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  1. CoCoBo   •  

    Yeah cant wait to continue to read this i was missing it on that other site will it still be getting releases at novels nao there has not been any updates there about it. 🙁

  2. Translation Fanboy   •  

    HYPE for DtH to come to this site!

  3. Chance Thompson   •  

    I can’t wait!!!!

  4. affact   •  

    too bad totallyinsane is weird lately.

  5. KaiserDog   •  

    Was looking forward to reading this today QQ

  6. Zazabon   •  

    This guy growth is insane..

  7. traxer   •  

    rly insane 😀
    but i still looking forward for release)

  8. Someone   •  

    This novel is fun to read!

  9. ZnieR   •  

    new chapter release plssss….

  10. boosiv   •  

    time to create a glossary?

  11. Daniel Guerra   •  

    Hi guys, i made this glossary while i read the novel, i hope this can help all to understand more the novel… I hope you can put this on the page, to make it easier to find, I know it’s not the best glossary. but it’s something.


    Power Level:
    Combat Realm – 9 Bulls Force Max – Refining Skin
    Warrior Real – 36 Bulls Force Max – Refining Flesh
    Master Realm – 99 Bulls Force Max – Refining Bones
    Spiritual Realm – 32? Dragons Force – Refining Veins
    Wild Realm – 54 Dragons Force – Refining Marrow
    King Realm – ?? Dragons Force – Renining his five organs
    Grandmaster Realm – Activate the five elements
    Imperial Realm – Refining blood with 5 elements for Refining the body
    Emperor Realm – Stimulate acupuncture points with blood qi

    Each currency was worth ten times more than the one before.
    Combat Coin
    Warrior Coin
    Master Coin
    Spiritual Coin
    Wild Coin…

    Technique Class:
    Yellow > Black > Di > Tian > Xian > Shen > Tao

    Sacred Instruments Class:
    Sacred instrument
    Spiritual instruments
    Eart Class???

    Xuanyuan: MC Duuh
    Greed: A shadow who fuses with mc body? he teach him the devouring technique
    Yin Zhenluo: Master of mc and his love

    Yan Ziyun: First Disciple, first sister – Srta. Fairy
    Huayu: Girl who is auctioneering of fullmoon cave

    Fighting Dragon City
    Bai: Super sexy girl who Work for Taibai Trading Company – king realm
    Huxuan: Young master of Hu family, is friend of Fung Lie, loves Bai
    Kuixue: man in grandmaster realm – Kuiya father? – want to kill mc because his oson

    Fang Yuyou: girl who dresses as a man
    Fang Wujian: guy uses a axe as weapon, serves Fang Yuyou
    Lu Yuxiang: young master of lu family
    Xie Wuhen: guy of xie family
    Fang Yun: guy of Fang family, is in top imperial realm

    Fighting Dragon Sect
    Fung Lie: 33 True disciple
    Kuiya: is father controls the portal of Moonsky to the sect / work the Biyue to kill mc
    Biyue: Interne disciple, A bitch who likes insult to all – she is in king realm
    Biluo: True disciple, brother of the bitch
    Xiang Tianku: Internet disciple, he likes Longyue?
    Xiaotian: random disciple noob who want the dragon boots in the auction
    Huotao: True disciple he is against Fung Lie
    Xingcan: Rank 6 in merit list, he wanted the intruments Huxuan recommended to mc –
    Xingyun: True disciple, support Xingcan

    Dinastia Lu – Mo Creatures?
    Shitan: Higher Princess < Super sexy – imperial realms
    Shiguan: Younger Princess – Master alchemist – imperial realms
    Guizhan: other MO in the Mo nest

    Moonsky City:
    Fangyuan: Young master of Mall of the full moon
    Fangyue: Master of Mall of the full moon

    • Odorico   •  


  12. Loure   •  

    Chapter 92 does not link to 93

    • Loure   •  

      Also 95 to 96 needs to be linked

    • Loure   •  

      The there’s 104 to 105 for linkage(I’m only doing this as I read so sorry for the hassle)

      • Loure   •  

        And then there was 107 to 108

    • Loure   •  

      112 to 113 (you don’t need to reply as I trust you would do it if needed be and that it takes time to go through one by one to find them)

      • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

        Wow that’s a lot missed I wonder what happened…

      • Loure   •  

        113-114,115-116, 118-119

  13. maha93   •  

    more chapters plz

  14. Orienko the Juggernaut King   •  

    What happened to the next chapter links

  15. Orienko the Juggernaut King   •  

    The index is broken I tried to open the 201-225 and nothing happens also chapters​ 215 and 216 are not linked

    • OddManOut   •  

      That’s cause I haven’t manually updated them into the index yet. I’ll get to that tonight when I add all the missing ‘next chapter’ links! Again, sorry it takes some time to manage these things, but I’m only one person! 😛

  16. Xellon   •  

    What chapter have you guys translated to? The link for 162 and below are broken it just leads me to the main website

  17. Centurion   •  

    Links from 34-35 and up are missing

  18. Lewis Wallace-Ryan   •  

    is this discontinued i hope not cause i miss it and need it to come back soon

  19. J   •  

    Please continue translation. I read your PMG and then got hooked on DtH. You stopped at a crucial moment right before the wedding. Please re-start so I can find out what happens. 🙂

  20. Diego   •  

    Why is there no more DtH translations?

  21. MZK13   •  

    I hooe this gets an update I really miss this 🙁

  22. idleguy   •  

    how can i read the first chapter?

  23. weebu   •  

    I need this story fam

  24. Anthon   •  

    Chapter 245 til latest not working

  25. Aniloave   •  

    Hi author group members of Totally Insane Translation. I really appreciate you work here for both PMG and DTH. It’s great to read your translations here.
    I am not seeing any announcement related to DTH. Can we have atleast weekly, biweekly or monthly releases if possible. It seems to be stuck on crucial moment.

    • OddManOut   •  

      It’s not a matter of having the ability right now. We don’t even know if Pan is available to translate from my understanding. No matter, just know that we are keeping DTH in mind and will update you all once we actually know what will happen with it

      • Aniloave   •  

        Great, thanks for the reply OddManOut. Will be waiting for the update on DTH eagerly and kudos to work done on PMG, great work!!! 🙂

      • Leny   •  

        Some of the chapters don’t link together

      • Akash Modi   •  


  26. Thanotos   •  

    Hey not sure if there’s just no chapter yet or not but after ch 231 all hyperlinks dont work in the index. But the hyperlinks in the chapters themselves work up till 246.

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  28. Hypebeast   •  

    Hope to see more updates for DTH soon..

    Because it just killed the hype. ??

  29. Delta_Force   •  

    I really want DTH to come back guys. It’s so good but the links are still broken.

  30. Delta_Force   •  

    I really want DTH to come back guys. It’s so good but the links are still broken.
    Still waiting for them to be fizes

  31. Zan   •  

    @OddManOut hey, i’ve just read from 1 through to 252 on DtH and it is great. I just want to know if there are any updates for it? does it need donations to get it rolling or is it a lack of available translator?
    If this is answered elsewhere and I have missed it, sorry!

  32. Kamui7   •  

    Ok, reading I like it … the old site is still available .. for the new one it is unstable .. they are and they are not.

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