Important Announcement

Liky here, I was talking to Jen and she has decided due to the server being stupid and overloaded we are going to release about 3 chapters a day max. Jen will still be translating this week but the server is killing us here. So until that is resolved the amount of chapters released a day will be limited.

We will try to keep you guys updated on the status.


  1. completelyderanged   •  

    Oh noes, rip servers

  2. Fishy   •  

    Your site is more than likely being DDOSed which is why your getting intermittent issues with it. Or the server that you website is on at the date base site is being DDOSed and it is effecting your site that just happens to be on it as well.

  3. Mrbigdd   •  

    The general has killed the server…….RIP

  4. a   •  

    damn servers always ally with rl and disrupting our planssss stupid lin feng d get a page from his book with a free network for us

  5. Lurker   •  

    F5 sect approved long live F5 sect

  6. KingK   •  

    the site been down the whole day and it just opened up for me now, any idea when you guys are moving to a new server. Also thanks for the update
    p.s. does that mean one chapter today

  7. Dezzter   •  

    Are you going to keep translating at same rate and just limit the releases?

  8. blank   •  

    you might probably a better server . unless you get that, i don’t think this will be easier to fix. ^ ^

  9. Jc   •  

    So 3 chapters a day. Does that mean chapters 259 and 260 will be put back up?

  10. jorva   •  

    it seems chapters 359 and 360 were deleted

  11. Junky   •  

    Looks like a rollback… my previous comment and a few other’s were also erased.

  12. Junky   •  

    Curse the F5 Sect. We should sic Lin Feng on them. They’re really making him lose face by delaying his story.

  13. Oak   •  

    thanks for letting us know, hope you’ll figure it out

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