Chapter 72: Provocation

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Lin Feng simply shrugged and smiled. He couldn’t be blamed for thinking that way because Liu Fei was acting so strangely.

Liu Fei was looking at Lin Feng and her heart was pounding in her chest. She couldn’t help but gnash her teeth. She had never been so furious but she had to control herself.


“There is something I would like to discuss with you.”


Said Liu Fei, she then fell dead silent. Her face had turned red and she tried to open her mouth but there were no words coming out.


“What do you want to talk about?” asked Lin Feng surprised.


“Do you know who the strongest people are in the Xue Yue Country?” asked Liu Fei.


“Of course I know, it’s the Imperial Clan.” Lin Feng replied immediately. Lin Feng knew that the Imperial Clan were the strongest and there was not a person who would dare contest that. This is why they so easily ruled over the country. Only the strongest person could become Emperor and only with power could they control the country. This was a fact.


Liu Fei was surprised. She didn’t know that Lin Feng was so knowledgeable about the subject. He had responded so quickly without even taking time to think.


“That’s right. In the Xue Yue Country the Imperial Clan is the strongest. Even though there are extremely strong clans and sects within the country like the Yun Hai Sect, there is not a single power that would dare to face against the imperial clan.” Liu Fei explained. “However, now the Emperor has requested some of the outstanding disciples of the Xue Yue Country to help develop the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. They will receive the best cultivation resources available and the best teachers will be available to them. They will develop into incredible powers for the country and they will become leaders in the future.”


At that moment, Liu Fei stopped talking and looked at Lin Feng’s reaction.


Lin Feng looked at Liu Fei while smiling and ask: “What does that have to do with me?”


Liu Fei looked at Lin Feng with anger building up inside her. She was cursing at him under her breath. He was extremely smart and she didn’t believe for even a second that he didn’t understand what she wanted.


“So you’re not interested in going there? Are you not interested in getting the best profound pills, the best weapons, the best martial skills and agility techniques?” said Liu Fei while trying to convince him.


Lin Feng had understood what Liu Fei meant. She was being very obvious with her intentions. However what he was trying to figure out was Liu Fei and exactly what was in it for her. What was her relation with the Imperial Clan and why would she need to come and recruit on their behalf?


When he thought of the day when he had seen Liu Fei with the Chi Xue armored horses, he believed even more than Liu Fei held an extraordinary status within the Imperial City.


Liu Fei saw Ling Feng’s eyes were sparkling with intrigue, she then smiled and said: “So, how does it sound? Are you excited?”


Lin Feng scratched his head while looking at Liu Fei and said with a giggle: “Are there any girls as beautiful as you there?”




When Lin Feng saw that Liu Fei was blushing, he laughed and started walking away.


“Even though the Imperial Clan is extremely strong, there are also other clans who are very ambitious. The Imperial Clan wants them to hand over their best disciples and go to the Holy Courtyard… Do you really believe that it will be so simple?”


After these words left Lin Feng’s mouth it caused Liu Fei to stare at him with a stunned expression. He really was much smarter than she had initially imagined. No wonder he had managed to advance his strength in such a short period of time. He was a real genius. But this bastard was making her lose face.


Liu Fei was in a bad mood because of what Lin Feng had said. If she had the chance then she would definitely defeat that bastard and make him regret everything. That would be her revenge for constantly getting ridiculed by him. She had started following him as he left.





Nine Frost Mountain was the name of the place where the elite disciples lived.


In the Nine Frost Mountain, there was a gigantic cave which was popular with the elite disciples because of a certain cliff.


At the top of the precipice, engraved in the stone were a list of names. Those names were the names of the strongest elite disciples. There were eighty names in total which were carved into the stone.


What intrigued people the most is that it looked like a chess board. Each of the eighty names was like a chess piece which could be moved across the board. Some names would be eliminated, while other insignificant pieces would cross the board and transform into powerful pieces.


All of the elite disciples within the sect hoped that their name could be engraved on that board someday. It would mean that they had finally reached the top and would be respected by all.


At that moment, Tu Fu’s name which was at the top of the list was removed. They all understood what was happening. He was one of the first people to become a core disciple and he had even defending his right to be a core disciple.


Then, a new name replaced Tu Fu’s name on the list of the elite disciples.


“Wen Ren Yan.”


His name had appeared there suddenly like a comet which had crashed through to the top position. He had only needed a year and he was already at the top of the elite disciple rankings. Everybody knew of his strength. He had the power to join the core disciples but he decided to stay as an elite disciple. Everybody knew the reason why he had done such a thing. He did not want to join the core disciples because he was too arrogant and refused to be lowly ranked amongst the core disciples. He would rather rule over the elite disciples than be kicked around by the core disciples.


