Chapter 571: Recovering

Translator: NotSaneInTheBrain
Edited by:Odd Man Out

This chapter is sponsored by: Andrea J, Lukasz M, Andrew S + Paul D
A lot of people worked together to get this one out!
This is the last chapter for the night! 15 Left! Comment as to what you think will happen!?


Chapter 571


  1. DK   •  

    None of the links from last night work. I did not check further back to see if those still work.

  2. Angel   •  

    569 chapters have no link hereinafter

  3. PLOT ARMOR!   •  

    mc recovers, mc get stronger, mc beat all enemies, mc get love interest devolpment, mc meet new enemy,mc has tough fight,mc get stronger……….pretty sure that excatly withint 60-70% what going happend in next 25-50 chapter. cuz mc plot armor is more undying then dbz line,it so undying even swallowedstar undying being cant be compare 😛

  4. Tuo   •  


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