Is Pan Pan really a loli? 

I’m jealous of how young and pure she looks. Her soul will be mine.

Are a machine translator?

I do not speak machine, please check my spoken languages in the ‘about us’ page.


Do you accept donations?

Yes, each donation will go towards a bonus chapter which will force me to work harder for you.

Real Translators do not accept donations!

This is why I translate chapters on a regular release schedule for free, chapters outside that will be me sacrificing my free time to translate. You can treat me like a personal slave if you want, but a girl needs money too you know.

Can I contact you?




Are you taking new projects?

Yes, my loli goddess is reading something, she will be translating that story shortly.

Great can I suggest a new project?

I suggest that you don’t, but if we like it, Pan Pan might test the water with it.

What about intellectual rights?

We own all intellectual rights of the translated rewrites as parts of the story are re-written. Please do not post this content elsewhere without permission.

Do you own the license?

No, the licenses are held by their respective owners.

Did you ask the author for permission to translate this?

Yes we did.

Can I make E-pubs or use this content elsewhere?

Simple answer, no. Translating on a site is different compared to distributing the translated copies. It would violate the terms agreed with the publisher.


  1. Anderson   •  

    At what time of the day do you post chapters? or do you post it right after you finish one?

  2. HaHaHaaa!!!!   •  

    Your FAQ and About Us pages…Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahbaahahahah hahahahahajahahahahahajajahahahahajajahahajahahahahahahaahahahaha hahaha hahaha haha hahaha ha ha ha…

    Seriously, I wish I knew you in real life, you’d make an awesome friend.

  3. Kakage   •  

    question….if i donated to the wordpress without realizing this site was up…will you still receive it?

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author


  4. Mathrim Cauthon   •  

    Woot found the code, thanks!

  5. raha   •  

    Quick question.

    If 2 people find the same code and email it to you, do we get 10$ or 5$?

  6. Loki   •  

    Can I have pan pan?

  7. takumi168   •  

    Parallel World Pharmacy
    If you guys ever want to pick this up contact moon bunny cafe they are doing this sporadically like 1 chapter every half year :*(

    You can also find multiple good novels to translate there if you want to start on another project. Ah, please don’t start on another project until you either get another translator or finish this current project xD.

    And lastly thanks for the fast translation speed you guys are awesome. Wish all series are doing this too oh wells xP.

  8. Vindr   •  

    Dear Pan pan,

    How did you manage to contact the author for this series? I’ve been trying to find a way to contact another author to see if I could translate his series, but haven’t had any luck so far. The authors don’t release any of their private info (for obvious reasons), so did you just go on the official website and comment on a page or something else?



  9. r4b1dw00k13   •  

    just wanted to let you know that chapters 42, 83, and 160 are missing. the links take you to google for some reason.

    • r4b1dw00k13   •  

      chapter 166 is also missing

  10. Ashley   •  

    If I steal the Loli’s soul first will you stalk me down and use the local fox population to retrieve said Loli’s soul back?

  11. Reberie   •  

    Just wondering.. I recently donate 40 bucks for the queue. However, after finishing the donating process, I seem to jump to another site with PMG up to chapter 50ish. I want to know if my donation got through, or some butthole is stealing the money. If you receive it I’m glad. If not please look into the problem.

  12. Hendricksen-sama   •  

    Hello! I am very engrossed in PMG. I would like to create pdfs and epubs for public use, is that alright with you?

    • notsaneinthebrain   •     Author

      Sorry, that is not something that I can agree to. That would violate the agreement of the author and publishing company. If that happens, there is a chance that I will lose permission to do this and be forced to stop translating PMG. That would benefit no one 🙂

      • Hendricksen-sama   •  

        Ah, is that so? Then I will wholeheartedly respect your decision. Thanks for the reply and keep up the hardwork!

  13. NudeMafie   •  

    What is the name of the light novel that was recommended…can’t seem to find it

  14. draxellion   •  

    this FAQ is relatively entertaining. couldn’t help but laugh. LOL thumbs up!

  15. TKA   •  

    I just recently became addicted to Xianxia and Wuxia novels like Desolate Era and BTTH, finding PMG courtesy of novelupdates. I’ve only just finished the first chapter, but the English wording bothered me enough that I re-edited the chapter to make it flow a bit better for my own peace of mind. I won’t say it’s perfect or anything, but I think I’ve shored up most of the tense conflicts. If you’re interested in taking a look at what I ended up with, you can contact me at tka.jikeidan@gmail.com. I won’t be posting my edit anywhere, seeing as I don’t have permissions and whatnot, but I thought you might want to use it (or some parts of it). If chapters 2-4 are similar, I’ll probably do those too otherwise it’ll bother me.

  16. Anonymous   •  

    Maybe u should consider moving PMG to a larger site like WuxiaWorld i think it would help out a lot with patreon etc

  17. readingadictt   •  

    do you guys still translate DtH or have u guys dropped it?

  18. readingadictt   •  

    do you guys still translate DtH or have u guys dropped it??

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