Wen Ren Yan was sixteen years old. There were many young disciples in the Yun Hai Sect who were exceptionally talented. He had never been an ordinary disciple because he had directly joined as an elite disciple. Once he joined the elite disciples he had been fighting intensively and his name had constantly been rising up in the rankings. A year had passed and his name was already carved into the top stone on the board.


Many people trusted Wen Ren Yan and believed in his power. He had achieved a great deal of accomplishments in the year he spent fighting his way to the top. He could even be compared to people like Ling Hu He Shan or Fu Tu.


Outside of the cave a group of people had arrived. All of the disciples there were looking at this group with respect filling their eyes.


“Wen Ren Yan has arrived.”


Amongst the group was a young man wearing a white Chang Pao. He looked incredibly arrogant yet powerful. He had deep blue eyes and had a strangely cold looking face. This young man was Wen Ren Yan.


“Wen Ren, congratulations!” said a disciple standing next to him while smiling.


“The top ranking amongst the elite disciples… that’s all I have achieved.” replied Wen Ren Yan expressionless. He glanced at his name on the stone and said: “Chen Xing, considering your current strength, you should also have your name carved onto that ranking list.”

“Yes, I will do my best.” said Chen Xing while nodding. Chen Xing was the elite disciple that had been defeated by Lin Qian in front of everybody when she came to the sect. Since then, Chen Xing had been practicing harder than he had ever practiced before. He wasn’t far from breaking through to the second Ling Qi layer. He was also considered a young genius. He was quite respected amongst the elite disciples. Even Wen Ren Yan respected him and his determination.


“Hehe.” Wen Ren Yan smiled. Immediately after, he glanced at the crowd. His blues were sparkling with a strange light.


“From today, I declare that Liu Fei is officially mine. If anyone tries to flirt with her then do not blame me for being ruthless.”


Everybody sighed when they heard what Wen Ren Yan had said. He had been interested in Liu Fei for a while and now that he was the strongest within the elite disciples, he had wanted to prevent others from approaching Liu Fei.


Wen Ren Yan was actually insane to say such a thing because everybody knew that he had only refused to join the core disciples because he wanted to remain as the top elite disciple. However there were many strong core disciples who were interested in Liu Fei. In Liu Fei’s eyes, Wen Ren Yan didn’t even exist.


The entire crowd was speechless when suddenly a loud voice was heard within the crowd.


“How can you say that Liu Fei is yours when what you say is of such little importance? We want to hear Liu Fei say it herself.” Han Man knew that Lin Feng and Liu Fei were together at that moment. He got angry when he heard what Wen Ren Yan had so boldly declared.


“Huh?” everybody was surprised.


“Who was that audacious guy who dares provoke Wen Ren Yan? Does he want to die?”


The crowd was whispering amongst themselves. Not only was Wen Ren Yan extremely strong but he was also respected within the Yun Hai Sect. Even some of the core disciples didn’t dare provoke him.


“Very good.” said Wen Ren Yan while turning around. His blue eyes revealed his murderous intention. Immediately an image of a poisonous snake shot from his hand.




Han Man’s body was thrown against the wall of the cliff. Blood was spilling out of his mouth. His eyes had an insolent expression as if he wasn’t going to obey.


“If you say another word, I’ll kill you where you stand.”


Wen Ren Yan sounded calm and serene but also firm.


“Piss off.” Han Man said while spitting out blood. He was staring coldly at Wen Ren Yan and said: “Don’t think that you’re strong because you needed one year to reach the top of the ranking. When my brother arrives he will wipe your name from the list in no time.”


“Huh? Who’s your brother then? Tell me.” Wen Ren Yan said as his words were filled with disdain.


“Lin Feng, Liu Fei’s boyfriend.”


Han Man had said this on purpose. After what happened during the Exam where Lin Feng had dared to kill an elite disciple in front of everyone including the elders, Han Man was convinced that no one would dare provoke Lin Feng so easily. He was also sure that Lin Feng would not need much time before he had surpassed Wen Ren Yan. Han Man was convinced that Lin Feng could defeat him in less than a year.


“Who’s Lin Feng?”


Wen Ren Yan said that indifferently. He hadn’t bothered to go to the Exam on that day, he knew that nobody would dare to challenge him because he was one of the strongest elite disciples.


“Someone who has just broke through to the Ling Qi layer but has already mastered forces. He is nothing compared to you.”


Chen Xing said full of disdain.


“Oh, is that really what you think?”


Suddenly a voice echoed through the silence as two figures appeared in the distance.


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