Chapter 87: Cold Blooded

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“Hehe, to be honest, I am surprised by your decision.”

Duan Tian Lang had a cold smile on the corner of his mouth as he stared at Lin Feng.


“You are a genius. I really appreciate your talent and battle ability. I offered you a great opportunity but you are not willing to seize it. It is very important for you to understand that because you are a genius, you will not be treated like other people who refuse this opportunity, if you refuse, I will have no choice but to act rashly. I will not let you off and I will not be able to let you continue living.”


“If you refuse, you are doomed.”


Duan Tian Lang suddenly filled with killing intent as a strong Qi was released and shot towards Lin Feng.


Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change from his usual calm expression. He obviously understood what Duan Tian Lang meant but he had already understood the consequences of his choices. Some decisions in life needed to be chosen carefully as it could lead a person to their own death.


“Duan Tian Lang, I will not allow you to touch him.”


At that moment, Liu Fei suddenly jumped in front of Lin Feng to prevent Duan Tian Lang from attacking Lin Feng. She looked extremely furious at his actions.


She had always thought that Lin Feng was a pervert with hidden intentions. She hadn’t thought that Lin Feng could say such touching and moving things while his life was at stake. He had now shown his true character. Everything he had said so far had deeply moved Liu Fei. She had discovered a new aspect of his personality that she had never noticed before.


Lin Feng was such a great talent that he couldn’t die. It would be such a pity if he died here under these circumstances.


At that moment, the situation was critical for the Yun Hai Sect. Liu Fei was using her own life to stand up for the sect and protect it. She had hope that she could avoid the worst possible outcome.


“Fei Fei, he must die.”


Duan Tian Lang sounded really firm in his resolution.


“I will not allow you to touch him.” said Liu Fei as she grew more and more furious. She stared at Duan Tian Lang with evil eyes.


“Fei Fei, why do you care so much about him? What does he mean to you?” Duan Tian Lang’s son, Duan Han, was staring at Lin Feng. He had recognized him from their earlier encounter. On the day which he came to the Yun Hai Sect with Chi Xie armored cavalry, they had stopped because Liu Fei knew him. However she had said they were only fellow disciples of the same sect and nothing more.


But at that moment, Liu Fei was protecting Lin Feng with her life. Duan Han was troubled. He was a genius and had always hoped that Liu Fei would become his wife.



“Our relationship is none of your business.” Liu Fei said while intensely staring at Duan Han. Then she glanced at all the Chi Xie armored cavalry and sighed: “You should all listen to me, I don’t care about who you are, your status, or even whose orders you are acting upon. I will not allow you to touch him, otherwise I will inform my father and his army will come to take care of you.”


Duan Han’s face looked extremely ugly at that moment. He then said in an extremely cold tone: “Fei Fei, do you like this young man?”


“It’s none of your business.” said Liu Fei furiously. Whom she liked was none of Duan Han’s business.


Duan Han was stupefied. His expression changed from shock to a face which resembled an evil demon. He then said in an ice cold tone: “Alright. Alright… Now there is a second reason for him to die”


“Lin Feng, you’re always saying long and righteous words, what the hell are you doing now hiding behind that girl?”


Lin Feng was smiling wryly… Liu Fei was always protecting him.


Lin Feng moved in front of Liu Fei, took her hand and whispered: “You’re my girlfriend, how could I let you protect me?”




Liu Fei looked embarrassed but a smile had appeared on her face. That bastard, when had he learnt to be a gentleman?


But Duan Han’s face became even uglier as he shouted: “Your girlfriend?! What gives you the right to say that Liu Fei is your girlfriend? Lin Feng, do you dare to come and fight with me!”


“Lin Feng, don’t!” Said Liu Fei with a hint of worry.


Liu Fei pulled on Lin Feng’s sleeve to stop him. She clearly know how strong Duan Han was. His power was even more frightening that that of Wen Ren Yan. His sword was infinitely more powerful than what Lin Feng had displayed earlier.


But… How could Lin Feng retreat now?”


“Don’t you dare?” Laughed Duan Han.


Lin Feng moved towards Duan Han. Duan Han was about eighteen years old. Even if he was extremely strong, there was no reason for Lin Feng not to be able to fight against him.


“Hmph, alright.” Snorted Duan Han.


He had an evil covering his face. As he held his sword a great quantity of sword Qi emerged and was released in the atmosphere.


That sword Qi was getting more and more intense while it violently whistled through the atmosphere. Slowly it started to gather another power.


“Sword force.”


The entire crowd was stupefied. That was sword force which he was using. Duan Tian Lang’s son, Duan Han, was using the same force as Lin Feng. The sword force he was releasing was cutting through the atmosphere and filling the entire arena. The Qi from his sword was even stronger than that of Lin Feng but Lin Feng’s sword force was much more powerful than that of Duan Han.


Lin Feng was surprised. He unsheathed his sword and just like Duan Han, he released his sword force.


“Tsk, a sword master doesn’t necessarily need to use his sword, pay attention.”Β Said Duan Han.


Suddenly, Duan Han moved his hand and it seemed like his sword Qi was suddenly mixing with the Qi contained within the earth and the heavens. His sword was glowing as Qi qould circulate in and out of his sword.


The crowd was stupefied. It looked like pure Qi was being released from his sword. How could Duan Han be so monstrously powerful?


It had to be a skill, an extremely strong and powerful skill.




