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Hey all,

Just stopping in to give a little update on stuff that is happening.




Some of you may already know that we are the official English publisher and some of you might be just finding that out now. As the publisher, we haven’t been very active in shutting down sites which are publishing PMG as we felt it was quite harmless at the time, but that has caused a few problems recently. Luckily, people were nice enough to comment and remind us.


So if you have started to notice that OddManOut is adding a little sentence into the chapters. Please bare with this, as we are giving the readers on those sites a fair warning, before we begin taking any action.



On another note, some of you might have seen the new goal for 40 chapters/week and have been asking about more new goals. We will not be adding any more goals in the immediate future, until we have at least one week of stockpiled chapters. Last month, the translator was sick and we were forced to use all of our emergency chapters. Unfortunately for us, we release much faster than most translators out there and also try to stay consistent with our releases while not compromising on our quality. That is great, but it also means it is very hard to build up a stockpile for emergencies when we are already so close to the limit of chapters per week.

Here is a note OddManOut posted in response on Patreon and I think it is very well said:

“We’ve discussed why we aren’t asking another translator to hop on. From a reader perspective, it’s an obvious choice to add another! But, translating Chinese differs from translator to translator, so the novel would suffer. Also, the translators would find it very difficult to manage alternating chapters to work on together. Overall, it’s a bit of a pain. I’d also like to mention that our goal is to post as many chapters as possible and finish the novel as fast as possible, but do not correlate the donations on patreon to what we “should” be doing. This is a donation service offered to pay the translator, editor, and site maintenance. Although increasing chapters per donation goals is an incentive program, it is actually based on this idea, to manage paying everyone behind the scenes. Again, we do not endorse anyone paying us, we simply offer this donation system to increase release-rate – To a Limit!”

Everyone has a limit to what they can do in a certain time frame.

P.s Might be limiting or stopping sponsored chapters in the coming weeks, not made a definite decision on this yet.


New Novels


We are still negotiating to purchase the rights to a batch of new novels. Ideally, I wanted to launch them this month, but it does not look like that will be happening in the short term. But, hopefully we will soon have some more novels for everyone to enjoy πŸ˜€


That be all xDDD


  1. Gauvain   β€’  

    Yeah, keep the good work !

  2. Skoda   β€’  

    We will be waiting for em new Novels . Thanks for your hardwork guyz.??

  3. Blackbird   β€’  

    Text wasn’t short at all but I read it all, thanks πŸ˜›

    • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

      I got a lil carried away as I was writing xDD

      • Crayon   β€’  

        Im in love with the working your doing….even tho I hate reading I find it funny how I am enjoying this awesome breathtaking Novel is and how gonna end…

  4. icecream   β€’  

    Is it important or not to deactivate Adblock or not? I don’t mind if it can help your site.
    Anyways, keep up the good work!

    • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

      I think 90% of people use adblock on the site. It would certainly help if more people disabled adblock! XDD

      • Ash Blake   β€’  

        please notsaneinthebrain tell us regarding dth pleaseeee…. we have been trying to know whether it’s going to be released or not.kindly pay attention to my request and give us reply

        • Lewis   β€’  

          Same dth status update please

        • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

          DTH was dropped a while back. It was Pan’s story, but unfortunately it did not receive much love. Another translator tried picking it up and it had the same result.

          I have spoken with Pan, unfortunately it does not seem like she is interested in picking up DTH again. So it is not at the top of my list for additional novels, unfortunately.

          • Seifer   β€’  

            So that’s the reason…
            For as long i read your works i like it all, including dth and waiting it to resume even now it not your main list

  5. Kishan sikder   β€’  

    Bro try your best to give us more ch. Per week B-)

  6. ItsEmotional   β€’  

    Thanks for the hardwork to each and everyone of you, PMG really does lighten up my mood and day whenever i see new chapters posted, also realised i have adblock on automaticly i decide to turn it off, even tho my contribution most likely wont make a difference. Goodluck with the new novels!

  7. icecream   β€’  

    A little reminder for all those who appreciate the work of TIT. You can help this site by deactivating your Adblock. It only takes a second more to load your page but you’ll be considered a great contributor aswell.

    • KryzJ   β€’  

      LoL you said TIT :v #Endof4yearoldpost XD

  8. KoruSensei   β€’  

    Bring on the extra lines of text!

    Put them right smack dab in the middle of the paragraphs if you like — make those thieves work hard to remove the ad text (and you must change up the words you use or else they’ll just [find->replace] all the common text with whatever easily).

  9. Brandon   β€’  

    All of those other translators really need to stop ive been telling them to stop for you

    • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

      Thanks πŸ˜€ I am glad to have people helping out.

      I made sure to have our lawyers tell them the same thing last week xDDD

  10. Desilator   β€’  

    We really appreciate the work you do and using your skills to share this story with us. Thank you!!!

  11. Li   β€’  

    Thank you so much for the update! We will try to protect you as much as possible and keep the other sites at bay.

  12. Kamar   β€’  

    I haven’t had heard about any news for Devouring The Heavens in a long time. I’ve tried looking online but can’t seem to find anything about why the releases for this novel stopped.

