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Well, Chapters 1-70 are on Novels Nao Link Here


  1. maha93   •  

    more chapters plz

  2. Loure   •  

    Chapter 92 does not link to 93

    • Loure   •  

      Also 95 to 96 needs to be linked

    • Loure   •  

      The there’s 104 to 105 for linkage(I’m only doing this as I read so sorry for the hassle)

      • Loure   •  

        And then there was 107 to 108

    • Loure   •  

      112 to 113 (you don’t need to reply as I trust you would do it if needed be and that it takes time to go through one by one to find them)

      • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

        Wow that’s a lot missed I wonder what happened…

      • Loure   •  

        113-114,115-116, 118-119

  3. Daniel Guerra   •  

    Hi guys, i made this glossary while i read the novel, i hope this can help all to understand more the novel… I hope you can put this on the page, to make it easier to find, I know it’s not the best glossary. but it’s something.


    Power Level:
    Combat Realm – 9 Bulls Force Max – Refining Skin
    Warrior Real – 36 Bulls Force Max – Refining Flesh
    Master Realm – 99 Bulls Force Max – Refining Bones
    Spiritual Realm – 32? Dragons Force – Refining Veins
    Wild Realm – 54 Dragons Force – Refining Marrow
    King Realm – ?? Dragons Force – Renining his five organs
    Grandmaster Realm – Activate the five elements
    Imperial Realm – Refining blood with 5 elements for Refining the body
    Emperor Realm – Stimulate acupuncture points with blood qi

    Each currency was worth ten times more than the one before.
    Combat Coin
    Warrior Coin
    Master Coin
    Spiritual Coin
    Wild Coin…

    Technique Class:
    Yellow > Black > Di > Tian > Xian > Shen > Tao

    Sacred Instruments Class:
    Sacred instrument
    Spiritual instruments
    Eart Class???

    Xuanyuan: MC Duuh
    Greed: A shadow who fuses with mc body? he teach him the devouring technique
    Yin Zhenluo: Master of mc and his love

    Yan Ziyun: First Disciple, first sister – Srta. Fairy
    Huayu: Girl who is auctioneering of fullmoon cave

    Fighting Dragon City
    Bai: Super sexy girl who Work for Taibai Trading Company – king realm
    Huxuan: Young master of Hu family, is friend of Fung Lie, loves Bai
    Kuixue: man in grandmaster realm – Kuiya father? – want to kill mc because his oson

    Fang Yuyou: girl who dresses as a man
    Fang Wujian: guy uses a axe as weapon, serves Fang Yuyou
    Lu Yuxiang: young master of lu family
    Xie Wuhen: guy of xie family
    Fang Yun: guy of Fang family, is in top imperial realm

    Fighting Dragon Sect
    Fung Lie: 33 True disciple
    Kuiya: is father controls the portal of Moonsky to the sect / work the Biyue to kill mc
    Biyue: Interne disciple, A bitch who likes insult to all – she is in king realm
    Biluo: True disciple, brother of the bitch
    Xiang Tianku: Internet disciple, he likes Longyue?
    Xiaotian: random disciple noob who want the dragon boots in the auction
    Huotao: True disciple he is against Fung Lie
    Xingcan: Rank 6 in merit list, he wanted the intruments Huxuan recommended to mc –
    Xingyun: True disciple, support Xingcan

    Dinastia Lu – Mo Creatures?
    Shitan: Higher Princess < Super sexy – imperial realms
    Shiguan: Younger Princess – Master alchemist – imperial realms
    Guizhan: other MO in the Mo nest

    Moonsky City:
    Fangyuan: Young master of Mall of the full moon
    Fangyue: Master of Mall of the full moon

  4. boosiv   •  

    time to create a glossary?

  5. ZnieR   •  

    new chapter release plssss….

  6. Someone   •  

    This novel is fun to read!

  7. traxer   •  

    rly insane 😀
    but i still looking forward for release)

  8. Zazabon   •  

    This guy growth is insane..

  9. KaiserDog   •  

    Was looking forward to reading this today QQ

  10. affact   •  

    too bad totallyinsane is weird lately.

  11. Chance Thompson   •  

    I can’t wait!!!!

  12. Translation Fanboy   •  

    HYPE for DtH to come to this site!

  13. CoCoBo   •  

    Yeah cant wait to continue to read this i was missing it on that other site will it still be getting releases at novels nao there has not been any updates there about it. 🙁

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