DtH Glossary

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Power Level:
Combat Realm – 9 Bulls Force Max – Refining Skin
Warrior Real – 36 Bulls Force Max – Refining Flesh
Master Realm – 99 Bulls Force Max – Refining Bones
Spiritual Realm – 32? Dragons Force – Refining Veins
Wild Realm – 54 Dragons Force – Refining Marrow
King Realm – ?? Dragons Force – Refining the five organs
Grandmaster Realm – Activate the five elements
Imperial Realm – Refining blood with 5 elements for Refining the body
Emperor Realm – Stimulate acupuncture points with blood qi




Each currency was worth ten times more than the one before, named after each realm.
– Fighter coins
– Warrior coins
– Master coins
– Spiritual coins
– Wild coins
– Kingly coins
– Grandmaster coins
– Imperial coins




– Yellow Class (Huang)
– Black Class (Xuan)
– Earthly Class (Di,)
– Heaven Class (Tian)
– Xian Class (Xian)
– Deity Class (Shen)
– Tao Class (Tao)

Techniques are divided into stars which correlates to their power. I.e one-star heaven class technique.



– Sacred Instrument
– Spiritual Class Instrument
– Earth Class Instrument
– Heaven Class Instrument

Within each class, they are divided in 4 ranks: Lower rank, middle rank, upper rank, top rank



Xuanyuan: MC Duuh
Greed: A shadow who fuses with mc body? he teaches him the devouring technique
Yin Zhenluo: Master of mc and his love

Yan Ziyun: First Disciple, first sister – Srta. Fairy
Huayu: Girl who is auctioneering of fullmoon cave

Fighting Dragon City
Bai: Super sexy girl who Work for Taibai Trading Company – king realm
Huxuan: Young master of Hu family, is friend of Fung Lie, loves Bai
Kuixue: man in grandmaster realm – Kuiya father? – wants to kill mc because of son

Fang Yuyou: girl who dresses as a man
Fang Wujian: guy uses an axe as weapon, serves Fang Yuyou
Lu Yuxiang: young master of Lu family
Xie Wuhen: guy of Xie family
Fang Yun: guy of Fang family, is in top imperial realm

Fighting Dragon Sect
Fung Lie: 33 True disciple
Kuiya: is father controls the portal of Moonsky to the sect / work the Biyue to kill mc
Biyue: Interne disciple, A bitch who likes insult to all – she is in king realm
Biluo: True disciple, brother of the bitch
Xiang Tianku: Internet disciple, he likes Longyue?
Xiaotian: random disciple noob who want the dragon boots in the auction
Huotao: True disciple he is against Fung Lie
Xingcan: Rank 6 in merit list, he wanted the intruments Huxuan recommended to mc –
Xingyun: True disciple, support Xingcan

Dinastia Lu – Mo Creatures?
Shitan: Higher Princess < Super sexy – imperial realms
Shiguan: Younger Princess – Master alchemist – imperial realms
Guizhan: other MO in the Mo nest

Moonsky City:
Fangyuan: Young master of Mall of the full moon
Fangyue: Master of Mall of the full moon


  1. Loure   •  

    Guizhan was a general in the Mo nest.

    Greed was the companion of the deceased Devouring Emperor and teaches Xuanyuan the techniques of the Devouring Emperor because coincidentally the MC has the same physique. Greed is also currently in the form of a dagger, but can exist in a shadowy form outside the dagger.

    Devour is the previous mount of the Devouring Emperor.No mention so far as to what kind of beast it is.

  2. pama   •  

    Devour grows horn(s), it looks like he / it is an Unicorn, or maybe he / it similar to the Big Yellow (DMWG)

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