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Power Levels

Qi Layers
Ling Qi Realm
Xuan Qi Realm 

Tian Qi Realm
Zun Qi Realm

Main Characters

Linfeng : MC, died saving a girl who was using him, ends being reincarnated as a cultivator

Liu Fei: Love interest, Daughter of Liu Cang Lan

Meng Qian: Lone girl who grew up in the mountains alone, deceptively strong

Mister Huo: Fire Alchemist who follows Lin Feng

Mister chi: Ice alchemist who follows Lin Feng

Former Yunhai Sect  

Nanlan feng: Former Patriarch of the Yunhai Sect, killed defending the sect

Protector Bei: Strong cultivator of the xuan qi layer, gets killed saving Lin Feng

Jing Yun: Linfeng’s friend, has a crush on him

Wen Ren Yan: Douchebag/Coward

Mo Xie: Elder who wanted to kill Lin feng

Yu Hao: guy who fights Lin feng in the elite exam, gets destroyed

Han Man: Follower/Friend, has extremely tough body and is very loyal to Lin Feng

Po Jun: Former member of the Yunhai Sect, joins the military at the advice of lin feng and became a lieutenant


Celestial Academy 

Long Ding: Vice Principle of Celestial Academy

Wen ao xue: Flower looking boy, Lin feng’s friend

Yan Yu Ping Sheng: Zipher Teacher at Celestial Academy

Yu Jiao: Horny Girl who gets two people to kill lin feng in order to sleep with her

Ke Cheng: Guy bewitched by Yu jiao who gets killed by Lin Feng

Zu Ning: Arrogant guy who is bewitched by Yujiao gets killed by Lin Feng

Zuo Qiu: Arrogant Cultivator get kills beaten by Lin feng

Bai Ze: Arrogant Cultivators gets humiliated by Lin Feng

Duan Feng: Part of the imperial family , Lin Feng’s Friend

Yun Xi: Girl Who admired Lin Feng was later saved by him

Du Gu Shang: Cultivator of the 8th ling qi layer, Beaten by Lin Feng


Duan Family 

Duan Tian Liang: Army commander who doesn’t Liu Cang Lan and Linfeng

Duan han: Major Douchebag

Duan Wu Ya: Prince of Xue Yue

Duan Xin Ye: Princess of Xue Yue

Zi Government 

Zi yi: Whore

Zi ling: Sister of Zi yi, picks Lin feng from the road

Lin Hao Jie: Debaucher, killed by Lin feng

Zi Qiong: Son of Zi ying

Zi ying: Patriarch  of the Zi Government

Grand Uncle: Strongest Cultivator of the Zi Government

Chi Xie Troops 

Liu Cang Lan: Father of Liu fei , General of the Chu xue Troops, Known as the Divine Arrow

Ren Qing Kuang: Commander of the Chu Xue troops

Feng Yu Han: Officer of Chu Xue Troops

Jiu Chi Xie: Officer of Chu Xue Troops

Lei Qing Tian: Officer of Chu Xue Troops

Imperial City 

Meng Chong: Aggorant guy, cripple and killed by Lin Feng

Meng Gu Feng: Father of Meng Chong

Yue Tian Chen: Cultivator wanting to marry Duan Xin Ye, intervened by Lin Feng

Nan Shan: Duan Wu Ya’s assistant

Yu Ji: Newly appointed imperial guard member who killed Meng Gu feng

Yue Clan 

Yue Qing Shan: Lin Feng’s Grandfather

Yue Tian Ming: Member of the Yue Clan

Yue Meng He: Mother of Lin Feng

Wan Shou Sect 

Teng Wu Yao: Patriarch of the Wan Shou Sect

Wu Zhen: Teng Wu Yao’s son, killed by Lin Feng

Wu Qing: Another disciple, third of the eight high officials

Teng Wu Shan: Disciple who is killed by Yan Yu Ping Sheng


  1. Fluphy   •     Author

    work in progress

    • Ravi   •  

      Yes. Former yun hai sect patriarch is Nan Gong Lin not Nalan Feng. Nalan Feng is the girl who tried to kill MC for not giving the table

  2. Presto rem   •  

    Wen ao xue: Flower looking boy, Lin feng’s friend
    Wen Ao Xue: Douchebag/Coward

    Are both of them different?