Duan Han shouted loudly. An extremely powerful yet pure Qi was emerging out from the palm of his hand while emitting a radiant light.


The sword Qi in the air took the shape of a sword and looked like it was aiming directly at Lin Feng.


At that moment, all the sword Qi and Sword force had combined, and was starting to pressure Lin Feng’s body.


The energy sword thrust itself towards Lin Feng at incredible speed.


Lin Feng could dodge but had to be careful as by dodging the sword created from energy he would be open to other attacks.


Duan Han was a genius sword master. He had learnt and practiced many sword skills. Lin Feng had no choice but to recognize that Duan Han was a sword master. Lin Feng didn’t think that way about all the sword users he had met before, even if they had a sword spirit, however Duan Han was different.


“Deadly sword.”


When Lin Feng saw all the combined sword energy, he grabbed his long sword and released an incredible amount of Qi to block the incoming energy sword.


An incredibly huge amount of sword Qi started to cover the entire arena. However, it seemed like Lin Feng’s sword Qi was unable to compete with the sword energy which was released by Duan Han.


“How powerful!” His pupils started to dilate. At that moment, he could already feel the sword energy released by Duan Han growing closer which suddenly made Lin Feng feel imminent danger. He could not help but groan as he was in a dangerous situation.


But the most terrifying thing was the sword energy which continued to thrust at Lin Feng.




Lin Feng was projected back several steps and blood started to drip from the corner of his mouth. A bright red blood was dripping down his chin.

Lin Feng’s robes were ragged and his body was riddled with wounds.


Liu Fei who wasn’t far behind him ran straight towards him and offered her hand to help him stand.


“I’m alright.” said Lin Feng indifferently while shaking his head. All the sword Qi and sword force started to combine into another energy sword. Even though Lin Feng was defeated, he would still remain brave until the end.


“How Powerful!”


β€œHe’s not that much older than Wen Ren Yan but he’s much stronger!”


β€œThat’s another genius, a genius sword master!”


The crowd was thinking all sorts of things. A sword master was extremely powerful, much more than expected.


“Do you see now? You cannot even withstand a single attack. We have nothing in common. You will forever be chasing my footprints.”


Duan Han was staring at Lin Feng and looked extremely cold. He then raised his hand and shouted: “RAISE YOUR BOWS!”




The loud shout spread throughout the entire atmosphere of the gorge and then all the cavalry mounted on their Chi Xie armored horses raised their bows. They had filled the cliff at the top of the gorge completely.


A terrifying Qi filled the air above the Life and Death Arena.


“I just have to speak once and everybody will fire their bows. They will kill anyone with just a single word from me. How could you even think that you can compete with me?”


β€œYou may lower your bows” Duan Han had told them to lower their bows and all the cavalry instantly lowered their bows.


“Your strength and my strength are not even comparable. You cannot master forces to the same level as me. What makes you think that you can be intimate with Liu Fei when I cannot?”


Duan Han said with an ice cold tone.


“Duan Han, you are a shameless asshole!” shouted Liu Fei furiously cursing at Duan Han.


“If you are so strong now, it is because of the clan in which you grew up, which descends from the Imperial family. You don’t know what it is to lack great teachers and resources. Why are you doing this to Lin Feng? Besides, Lin Feng is an expert at learning martial skills and agility techniques. Haven’t you noticed that his skills have the power of highest quality Xuan Level skills? He has gained everything by relying on his own power. Are you not ashamed to show off the power you gained from your clan in front of Lin Feng?”


“All you have learnt and all the power you have is because your family and because you have a high status. You have never had to rely on your talent, do you even have any?”


“You cannot deny, however, that I perfectly master all of these skills. You cannot deny that I am now an extremely strong cultivator. Lin Feng and I really have nothing in common.” said Duan Han disagreeing with Liu Fei.


“Even if that’s the case, what’s your problem? Don’t forget that you are older than Lin Feng as well. In two years, he will be much stronger than you. You are pathetic and shameless.”


Liu Fei was shouting and everyone was nodding in agreement with what she was saying.


That’s right. Everything that Liu Fei said to Duan Han was actually justified.


Because Duan Han came from such a powerful family and had such a high status that didn’t mean he wasn’t gifted or couldn’t use forces properly. However was he more gifted than Lin Feng?


Lin Feng’s background wasn’t as good as Duan Han’s. Lin Feng could only rely on himself to gain his power. If Lin Feng switched places with Duan Han, he would probably be many times stronger than him. Besides, Lin Feng was still very young. He was two years younger than Duan Han. Two years was enough for Lin Feng to exceed Duan Han even without the same resources. Lin Feng was much more talented than Duan Han.


“No matter what you say, strength is strength, weakness is weakness. Today, he will die.”Β  Said Duan Han furiously.


“Alright, we don’t need you to get involved, Fei Fei. Sooner or later, you will become a member of my family so come and stand next to me.”


Duan Tian Lang had said that while looking at Liu Fei. It sounded like he was convinced that Liu Fei would someday become the wife to his son.


“In your dreams! I, Liu Fei, will never be a member of your family!” Screamed Liu Fei in disgust.


“Hmph, Liu Fei, don’t say such things in front of me. That’s a great offense. Don’t forget that the Duan family is also a part of the Imperial Clan.”


Duan Tian Lang moved his arm. Immediately after, all the cavalry on their Chi Xie armored horses once again raised the bows that they had just put down.


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