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All daily chapters will be posted on the patreon page until the site errors go away. I can’t actually get anything posted or even log in for most hours of the day right now :.(


  1. PMG Addicted Fan   •  

    Hi OddManOut,

    If we are not yet become patreon, can we still accessing the daily chapter in patreon website?

    • PMG Addicted Fan   •  

      Oh… it turn out we can. thanks

    • Grey   •  

      How can we access daily chapter freely?

      • Skoda678   •  

        Ya how to access the chapters?

  2. Pyropeps   •  

    You should try again, this morning (GMT +1) the site was functioning (while yesterday at night it didn’t)
    I don’t have any more problems

    • LinFeng   •  

      The site is bugging randomly for a few days now. Sometimes it works like a charm sometimes you can’t get anything for more than half an hour (I just got 500’ed btw).

      • Jah UniT   •  

        whenever i get the 500 error or a blank page i just reload it many times and it ends up working. ofc if you are just quickly checking 1-3 chapters or comments its ok, but if you’re all day on the site or are trying to post something i can see how very tedious and annoying it is.

  3. AspiringSectNoob   •  

    Hey I`m having trouble loading chapter 85 could you check it out. 86 managed to load but I want to read 85 so if possible 🙂

  4. Felipe   •  

    how may I find the patreon page?

  5. lord   •  

    pls tell,at what time the chapters will be posted on patron according to time zone on patron???

  6. Geopwn   •  

    Cant access index for pmg it just stays as a plank page anyone know how to fix it

  7. OddManOut   •     Author

    For anyone trying to access the index, it has reportedly been down for several weeks now and NotSane has been informed. Typically chapters are out around 3-4pm EST, but may be different with the current situation being what it is. To access patreon just go to the right side of the screen and click the giant red button which says patreon. I am noting all chapters which are reported bad, thanks to you who have commented on them for me!

  8. Sk   •  

    hey guys, does anyone have offline version of the chapters? i’m at 111 so it will take me to catch up with newest and this errors piss me off

  9. Iv   •  

    Use cached websites in google. Works pretty fine.
    If you don’t know how – google it 🙂

  10. Sk   •  

    yea i know but still pdf would be better 😀

  11. Hopeless Monolingual   •  

    seems to be worknig for me now

  12. Grey   •  

    Is there anyone here has read chapter 915?
    I have read chapter 914 2 days ago and still waiting for 915 and on

    • supriadi   •  

      chapter 915-918 is posted on patron page, just click red patron button on right side of this page..

  13. omasri   •  

    Yay! we reached 5K patreon support. 27 chapters per week!

    • KoruSensei   •  

      I noticed this as well — I wonder if we’ll be granted the additional chapters this week!

  14. Mark Diez   •  

    Psssst. Do you have a tech guy? If not, I could help 😡 . i’d love to not get 500 and other errors when visiting your marvelous site…

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