    • IKnowYouReadThis   •  

      You’re probably confused and was thinking of Wen Ran Yan as Wen Ao Xue since their names are so similar.

  3. IKnowYouReadThis   •  

    Awesome list for referring to characters. Thanks a lot and hope you keep updating!

  4. notThatGuy   •  

    Duan han – major doucebag made me lol

    • some1   •  

      although i do like his description xD but if you read up to the latest chapters, there are just waaaaaayyyyy too much major douchebags to count.
      and even though they are all major douchebags, some of their major douchebag levels are in completely different realms xD

  5. Hoggy   •  

    Bai Ze: Arrogant Cultivator who beaten black and blue by Lin feng

    Bai Ze: Arrogant Cultivators gets humiliated by Lin Feng

    You got Bai Ze twice up there. Must really hate him.

  6. Passerby   •  

    Duan han: Major Douchebag
    When i read hat i smiled… well sound like nothing but in my head i was laughing so hard that it hurt… after all it suit him so much 😀

  7. Raiha   •  

    Power Levels

    Qi Layers
    Ling Qi Realm
    Xuan Qi Realm
    Tian Qi Realm
    Zun Qi Realm
    Main Characters

    This make laugh hard xD So True

    • Raiha   •  

      *This make me laugh hard xD So True

    • ardent_wombat   •  

      LoL I had to read that again before I caught that.

  8. Hurrah   •  

    Zi Government

    Zi yi: Whore


  9. Anrie   •  

    i think patriach of yun hai name is na gong lan or something, nalan feng is the girl who being kidnap by lin feng after tournament

  10. Liza   •  


  11. Liza   •  

    errr that last comment sounds like i dont like peerless martial god sorry bout that i love it and hope the awesome translater continues to the end. err might have misspelled alot sorry

  12. RezaStillAlive   •  

    Yu Jiao: Horny Girl who gets two people to kill lin feng in order to sleep with her
    Zi yi: Whore

    Those description XD #ROFL

  13. TatsR   •  

    Zi yi description gave me a good laugh 😀

  14. lolwaffles258   •  

    Any plans on when you want to add in all that sword qi nonsense? It really confuses me.

  15. cencourang   •  

    Can u add the chapter for their 1st appearance?

    • Fluphy   •     Author


  16. jen   •  

    Who is qiu lan?

    • Fluphy   •     Author


  17. shariz   •  

    Yue Tian Chen? who was he.

    • Fluphy   •     Author


    • DarkArts   •  

      Any of the following options:
      1.Filler. Just like a big part of the characters.
      2.Person suffering of ‘Young clan master syndrome’.
      3.Young clan master of the Yue clan, if I’m not mistaken he was adopted by the clan and not a direct descendant.

  18. gaurav   •  

    Are Han Man and Jin Yun dead?

    • ARKeteer   •  

      I think you have not read further chapters cuz, spoiler…::

      They are alive. Not long after “entering imperial city arc.”

  19. GeLyn   •  

    Zi yi… really? Lol
    Nanlan feng: Former Patriarch of the Yunhai Sect, killed defending the sect… then who is nan gong ling?

    Did any1 notice:
    In earlier chapter… qing yi where is he after stormy gorge, life and dead arena…
    Where yue tian chen after lin feng killed yu tian xing…

  20. GeLyn   •  

    Teng Wu Shan: Disciple who is killed by Yan Yu Ping Sheng… when yan yu meet teng wu shang… did yan yu also in sword montain?
    Grand Uncle: Strongest Cultivator of the Zi Government… dont get it, why i laught hard over this

  21. AAA   •  

    Meng Qian or Meng Qing?

  22. Lillim   •  

    Meng Qing should be labled as MAIN GIRL

  23. ilobaka   •  

    dude the MC died killing the girl that used him not saving her

  24. Jazz   •  

    who is Yi Xue?

    • Jazz   •  

      Also, could someone update the glossary for minor characters?

      • RargleBlargle   •  

        She is the attendant he saved from Meng Chong at the auction.

  25. _   •  

    the attendant from the first auction house.

  26. i am a cookie   •  

    Nanlan feng: Former Patriarch of the Yunhai Sect? .-. really? REALLY?

  27. hackjustice   •  

    please update

  28. Seifer   •  

    May i request some update on this?
    Like how the power level beyond that

  29. mark   •  

    How many volumes are the chapters divided in?

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