Complains and Confusion

Hey there,
I recieved some positive feedback at first, and now i mainly read complains about being late (while still being in time). Therfore I made a little poll about release times. I hope i got most fitting answers for everyone.

To the poll


Thanks for all the nice words. It really gives motivation after so much complains. They are really appreciated πŸ˜€


  1. Belkar   β€’  

    Whatever you do, a specific time is a terrible idea. It just overloads the site, making nobody able to read anything at all.

    • Belkar   β€’  

      Oh, and keep up the good work!

  2. Philip LaGuerre   β€’  

    Do what you got to, a lot of self-entitled 5 yr old’s crying out here without valid reason.

  3. ReignBringer   β€’  

    I like it the way it is now, random upload time so that the site don’t overload. But i guess most people dont like it if u upload it a little late over the agreed time (well there’s a range of 6 hours afterall). So maybe, its better if u upload it within the agreed time (in my timezone it was 3pm-9pm, so try uploading before 9pm). Sorry if there were complaints, coz it was outside the time range. But u did great work although u had a hectic schedule and u try to give solution for it, thank you πŸ™‚

  4. NinjaBoy   β€’  

    i feel like its stupid to blame for being late in Sunday, all of us are human beings, we r not paying for it. its already amazing that u r doing what u r doing.

    • tian   β€’  

      You are right but they are the official releaser and in this case he need to be professional and he didnt.

      • NinjaBoy   β€’  

        i feel like “official” is not what people should think, i doubt they r earning some good money out of this. i guess they became “official” coz asked author about whether they can translate to not to worry about copyrights and he said OK, i guess they were first our even the only one who did this. thats why i guess they r official. if u think i want to harm this guys reputation but i m not, i m really respecting this guys.

      • Aladanor   β€’     Author

        official = professional?
        Did you ever bother to look the word official up?

  5. Dias   β€’  

    You are doing great, keep up the good work.

  6. RedKaiser   β€’  

    Don’t worry about them.
    You did great

  7. achixbicool   β€’  

    All the complaints about being ‘late’ only show that the work you are doing has become vital for many πŸ™‚ So thank you for you work and keep going

  8. taz   β€’  

    How about if you’re ever really late, you publish the next day’s chapters as well.

    • Aladanor   β€’     Author

      that will be a problem, its not like we have that much chapter in advance and its just enough for patreon.

      • DickyPoppins   β€’  

        See the thing is, PMG is for many similar to crack or heroine. If it’s ever late people start going through withdrawals. You’ve been good about keeping it within a 3 hour window which is very acceptable.

        More so your repair time is remarkable. You fix missing chapters many times faster than they were done before and link issues as well. That should more than cover dealing with a small time range of your posts.

        Thanks for the work and thanks to the team making it possible.

  9. kishan sikder   β€’  

    Thanks for the post take your time… And have a good health…
    Because the post is not running away anyway… As you say…
    But I have a request: can give us a special post once in a month…

    This novel is so amazing all the way after all

  10. adrian tyas bangun   β€’  

    First thanks for regular update and continue translating this novel. And don’t worry about complaining person. They just did not understand how hard to continously translating a novel. It needs a lot hardwork and motivation.

    So give you all my thumbs..
    Keep updating bro. ??????

  11. Razz   β€’  

    Just ignore the self-entitled brats. From my perspective, I haven’t noticed any late posts. What I have noticed is people crying over it not being posted immediately at the beginning of the time window you gave. Those people deserve to be ignored. Anyway, keep up the good work. Even if we don’t always respond, there are a lot of us silent readers who greatly appreciate what you are doing.

  12. crazylin   β€’  

    This is working pretty well. Today was unexpected but we are just humans! Just to make sure UTC is the Greenwich Mean Time or 00:00 in time zone… Definitely people will complain if chapters are not posted between the agreed times.

    Keep up the great work!!

  13. Ijiw   β€’  

    U said urself we can complain if u not upload at 8am-2pm utc. Just inform us if its gonna late.

  14. Drimiter   β€’  

    I don’t know why these brats are complaining, because others scans normally released 1 chapter per week, here we have 40 ?
    Continue your great job and forget about those crying babies.

    • Silent Scream   β€’  

      O_o The number of chapters is directly correlated to the amount of $$ they get on Patreon to help you put that into perspective. We are not entitled to the chapter releases in the same reasoning that they aren’t entitled to the Patreon contributions though I agree that we all should be gracious and civil as a community.

  15. Yun Fei Yang   β€’  

    Today was very special, 5 hours earlier. Love your work.

  16. Lito Origo   β€’  

    I’m okay with it being reduced to one (10+ chapter) a week release.

    There wasn’t an option for :

    I’m a freeloader and demand to be treated better than royalty!

  17. Randomcipher   β€’  

    Personally, I appreciate it how it is now. I know exactly when I can come to read I don’t have guess when the new releases are out or keep refreshing every half hour.

  18. DemonXKD   β€’  

    I think it’s great how it is. I always come here at 2 pm and always get right into reading so(at least for me) it’s great as is. Even if it can be late sometimes(didn’t notice it if it was) i have nothing against it. We’re not the ones doing all the work, i’m just happy to read.

    Keep up the great work πŸ˜€

  19. sunarman   β€’  

    You are doing great, keep up the good work.
    Ignore the ignorant brats who keeps bugging you for chapter release

  20. Al   β€’  

    Hi Aladanor,
    Don’t attach to such negative feedbacks and mind. It’s worthless as shit. Just keep as usual, as mostly readers are happy with the current way.
    PS : thanks to the team for this great World.

  21. golgo   β€’  

    don’t worry about these ‘trash’
    i’ll clean them up soon enough.
    i’ll get lin feng to help me πŸ™‚

  22. Anton Yus   β€’  

    Well the last uploaded rarely missed the tempo, so I usually could read while driving… ? Now u upload it really late from that tempo, I know u don’t owe me anything, but from my point of view if u stepped up for the job I expect u would do the same

  23. Marcus   β€’  

    Basically I want to give you a positive comment, you f-ing deserve it!
    Do whatever you want, I have no reasons to complain and all the more to applaud.

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