What are people’s reasons for the discord? I can look at making one now, but I only see it being useful for posting site-maintenance. We already have an email updating system for alerting about new postings. I am concerned that the channel could be abused for posting spoilers or by those trying to advertise their own sites. I also know nothing about starting a discord channel so it’d be something I’d have to talk more about with NotSane.


  1. Michael-Brazil   â€¢  

    With more than $9,000 isn’t there a way for releasing more chapter per week, like 40 or more ?

    • Idleguy   â€¢  

      My thoughts exactly 🙂

    • Spicy   â€¢  

      They will updating tiers for more chapters once they get it organised with the translator and the revamped website is in place.

    • Mark Diez   â€¢  

      Hire more translators / editors would be a solution. Remember, that $$$ is probably spread between the team and I don’t know how many people are in the team. If they have jobs, the amount they get from translating probably isn’t enough to justify quitting their jobs in order to translate more.

    • OddManOut   â€¢     Author

      I’m not aware of any other translation pushing 20 chapters/week? As we’ve said for a week now.. our translator was sick so we are catching up our backlog before we offer more than we can handle. Thanks for supporting the novel, if you are!

  2. Ash   â€¢  

    Meh far as the discord goes no need to reinvent the wheel…. the site crash errrors are pesky but they get sorted eventually.. be grateful we get the postings we do get… we could b stuck with garbage translations (tried reading some others and I’d rather wash my hair with battery acid) for those that want more chapters become a patron pay and u will get access to more otherwise b thankful for what we get now…

  3. Ken   â€¢  

    No need for discord. Focus more on fixing site crash is better 🙂
    Great job on translating so far. Love your work!

    • Marek   â€¢  

      Agreed, I don’t see any gain from having it

  4. DickyPoppins   â€¢  

    I’m afraid it could turn into call of duty hostility in the voice chat and an outlet for other sites trolls. Is there a centralized blog or other discussion location?

  5. Mark Diez   â€¢  

    Discord is just a platform to chat / voice chat. It _could_ strengthen community bonding as they talk about the chapter but it can also be used as a rant platform. This means you will definitely need a mod to make sure things don’t go out of control in the channel.

    I don’t see it being beneficial in terms of site updates since you already post them via email / patreon / website.

  6. Chimerawizard   â€¢  

    WMW was doing 20/week or so. sometimes even more, but then it finished. 🙁
    For the question about discord:
    I didn’t know if this site had one, if it did and was open to readers instead of only translation team. I was wanting a link to find out if it was just me getting site down errors all the time back when I frequented the chat page.

    • OddManOut   â€¢     Author

      It’s due to our reader count, the server we are using can’t handle the reader load. So, it’ll usually happen around 3pm EST. I was informed that we are (hopefully) moving servers at the end of this week

      • Chimerawizard   â€¢  

        It has gotten a lot better for me after I got past chapter 350~
        I barely ever have an issues connecting anymore.
        Just like Wuxiaworld’s new server; I’m sure your new one will be a welcomed upgrade.
        Thank you for your work with the novel and care for the site.

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