    Do you have any updates regarding this?

    • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

      See above πŸ˜‰

  13. Roberto (Tito)   β€’  

    Appreciate everything y’all are doing. Keep it up don’t don’t overwork yourselves.

  14. Anjan Bhowmik   β€’  

    I am very happy to hear that you guys are now English publisher for PMG πŸ™‚ it is one of my favorite novel. if you guys could become the English publisher for Devouring the Heavens (DTH) too, then it would be damn awesome.

    • OddManOut   β€’  

      DTH already has a translator and they do a good job. What DTH actually needs is a new author who actually cares about the novel. Right now, the author only posts 1 chapter/month and is rushing it.. it was a decent novel

      • xWeisman   β€’  

        What a lazy and shameless author, that put off my mood of reading DTH ever again. I have a suggestion, if the light novel True Martial World is still ongoing, i think that you guys/girls should become official publishers for it as well, but if you are not able to then it is fine. PMG is enough as it is :).

      • PhSavatage   β€’  

        Same with TDG, once a month. But i read it was because of publisher issue.

      • Sovngard V   β€’  

        More chapter DtH…please..

  15. M Thasril   β€’  

    thank you for your good work….I really love this novel PMG

  16. JeEemai   β€’  

    Please notsane/oddmanout. Translate peerless battle spirit. I read it in gravity tales but its so slow. 1 chapter per day πŸ™

    • Genos   β€’  

      I also want to recommend that LN to be translated by you guys that a good novel but PMG is better for me….keep up the good work guys I’m very satisfied in your work

    • notsaneinthebrain   β€’     Author

      I would be more likely to pick up a new novel from scratch. I would never go around stepping on others toes.

      1/day is good, I remember when people thought my speed was insane because I did 20 chapters in one week. There were many novels which only saw 2-3 chapters/week.

      Hopefully you will enjoy the new novels and have too many chapters from all your stories and not enough time to read them all πŸ˜‰

      • Sovngard V   β€’  

        Teruske novel DtH wae lah.gak ush golek seng anyar..taek lah kwe su dancuk ik

  17. Useless Zuncultivator   β€’  

    Thanks for your great work. Do you know wether you will leave the saturday out in Future? Or will you make it so that you Upload a certain Part of the 40 chapter every day of the week?
    No Matter how you decide i Wish you good Luck and want to thank you one More time. You are great.

  18. xWeisman   β€’  

    Thank you guys soo much, doing five chapters or more a day for PMG is really amazing, I do not think i could ever do that. I think that you guys/girls are as cool as Yuan Fei and Huan Fu Long XD

  19. Srikanth   β€’  

    There is also a site called wuxiaworld in which i used to read in till i got to know about this page…thanks for the editors and translators…

  20. Spade   β€’  

    I was waiting for a patreon bonus or sponsor chapters… hahaha

    • Srikanth   β€’  

      Mee too?

  21. 1st Qi Layer   β€’  

    Wut would be new novel chaotic sword god?

  22. Perrgod   β€’  

    Thanks for the chapters!!! The new chapters are the only ones I get excited about everyday

  23. Cody   β€’  

    I understand that Saturdays are different, in terms of chapters being posted or not because of one reason or another (which saying is reasonable, to say the least) is that the only day of the week that chapters aren’t guaranteed? Aside from unforeseeable/unavoidable circumstances, like a translator becoming ill or things of that nature. Forgive my ignorance, I’m new to this site and I enjoy it quite a bit.

    • Giongi   β€’  

      Hey Cody, this is the schedule for now.
      Monday – x amount of Chapters out of total (40)
      Tuesday – x amount of Chapters out of total (40)
      Wednesday – x amount of Chapters out of total (40)
      Thursday – x amount of Chapters out of total (40)
      Friday – Last x amount of Chapters to reach the total (40)
      Saturday – Sponsored chapter if there are any. These are posted by Notsane while the rest of the week is done by OddManOut
      Sunday – first x amount of Chapters out of total (40)

      • whoatemypickle   β€’  

        thank you for taking the time to break that down for me. I genuinely appreciate that. I’ll be paying for next Saturday’s chapters if that’s the case.

        • Giongi   β€’  

          That would be awesome but please note that Notsane writes she might be stopping with the sponsored chapters. Anyway i bet you would get your money back if that would be the case.

          • whoatemypickle   β€’  

            that’s a shame, I was actually a little excited to do a little more for the people who work so hard on this.. but I’m sure they have their reasons. Besides, getting multiple chapters, 6 days a week, is pretty awesome already.

    • JeEemai   β€’  

      Yes. Saturday is like a bonus chapter if there is a sponsored chapter. But every week we will get 40 chapters excluding sponsored chapters if there’s any.

  24. Byakuya   β€’  

    Thx for all the chapter
    Btw usually before i read at

  25. Robert   β€’  

    I appreciated you guys taking the time to let us know about the situation.

