1. KK   •  

    Hey, I am just a leecher and this is my first comment. I have been reading both novels on your site and thank you for all your hardwork. I am looking forward to seeing both those get translated completely here.

    There is a reason why I am commenting though and that is regarding the editing of DTH. Are the future chapters not going to be edited? The reason I ask is because the last few chapters are misleading or doesnt make sense in a lot of places and also has new terms introduced which don’t make sense :(. What I am looking for is information on if and when this editing will be done and am not complaining. :). Keep up the hardwork.

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      The future chapters should be edited. I don’t edit DTH, only PMG. But, I am the one publishing the chapters for both. We recruited some editors that did a good job a few months ago but with school coming or perhaps work conflicts, all of our DTH editors are unable to edit. I just posted the DTH chapters to the end of this week unedited because this is my last week posting chapters and whatnot. NotSaneintheBrain is in charge of this site but hasn’t been available to talk with for a month so I figured I would just push out these last chapters to finish up my time being here!
      I would not be surprised if DTH is on break for some time as all the behind-the-scene people are replaced. I know it’s super confusing without the chapters being edited but it shouldn’t be for long and hopefully these will later be replaced with edited versions!

      • KK   •  

        Thanks for the quick reply and good to hear those chapters will be edited :). I know that RL gets in the way.

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