Editors/Proofreaders update

Hello all!

I’ve been very busy receiving and evaluating applicants this last week! I’m posting now to declare that I’m closing the application process for now. Although I won’t be accepting any more applications at this time, I may re-open things after NotSane and I evaluate where we stand with everything. Thank everyone!



  1. Crayon   •  

    Good luck too those who already send in the applicants head of time….

  2. John Cena   •  

    yo, just realized your domain name is misspelled. There ought to be an ‘s’ in between the ‘Tran’ and ‘lation’

    • Crayons   •  

      John Cena ?? done….

  3. Scott   •  

    Hi PMG team. I have been real happy with these past chapters. Great work and good improvement! One thing I would like to see more of is flowing transitions from scene to scene. This would be between the line breaks in paragraphs. Thanks again! I very much look forward to this great read everyday. God bless

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