xue Yue could harm him anyway.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng smiled wryly.

“Nothing happened.” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng while slightly shaking his head.

“Teacher, who did this to you?” Asked Lin Feng who didn’t believe Yan Yu Ping Sheng. Yan Yu Ping Sheng was extremely strong, who could hurt him? He was also deathly pale, which made it look like he had been badly injured. Besides, Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s Qi was so weak, it was dangerous.

With Yan Yu Ping Sheng’s monstrous strength, who could have done such a thing to him?

Yan Yu Ping Sheng looked dumbfounded at Lin Feng and started to shake his head in silence.

Lin Feng was surprised and suddenly came to an understanding.

“Teacher, was it me?” Asked Lin Feng while timidly staring at Yan Yu Ping Sheng. They had been practicing together for a few days, apart from him, it couldn’t be anyone else.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng, when he saw that Lin Feng wouldn’t feel at ease until knowing the truth, slightly nodded.

“Lin Feng, your power of understanding is monstrous. In just two days, I used all of my strength and couldn’t continue playing the Cosmic Annihilation. If I had the power to continue, it’s very possible that you would have gained even more enlightenment.” Said Yan Yu Ping Sheng while feeling guilty. Lin Feng’s power of understanding was incredible, it was extremely rare, therefore, he wanted to play until the end so that Lin Feng could receive the most gains.

When Lin Feng heard Yan Yu Ping Sheng, he felt remorseful and uneasy but he also felt deeply grateful. He then took a deep breath.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng was injured because of him.

Lin Feng and Yan Yu Ping Sheng were neither kith nor kin but Yan Yu Ping Sheng had given everything that he had to help Lin Feng. He continued to play for Lin Feng until he was injured in the hope that it would benefit Lin Feng’s cultivation.

Yan Yu Ping Sheng was extremely good to him and Lin Feng would always remember that.

“Thank you, teacher!” Said Lin Feng to Yan Yu Ping Sheng while slightly bowing, just like a devoted student in front of his teacher, it was also a way for Lin Feng to express his utmost gratitude.

Even though the world was cruel, there were still many kindhearted and virtuous people who lived in seclusion. Otherwise, it would have been a terrible world to live in. Lin Feng appreciated those good natured people.


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