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PMG Schedule 

3 regular chapters, plus Patron chapters as more if Patron goals are met.

  • Monday – 3 Chapter
  • Tuesday – 4 Chapter
  • Wednesday –  4 Chapter
  • Thursday – 4 Chapter
  • Friday – 4 chapter
  • Saturday – Sponsored chapter
  • Sunday – 4 Chapter


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  1. sid   •  

    thanks for taking up the novel…. all the best..

    • john   •  

      wait tell a can get work i’ll donate for sure i’m a big fan also tdg wish you all the best and thanks for the chapter

  2. Jakob   •  

    Thanks for the great work. I would like to donate but i am a poor student. keep up the awesome work.

    • miki995   •  

      me too xD love this novel, but no money to spare donate as I am also a poor student 😛 thanks for the chapters that you have uploaded 🙂 They made my day happier after the day at school <3 please don't give up on us and take good care of your health ^^

      • linley   •  

        count me 3….
        darn if only i could donate …..however | me = no money
        but thnx to all the donators and the one and only translator of ours…… ( and so on )
        but school is boring and all, however this saves me ( Light Novel )… and the thing i love most of all

        FAST UPDATES, which you have 🙂

  3. kakage   •  

    Question..If I donate 400 bucks how long would it take you to complete? 🙂

    • Saneinthebrain   •  

      1-3 days

  4. stormcrowe   •  

    I just donated $80 10 minutes ago. Can you omit the last name to a single letter? Thanks! Your stance on censorship convinced me lol.

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Many thanks 🙂

  5. karthik   •  

    Will there be another chap today?tomorrow?

  6. zack   •  

    the sponsored chapters above the donate button says 19 chapters is that how many sponsored chapters are posted or how many you need to post??

    • Cptconk   •  

      Sponsored chapters is a universal phenomenon in short they stack so 19 sponsored chapters this week then next week 19+ the ever changing mathematical equation for sponsored chapters. In short work her like a slave until she loses consciousness then wake her up to work her some more and that’s how many sponsored chapters we get.

      • Cptconk   •  

        And don’t be nice about it either or she won’t ever treat you seriously sometimes you just gotta tell a bitch she’s out of line. If anyone thinks I’m being serious lol. But seriously get back to work or I’ll have you commit seppuku to atone for me being to impatient. In short I know I’m being a douche bucket full of dicks but that doesn’t mean I’m entirely wrong only that I’m being to impatient and my patience has run out.

        • completelyderanged   •  

          no, you’re actually are a dick translators are human and have real lives. If you’re so impatient, go MTL the chapters yourself

          • devilsadvocate6   •  

            yep, fuckers like them should just MTL and be satisfied with that shit!!
            thanks insane!! your work rules!!

  7. lefaucheur95   •  

    you should pull off (slave day) for (sponsor chapter day) there is dumb people who will realy think of you as a slave^^ (some already think so ^^’)

  8. SkyOh322   •  

    Thanks for translating this novel…. and ignore all the haters, cuz there are lots more that love this novel, and appreciate you for it! btw… (right now, it’s 12/5/15) good luck with clearing the 29 chapters queue… i look forward to all those chapters!

  9. likenovelsmaan   •  

    its slave day “in name only” i doubt the queue will be cleared even in two days after all translating is near impossible for most humans you could die!

    • likenovelsmaan   •  

      but hey look at the bright side you only got 11 chapters left on the queue not like you got 29

  10. devilsadvocate6   •  

    what i need is a heavenly drop of money notes…then i could have filled the queue….hah……*depressed*

  11. Moneyspender   •  

    How long would it take you to release all 2000+ chapters if I were to pay u 60,000$. I am not making any promises here I just want to know for future reference. I might just decide to do it depending on future chapters and how interesting I find the story.

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Haha well I have never considered something like this, but I guess if that was to happen I may pause my contract and look at doing this full time. Which would be great because I enjoy these stories much more than business documents.

      This slave week I did around 35 chapters in 6 days of my time off, while dealing with server transfer and multiple server problems. If I ever have another slave week, I could do 50~60-ish chapters in a week. So to answer your hypothetical question, 40 weeks or less to do 2,000 sponsored chapters + my regular chapters.

  12. Leecher   •  

    Hello Filthy Leecher here
    I was wondering if everything is okay with you guys? also wanted to ask when is the next release or if there will any other ones?

    In any case thank you for your translations

  13. RedScaledOne   •  

    Hard too belive that this is already nearly 1 year ago.. nearly.. see what it is now *weep

  14. AonDuine   •  


    I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for the ridiculous amounts of work you do to bring this novel to life for all of us. I have rarely come across a translator that puts in so much effort to bring forward translations of high quality in a timely manner. I find myself often concerned for your health rather then worrying when the next Ch is coming out.

    I hope that you can continue to enjoy translating and I can say that we the readers and leachers will always be here to support you. Thanks again and have a great day.

  15. hanalister   •  

    Thx for the hard work 🙂 ! I’m already fine with an average of 1 chap per day so when u do 20 per week it’s like heaven ^^ Keep up the good work but dont forget ur own life 😉

  16. matthew   •  

    thanks for the work! why are sponsored chapters 40$ per? that seems expensive considering how long the story is (600/2500) and promised chapters are only 3 per week! im invested in the story and like it, but i dont think buying sponsored chapters at the moment with the high price and 3 per week would be a good investment because the story might not finish and get dropped. (one reader who loves the story! if i didnt i wouldnt care or want to spend money)

    • OddManOut   •  

      I personally don’t decide how much they are, but you can donate part of 40. You will see sponsored chapters that are from 2 or 3 people sometimes!

  17. Lucifer   •  

    Addicted to the novel. Read 811 chapters in less than two weeks. Waiting eagerly for new chapters.

  18. Ownekrouz   •  

    Excellent work, great quality. Read everything in two weaks. Would like to donate but I do not have $. If you ever come to Venezuela you will be welcome but I don not recommend you to come for the time being

    • OddManOut   •  


  19. Muhammadsaid   •  


    this novel ruined my 2 weeks

  20. OverLord_Lelouch   •  

    a week and i finally caught up, just shows what an amazing novel

  21. LinLinLin   •  

    spent more than 7h of screen time a day for this novel. Caught up in less than 2 weeks. This is so addicting, great job author!

  22. ah.s   •  

    thanks for hard work

  23. Kyfer   •  

    I spent a week to catch up but ain’t enough so freaking addictive. Great job to whoever you are doing this translation. I would pray for your health and more blessings to come.

  24. epoisz   •  

    Yup…this lin feng story so freaking addictive. keep up the good translation and thank you to our translator for doing an overwhelming job for us.

  25. TrixmzD   •  

    How to donate without using a credit? I dont have a creditcard

    • OddManOut   •  

      I think it is paypal?

  26. William Diaz   •  

    shouldnt this page be… updated?

    • OddManOut   •  

      We’ll be updating the whole site soon… so I kinda left it be for now

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