    Huge fan of the novels you translate, and under the situation (regarding the translation and not adding a new translator cause of the difficulties inherent to translating Chinese to english is totally understandable once you explain it) it’s clear you are taking the best action possible.

    Thanks for the notice, and really looking forward to your continued work and chapter releases.
    To the whole translator team and sponsors, you rock guys! Keep up the good work.

  26. SM   β€’  

    Why would you take on another project while doing PMG? Can you handle the load of 40 chapters/week while translating another novel? It doesn’t make any sense that you will take on another novel then do not increase goals? This doesn’t make any sense.

    • OddManOut   β€’  

      We will be hiring new translators and editors. PMG will receive the same amount of care that it has

      • Sovngard V   β€’  

        Woi su.. Artike DtH neh to..eman-eman nak iku ora kwe artike.iku ki apik ceritane..

  27. Desperate   β€’  

    We need a spoiler thread just so I can get over this in easiness in my heart that something is going to happen to meng qing or someone dear to ling feng

    • SM   β€’  

      Nothing is going to happen. Quit being such a baby.

  28. Seifer   β€’  

    Anyway, if i may suggest about new novel, Ancient Godly Monarch, the other work of jing wuhen would be good ?

    • Jae   β€’  

      It’s already halfway translated, and is being released steadily.

  29. KenZ   β€’  

    Thanks for great work!

  30. Acesuwa   β€’  

    Please pick tales of demons and gods! Thanks!!

    • Giongi   β€’  

      That is already (being) translated as far as chapters are published

    • James   β€’  

      Yeah like Giongi said, the translations are up to date at like 445 (I think). It’s on wuxiaworld. The original author only releases a chapter a month. I want more too but you can’t translate what’s not there.

  31. James   β€’  

    You guys really are the best. Definitely the most consistent translators I’ve seen. I wish everyone would put your kind of attention into their translations.

  32. James   β€’  

    If possible maybe look into World Defying Dan God. In my opinion it’s a great novel being ruined by Ash’s infrequent updates and randomly deciding to focus on other things for months at a time without a notice.

  33. Junior   β€’  

    Hi! Thank you very much, you and your team, for making it possible for me to enjoy this great novel. I enjoy it a lot. I look forward to it every day. Again, thanks a bunch. This medium isn’t enough to express my gratitude to u

  34. Neck   β€’  

    40 chapters are already a lot no one other than you guys release that much chapters weekly. You guys are incredible keep the hard work!

  35. Error404   β€’  

    So 14 & 15 , no new chapter ? , anyways . Thanks for the chapter .

  36. Sovngard V   β€’  

    update more chapter DtH…

  37. Sovngard V   β€’  

    More chapter DtH,that novel is interesting like PMG…please

    • Giongi   β€’  

      They already explained somewhere in the comments above why that is not going to happen.

      • Sovngard V   β€’  

        Yeah..i know,but i hope they hear our request xD

  38. Omega   β€’  

    Hi there, just want to say thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in for the translated novels. Looking forward to that upcoming translated novel. Last thing, I’m pretty sure wuxiaworld has been copying your PMG chapters for a while now. It’s exactly the same.

    • OddManOut   β€’  

      Yeah, they have. I’ll add some of our links into tomorrow’s chapters for them

      • zamurai88   β€’  

        Sir OddManOut, there is no chapter 1391 – 1395. The chapters are empty. Please check it out. Thanks!

  39. jhon   β€’  

    Hey is this novel still updating 40 chapters weekly? Or do I need to be a patron to read that 40 chapters weekly?

    • Giongi   β€’  

      It is still releasing 40 chapters a week. Everyday 5 or 6.

    • femmmp   β€’  

      Sun 5
      Mon 5
      Tue 6
      Wed 6
      Thur 6
      Fri 6
      Sat 6

  40. Karias Bolster   β€’  

    Please load content first before all the js and css files. Its so annoying that the most important thing which is the content is loaded last.

  41. Aniloave   β€’  

    Is there any delay in chapters release today? The wait is unbearable, so what’s the new schedule now?

  42. mangasleuth   β€’  

    You guys are awesome keep it up! Thanks so much!!!!

  43. KoruSensei   β€’  

    Try to get rights to translate Martial God Space πŸ˜€ the manwha just started getting translated to english and will bring in more readers. I think the previous team may have dropped it

    • KoruSensei   β€’  

      Correction, they definitely dropped it half a year ago

  44. Varun Naresh   β€’  

    Heyyyy ! I love Peerless Martial God !
    I just wanted to say you guys are doing an amazing job !
    I had no idea that this was the official release site. I used to read it on:

    Later i learnt that those were actually pirate sites, so i searched up and with some difficulty i found that you guys were the translators and that official releases happen here.

    I will try to give a donation now to show my appreciation for the series. Its not anything big, but just showing that i respect your efforts.

    Cheers !

  45. PLO1983   β€’  

    Womanizing Mage – but its for older readers much more intercourses than PMG πŸ˜› sadly other group is soooo slow >< like 3-4ch per week.

  46. Andrew   β€’  

    please take Star martial god tecnhique as the new novel! is amazing and it will get many adepts!!

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