MOEW – Your Savior (I bare gifts)

Translator: Workaholic
Edited by: Odd Man Out
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Hey all, this is OddManOut again! I’m on my last week of (difficult) classes at my Master’s program, one histology final tomorrow and an actual final next Monday! Hope all is well here! I’ve been reading your comments and fixing my edits if I messed up something, it seems like you all have had no Next/Previous chapter links since I left in July!! :O Well, I owe BB (is that what the evil boss lady’s name is now?) so I just spent 1.5 hours adding over 150 links for you all and these chapters which were promised to you this weekend!
If you’re wanting the index to be updated with links.. you should yell at Liky Liky, they are in charge of that hell.

I saw a comment that adding something spice things up for the site would be nice. I am not employed right now by BB and can’t do no nothing (this was just a favor), but what all do you think would add to the site? What would make it more interesting? I have been reading Emperor’s Domination and love it! The comments section includes ‘sects’ where it’s a battle to be first to comment (explosion sect and f5 sect dominate in this regards). Would something like this add some spice? Please try to keep things positive! 😀 This is my cat helping me study.

Chapter 738
Chapter 739
Chapter 740
Chapter 741

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